Nov 13

Drift Elite Bronze Drift Day Package Tuition and Drift Practice

Despite owning a Volvo 340 with a Clio RSi engine that was built for drifting, it’s hardly been drifted. I have had a play once in a while like everyone with a RWD car but have not entertained it past that. However, it definitely did put me in good stead for a day at drift school with the Drift Elite guys.

I’ve always thought I’d take my Volvo to Drift What Ya Brung at Santa Pod but never got round to it. Also being open diff, it seems like a waste of time. Really to hold long smoking drifts in any RWD car you need a LSD or a Welded diff, otherwise the inside wheel just spins the power away, as a result of this, a Drift day has never happened! Until the Drift Elite offer popped up on Groupon.

Drift Elite Drift Day Mazda MX5

It was only £65, that’s generally what I would spend over a weekend socialising with my friends so I thought, what the hey! And I am glad I did it. It reminded me why I loved drifting so much.

We left Swindon quite early expecting it to take a few hours to get to Throckmorton Airfield where it was held. Surprisingly we made it in just over an hour, I actually arrived just before The Drift Elite Guys arrived. This was my first introduction to Matt Denham, one of the organisers and Pro Drivers/instructors, and a bit later, his parents.

They were all very welcoming and hospitable and clearly shared the passion for drifting that we did! It was amazing to spend some time talking to all these guys. I fast realised how small the drifting community is! They knew people I knew, and Matt, being a fellow PC sim racer, knew all the gear and games I knew. I also found it very inspiring that Matt learnt his trade in the sim racing world and he’s now at the top of his game in the real world.

I have spent countless hours drifting and driving on sim racing games. This was a not to subtle reminder that it is possible to take what you learned in the virtual world and apply it effectively in the real world, you hear the stories, but you very rarely meet the people.

If that’s not proof it can be done, I don’t know what is!Drift Elite Drift School

Since we arrived so early, we needed to kill a bit of time, so headed off into the town for breakfast to find nowhere was open. By the time we established this, enough time had passed, so we made it back to the airfield where we would wait a bit longer for things to begin.

The day started With a lairy R33 Skyline with no bonnet entering the top of the airfield, turbo on song, straight six screaming, roaring towards us! This then led to an impromptu, impressive one man drift display that none of us was expecting! This was our first introduction to Martin Richards. Martin was another one of the Pro Drivers/ instructors there to advise and instruct us.

What a way to start the day!

Turns out this lairy R33 Skyline without a bonnet belonged to his girlfriend, he reckons he “borrowed” it from her.. but to be honest, I think he stole it while she was still asleep ;)Drift Elite Nissan Skyline r33 GTS-T

The plan for the day was pretty basic and simplistic, but effective in giving us a good grounding of car control and having a good play around in the cars. First we’d be learning controlled Donuts, so steering out and balancing the throttle round the cones. Once we were comfortable with this we’d then do figure 8’s.  We then moved on to a “kidney” shaped track which allowed us to attempt multiple transitions, So maintaining a slide while switching directions. This then prepared us for a high speed left, right in a 200sx.Nissan Skyline R33 GTsT Drift Car

My first ride was with Martin Richards, and he was great. He was just chilling casually drifting round the cones without thinking about it in the MX5. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could do it with his eyes closed. It was amazing to see how effortless it was for a experienced driver. From the outside drifting always looks, scary, lairy and out of control. The truth is, it’s a balancing act between the throttle and steering. It’s about working both together to maintain a slide. The counter intuitive part is letting the steering wheel go and roll through your hands. The car will do most of the steering for you if you let it, you just need to be there to guide it. Getting over this initial hurdle is quite hard though.Eunos roadster drift car eunos roadster LSDEunos Roadster mk1

Unfortunately, when it came to my turn, the mx5 over heated, but I managed to go out in a 316 touring instead, which I think was easier to skid anyway than a mx5. I managed to pick it up quite quickly so was doing the odd figure 8 then maintaining the donut. I would of like to of done a series of figure 8’s one after the other, but I wasn’t that confident and I was still getting used to the car.

It was interesting to watch everyone else as well. You could tell they were enjoying it since It’s not every day you’re asked to donuts in someone else’s car! It was smiles all round. I think it touched the mischievous side in all of us. Everyone got into and out of the cars with massive grins on their faces. It was great, everyone was having a laugh and enjoying themselves. I think the instructors were on edge sometimes.. but then thats all part of the fun, we’ve all got to learn somehow!BMW 316 estate toruing drift car Drift Elite BMW touring

After the figure 8’s it was the kidney track. This is where I found things got trickier. The courses were wetted before we went on to make it easier to break traction in the cars, without a doubt, this was beneficial and helpful. However I found it made it a bit harder for me aswell.

As I got the car into a slide, it would be going sideways nicely, then I’d slip off the wetline on to a dry bit of tarmac. All of a sudden, the car would grip and throw me straight. This is where you see the good and bad of a welded diff. When the car is sideways and traction is broken it will stay sideways and be fantastically controllable, but when it’s straight, or you steer to much into the corner, the car would then under steer massively, as the welded diff tries to keep pushing you forward. This was very hard to get used to. This is where I felt it would of been great if it was raining, so everywhere was wet, or completely dry so there isn’t the contrast of the different grip levels.

drift elite bronze drift packageDrift Elite Bronza Drift Package

Once we all had a go at this the final stage was a fast S drift in a 200sx. The aim was to get a high speed drift initiated at around 60-80 mph, in theory it was simple and effortless for the pro’s.. but alas us mere mortals didn’t quite make it.

This was my first time driving a 200sx aswell. I’ve been out in a lot of my friends’ 200’s and experienced turbo lag. But not tried driving one myself till this day! Wow, it was bad, but when it was on boost it felt great, well worth the build up.

The idea was, go 1st, 2nd and floor it towards the corner, as you got to the corner the car was just getting on boost, so you quickly throw the clutch in and release it to unsettle the car. A simple “clutch kick” this worked a treat, the back end flew out, now the hardest part was maintaining the slide in such a small area at that kind of speed. We only had 3 attempts unfortunately. I felt that if I had another 3,  I would of had it down.200sx s14 driftingDrift Elite Nissan 200sx Drift Elite Nissan s14 practice

For me it went like this, first attempt, spin, but had an idea of the car. Second attempt went to far and powered over massively into a spin. Third attempt, the Line, speed and power was about right, but I struggled to get the back end to break out nicely. I shall be uploading a video shortly showing all this, it should give you a good feel for the day aswell.

Drift Elite crash



After we all had a go and caused much carnage and took out a few more cones and track scenery, we were then taken out in a passenger ride with the pro’s. As you can imagine, this was pretty intense! They were on each others doors, getting as close as possible to each other, absolutely hammering the cars. Even got the occasional tap in, it was definitely an awesome adrenaline rush.

There was also points when you wondered how they maintained the slides. I guess thats the difference from someone who has an interest and someone who is actually doing it. Their experience, skill and talent was hard to ignore.

Drift Elite Drift Cars Drift Elite Passenger Rides Nissan 200sx S14 SR20DET

I even talked my parents into going out in the cars. Safe to say they loved it! It was nice to get them to get a taster aswell. Gave them a glimpse into why I love this sport so much.

It was a great day, a great experience, and I also met some great people to share the experience with. some fantastic memories were made that day! I plan to go back again soon aswell.

Drift Elite Drift Experience Days, If you’re thinking about it, Do it, I’m raring to go back at some point and have another go! Be sure to check out the Drift Elite Website and Facebook Links below

drift elite FB

Drift Elite on Facebook


Drift Elite on The Interwebz

Nissan 200sx twin drift 13 and 14



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May 31

JZX100 Toyota Chaser Photo Gallery

This is a collection of all of the pictures from the day that was spent putting the Toyota Chaser Tourer V feature together that you can read here.

It’s not everyday you get to have a good play with the car your doing a feature on so this day was a bit unique. It was a great opportunity to experience more of the car than you could if you were on location at another photo shoot. We had a good section of Santa Pod to play with and see what the car could do, this was also a fantastic photo opportunity aswell.

Below I’ve included the good the bad and the ugly of the photos that were acquired that day, the most important part of them all though, the car, still makes up for the not so good ones that you can see below. Enjoy, like and Share :)


Toyota Chaser JZX100 feature

Toyota Chaser JZX100 page

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May 26

JDM JZX100 Toyota Chaser Tourer V Drift, Track and Road Car

So most of you have probably seen this around Swindon, most of you know what it is, but when you’re out driving round town and meeting new people and strangers, it’s amazing how few people know what it really is. The conversation usually starts, “I love it, it looks stunning…” closely followed by “what is it??” somehow this never gets boring! It’s also nice to see that people who aren’t really interested in cars have a healthy appreciation of chaser drift What we’re Looking at here is a JZX100 Toyota Chaser Tourer V, this is Japan’s/Toyota’s answer to the European equivalent of a BMW 5 series, it was also marketed as a alternative to the 4 door Skylines from Nissan, In its standard most basic form, the chances are it won’t catch your attention, it’ s just another family sedan. toyota chaser review toyota chaser jzx100 That said, when you’re getting to the 1JZ-GTE version of the car that we have here, it’s got a bit more pedigree and starts to share parts with the Supra. Most notably, the engine.  In the Supra’s and Soarer’s, this engine comes with a twin turbo setup. In the Toyota Chaser this is a single larger turbo configuration, so it has more power from standard than the twin turbo ones. It also produces more torque, but this is higher up the rev range. The engine really is a lovely thing in this car, it’s smooth and efficient in its power delivery and while there is still a noticeable turbo lag it’s not so much that it suddenly snaps your neck or makes for sketchy driving. It’s a very steady pull and a gradual increase in power right the way to the limiter, compared to a four cylinder turbo engine around this BHP mark (200sx’s come to mind!.. see the owner’s previous Sil-80 here..) it is a much more refined and useable power band. Without a doubt the extra 2 cylinders and the larger displacement make the engine what it is. toyota chaser engine Toyota Chaser It’s also consistent in its acceleration, at no point does it feel like it’s tailing off, the higher up the gears you go, the turbo is there to keep on pulling you through. It’s not likely to surprise you, but it will impress you. The gearing is definitely accustomed to motorway cruising the gears are long and wide and aimed at taking advantage of the low end torque this engine has to offer, this made it a “lazier” revving engine as well. When the current owner first acquired this car, the clutch was on its way out anyway so he opted for a lightened flywheel to accompany the uprated clutch. The uprated clutch is rated for around the 700BHP mark, so assuming this car is between 350-400bhp, a clutch that bites and a lightened flywheel have made the whole engine much livelier and much more “revvy” making this closer to the performance GT car it is and taking it away from a motorway cruiser. toyota chaser partstoyota chaser jzx110 Crucially this also means clutch kicks for the foreseeable future without the concern of breaking anything.. Nice. This brings us nicely to what has made this car an icon in the Japanese car scene. These are most famous for going sideways really well and really fast with tons of smoking pouring off the rear wheels and the rev limiter being smashed with a turbo on song. They absolutely epitomise what drifting is all about, Lots of noise, lots of show, lots of smoke and a degree of elegance and grace that’s bought about by the sheer size and weight of the things.

toyota chaser trd

Making sure there’s still some tyre there!

The size of it is definitely surprising when you see it in person, while it’s closer in looks and design to a  5 series , it has the wheel base of a 7 series to give you an idea of size. While it’s big, this has had no impact on the looks as you can see very clearly in the photos. It is beautifully designed car and everything is very well proportioned and balanced. It’s a very handsome looking thing indeed. With shiny metallic gloss black paint, chrome details and classy wheels. It certainly has a lot of grace and presence wherever it goes. It fits in at car shows and car meets, but it also wouldn’t look out of place rolling up outside a 5 star hotel, it’s got a whiff of VIP about it. Where it really comes into it’s own is cruising the city streets late evenings. It also has a very deep and sweet inline six note coming from the exhaust that brings the looks to life. It’s loud, authoritive and assertive but never enough to be intrusive or obnoxious. It produces a very harmonic bass note lowdown between 1500 to around 3k revs which seems very agreeable indeed. toyota chaser avante toyota chaser coupe Talking of drifting, we actually took this to Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung which I’ll be covering later on. There will be some nice video footage to accompany this, so you’ll get a chance to see and hear this beauty in action. The mindset to this day was let’s see how well built and durable this thing really is and while we weren’t surprised, it made it through the day without any problems at all.JZX100 drifting While other cars were cutting their sessions short to have run off laps and cool downs we stayed on track for as much time as we could. It was a very hot day indeed. I know this because it’s taken me over a week to recover from my sunburn that day! The temperature gauge did not move or did not falter from the middle. I was expecting it to go ¾ at least but this never happened, it’s not uncommon to come away from drift days with new squeaks and rattles as a result of the day’s abuse.  On this occasion, there was nothing to be foundtoyota chaser tourer v for sale The worst thing that happened to it was a bit of the passenger inside door trim came off from where we were holding on for dear life while out in this thing! What a magnificent car. Stay tuned for more coverage over the coming weeks.

If you enjoyed this be sure to check out the owners previous Nissan 180sx Sil-80 and check out the previous Drift What Ya Brung event. It’s surprising to see how similar it is to when I first went there a few years ago now.

Don’t forget to swing by the friends’ cars page for this JZX100 Chaser Here and view more photos of this spectacular Toyota Chaser here

toyota chaser tourer vtoyota chaser weight

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Nov 30

Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin, Formerly JDM Garage’s Hachi Roku

So it turns out, this was not the first time I’ve seen this little ae86! I thought something seemed very familiar about it when it arrived. Since I first saw it, it’s undergone several changes and owners, it’s also been photographed and gone around the internet a few times now aswell!.. a few more times can’t help! Just look at it!

Toyota Corolla ae86 Levin drift car

My first exposure to this car was way back when my friend had his Bee*R B324r skyline in 2008-2009, At the time JDM Garage owned it, I believe it was their drift/ demo car before they completed their blue B324r. When it was their drift car, it was yellow with lots of graphics all over it. It looked very reminiscent of UP Garage’s D1gp cars now. Before that it was imported from Japan. I don’t remember if it was a D1gp car or a D1 street legal car, however it’s origins were drift related.

Before they sold it, they did some light restoration on it changing the colour to white and sorting out some of the rough edges and uprating a few things. The car was pretty sorted overall.

JDM Garage Toyota Corolla Levin AE86

Next time I saw it was out drifting round Castlecombe, putting on a hell of a display! It was severely underpowered compared to the rest of the drift cars which were all competition ones, so it was playing catch up all the time, resulting in a lot of spins and full 360’s!

JDM Garage AE86I’m not sure what happened between then and now, but the next time I heard about it was when it caught fire! And it had been painted again, a metallic purple colour! Obviously being a popular car in the scene, word spread round fast. Fortunately the owner loved it enough to get it all back together!

It caught fire due to a short in the electrical system, so let that be a lesson to anyone currently experiencing electrical gremlins with their car!JDM Garage AE86 Drift Car

And this is the most current update on the car here

toyota corolla ae86 and silvia 200sx s13

The day we were getting the photos of the car it wasn’t mapped properly, so it was running slightly rich, it was quite cool to sit behind it and watch the odd flame come out the exhaust.. accompanied by a loud bang and pop!

It was amazing to see the amount of people double taking as it passed. Whether you’re in to cars or not it’s hard to ignore a metallic purple, loud ae86 with gold  wheels passing by.

Corolla AE86 and s14aTo add to that, the little hachi-roku sits on the road very purposefully. There’s no crazy camber on the wheels or massive amounts of low, but it hugs the road nicely. If you look closely you can see that the rear tyres have a slightly larger tyre wall and the rear wheels have a slightly deeper dish compared to the front aswell. It’s these subtle touches that make the big picture. A lot of people wouldn’t notice until you point them out, it just looks “right”

hachi roku twin cam

If the looks and heritage don’t move you.. well that would be shocking in the first place! But it’s the sound this makes that just tops it off nicely for me, being throttle bodied, it’s basically air straight in to the engine, no resistance, no filter for it to go through. Short of turning an engine inside out, it’s the quickest and best way for lots of air to get in to the engine, more air means a bigger bang! A bigger bang means more sound and power, you can hear this process. Thats what I love about it.

4AGE Independant Throttle Bodies

I have a forced induction kit on my car so I get a bigger bang and sound than just a filter, but the air still has to travel to get to the cylinders! Throttle bodies cut that out.

4age ITB

Topped off with a tubular manifold and straight through exhaust system, this 4age is about as efficient as an engine can get! Being a 1.6 twin cam aswell, it’s super revvy and responsive. This one has also had uprated Toda Camshafts. Basically these have bigger lobes which keep the valves open for a bit longer than normal Cams, again, more air, more power, a bigger bang.

toyota corolla ae86 and silvia 200sx s13

To get this power down to the ground, it goes through a lightened flywheel to a paddle clutch which then flys down the prop to a TRD 2 way differential. Paddle clutches have more bite on the flywheel than standard and fast road clutches, the flywheel is turned by the power the engine produces at the crankshaft. So any slip or power loss to the wheels usually occurs here. Hence why old and slipping clutches aren’t a good thing! That basically means less power going through the prop. If there’s less power going through the prop, then when it gets to the differential which drives the wheels.. it’s very noticeable!

toyota gt apex levingt86 and s13 silvia

A 2 way helps this process by distributing the power through the wheels evenly, a normal or open differential allows one wheel to spin more than the other wheel, another area to lose power! Suddenly your 2 wheel drive car can become a one wheel if more power is going through one wheel than the other.

corolla levin ae86 and sileighty 200sx

As you can see this car is all about efficiency and the better each individual part, even by the smallest degree, the better the overall package! That’s what this little 86 is. An awesome, super efficient all rounder! It may lack the power of bigger cars, but it’ll more than make up for it in the corners.. and it goes sideways.. really well!

Ae86 levin and s13 200sx

It’s definitely the whole package.

What a wonderful evening, wonderful day and wonderful collection of cars we got together, click the links below to see the other cars,  and all the pictures from the day that I couldn’t fit in these posts.

  1. Nissan S Bodies And 86 Feature
  2. Nissan 200sx Retro Drift Rat Look S13 Feature
  3. Nissan 200sx s14A Drift Road And Track Car Feature
  4. Nissan 200sx,180sx Sil-Eighty JDM Sil-80 Drift Car Feature
  5. JDM Garage Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Drift and Track Car Feature

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Nov 12

Nissan 200sx Silvia SilEighty Sil-80 JDM

These Sil-eighties something a bit special due to there being a bit of a back story to them, Back in the early nineties when a lot of the early drifters and touge runners were drifting these 180sx’s around the mountain passes and at events, they invariably crashed a lot. At the time the 180sx’s with the pop up head lights were still a relatively new and expensive car to get body parts for.

200sx silvia onevia front endIt was a lot cheaper and easier to source a PS13 front end and fit that instead. As more and more people were doing it, it fast became a choice modification to do as the scene seemed to adopt and grow rather fond of it, it wasn’t unheard of for people to do it for the sake of it.

Even Nissan noticed the popularity, so they thought they’d respond by giving 500 s13’s with the pop up headlight to a small modification company at the time called “kids heart”. And they did the complete conversion and a few other things to generally improve the car like suspension, better LSD and upping the boost a bit on the engine for a touch more power.

180sx sileighty

This established the cars in history and helped in the early days to bring “kids heart” to the limelight. Today they are a very successful, and highly regarded tuning company in Japan and across the world and they still use S13’s for drift cars in the D1gp today.

They were recently featured in the Driftworks: Outsiders DVD aswell, there’s a video below.



The one you’re  looking at here, is built to an incredibly high standard with just about everything you’ll ever need for a weekends’fun on the track or on the back roads.

PS13 silvia Sileighty 180sx

Starting with the engine, it has most of the usual breathing mods to make it that bit more efficient, and a slightly bigger GT2871R Turbo than the standard SR20DET, but with the standard exhaust manifold instead of an aftermarket one, the standard manifold, while not the best for airflow has a better reputation for being stronger than most aftermarket parts. It also has a bigger Apexi Intercooler and airfilter to improve the airflow through to the turbo.

SR20det Nissan 180sx

But where this car really comes into its own though is in the chassis department, it’s almost a Driftworks Special! Featuring Driftworks HSD Coilovers, Driftworks Tension Rods and Driftworks front adjustable lower arms. It also has Tien Tie Rods and Ends as well as Apexi Rear Camber arms. To keep it all together it has a front and rear Cusco strut brace.

In case you missed it that means just about every aspect of the chassis is fully adjustable to get pretty much any kind of ride conceivable.kouki 200sx

HSD Coilovers are generally regarded to be amongst the best in the industry, they are used  by enthusiasts and professional competitors alike for casual and competitive use.

The Tien Tie Rods have a massive advantage over the standard parts as well, due to them generally being better engineered than standard parts, the adjustment allows for extra toe in and toe out on the wheels which with some fine tuning can give the car extra lock and make it more predictable when it’s sideways, this car definitely has plenty of lock!

JDM 180sx rear lightsNissan ps13 sil 80 180sx

Combine the tie rods with the Driftworks tension rods and you have a pretty complete steering package short of modifying the hubs for more lock, this car has more lock than you’ll ever need.

These S bodies can be rather snappy as well, so all of these mods can completely change the characteristics of the car.

Nissan Silvia 180sx sil eighty

When it comes to how this thing looks, the most distinguishable features are probably the PS13 Silvia front end and the 180sx rear.. hence the name, “Sileighty” but this has had a few extra things to give a lightly more aggressive stance and look than the standard car.. it all adds up to a rather handsome package!

Nissan silvia sil-eighty

The most notable thing straightaway is the wheels. They are Work Meister’s finest set of S1 wheels, with slightly more dish and tire wall on the back, giving it an aggressive look. The front’s are 9j with good dish as well. So these big dishy wheels with 50mm overfenders really give it a wide look on the road. Just standing parked up it looks magnificent as well.Sil80

This car is close to the perfect all rounder were all after, it polishes up a treat for shows and those times when you want a presentable, gorgeous car. But it also has the performance to match the looks for those times when you just want a bit of fun!

  1. Nissan S Bodies And 86 Feature
  2. Nissan 200sx Retro Drift Rat Look S13 Feature
  3. Nissan 200sx s14A Drift Road And Track Car Feature
  4. Nissan 200sx,180sx Sil-Eighty JDM Sil-80 Drift Car Feature
  5. JDM Garage Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Drift and Track Car Feature


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Nov 12

Nissan 200sx S14a Silvia Drift Car

The s14 and s14a were quite a big step forward from the S13, and the third car in this range from Nissan. A lot of people didn’t realise that before the PS13 (onevia) i.e. the one with the block front lights, see Sil-Eighty Post and the s13 with the Flip lights there was an S12 silvia which also had the CA18DET engine.

car clubs uk

The S14 was essentially the second stage. The biggest change was the engine. This was now a 2.0l turbo instead of a 1.8 turbo in earlier models, while the engine design is similar the materials used are very different. The CA18DET is a Iron block, whereas the SR20DET is an Alloy block. Not only is it a bigger displacement and capable of handling more power standard than the CA18DET, parts are more readily available too. It’s also similar in weight.

Thats’s pretty impressive when you think it’s a bigger engine and it can handle a good bit of boost before stuff breaks. About 300bhp in a CA18 is near or past breaking point, Thats just a map and some subtle bolt on mods for a SR20. The one we have here is around 300bhp.

Nissan S14a Rota GTR

The other big difference is the appearance, it’s very different in physical design to the s13, it’s a much rounder more modern shape. While the suspension and chassis parts have similarities, they differ enough that you can’t use s13 parts on a s14 and vice versa without some mild fabrication.

The car were looking at here is another one with some very choice mods for durability and drifting in mind. It’s got a slightly bigger GT2871r Turbo and a K and N air filter and Japspeed straight through shotgun exhaust to help get that air in and out of the engine.

silvia s14a

Speaking of the exhaust, thats the key characteristic of this particular s14a, the sound. It’s obnoxiously, unashamedly loud! Even idling drowns out most other cars. I can’t here mine at all parked next to this one.

It really bellows it’s bowls out, doesn’t sound raspy or tinny. It just shouts at you! Even 3 or 4 car lengths in front you can hear it come on boost, it’s almost like the vtec crossover on Honda’s, you know when the Garret GT28 turbo is on boost.S bodies

It also has a lightened flywheel and paddle clutch to help free up the engine a bit more and get that extra power down to the ground.200sx s14a SR20DET

It’s when you get inside this car things start to feel different and a bit more serious, it has a full apex rollcage that goes round by the doors aswell. When you sit in it you feel very safe secure and like you’re in the cockpit of a race car with the cage going down the sides and the A pillar in front of you.

This is further enhanced by Cobeuro bucket seats and Willans Harness’s. It’s surprising how these things can really change the character and feeling of the car. The only thing stopping it from being full on competition spec on the interior is the door cards and dash.

s14a 200sx interior rollcage

Keeping these things keeps the car civil and a pleasant place to be. This is a GT sports car first and foremost, so it would be a shame to get rid of what makes it a nice place to be.

This is all topped off nicely with a set of bright white Rota Grid GTR Wheels on each side of the car. These have become very popular on the performance and drift scene in recent years, on a clean low slung, or “suitably stanced” car, it’s easy to see why!

  1. Nissan S Bodies And 86 Feature
  2. Nissan 200sx Retro Drift Rat Look S13 Feature
  3. Nissan 200sx s14A Drift Road And Track Car Feature
  4. Nissan 200sx,180sx Sil-Eighty JDM Sil-80 Drift Car Feature
  5. JDM Garage Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Drift and Track Car Feature

Nissan s14a Team Japspeed Shotgun

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Oct 30

Nissan 200sx S13 Drift Car

The Nissan 200sx S13 seems to of become a timeless car now! Thanks in huge part to the drift and modified scene, before drift culture became big, it was popular as a modders car anyway.. but then it kind of got forgotten about since most of them had been crashed or rusted away.

Nissan 180sx s13

They may have been cheap to buy aswell, but to maintain and get parts for could end up costing an arm and a leg! Another thing that put them out of the limelight was insurance premiums.. I know, I tried to buy one as my first car, almost passed out at my first quote! It was something like £4600.. yea jog on!

However, I’m older and more mature now and that’s exactly what seems to of happened to these s13’s. Since drifting has came to the mass media in the uk, it’s been the car everyone’s after or has owned at some point in there “drifting career” some people have moved on, others have built them in to something special and unique, but a lot of people, me included really fancy them as a fast road, fun car to mess around with and experiment time to time with some drifting.

S13 And S14a Rota Wheels

Even standard, it’s a lot of car for the money, it’s a GT car from the factory with a sporting edge, comfortable seats, comfortable interior, air conditioning, ample power from the CA18DET for those motorway jaunts and a brilliant chassis for some B road fun.


I absolutely love the seating position and power delivery in these cars, your nice and low to the floor with a slight decline in the seats to accommodate the turbo coming on boost, you have fantastic vision all around from where your sat aswell. It’s also really nice to see the big long bonnet in front of you and the pop-up headlights.. something a bit different to the norm to remind you your in no normal 2 seater coupe.

Nissan 200sx s13 interior drift car

It’s not a high car standard so imagine what it’s like when your sitting in this one! It has to be one of the lowest S13’s I’ve seen and been in, you really feel like your hoovering across the ground in this car! Being so low gives that illusion of speed aswell..when your not really going fast!

Despite how low it is, it’s actually not at all uncomfortable, yes you feel the bumps and road but it doesn’t ever shock you. In comparison, my car is quite high, but my shocks are a lot stiffer so sometimes a small bump can almost wound you! This is the difference between a basic suspension setup and quality Coilovers. This car is running on D2 coilovers on all four corners and they’re fully adjustable. You can get pretty much any “stance” or look your after with these, while maintaining a respectable quality of ride.

Nissan s13 180sx pre facelift

Combine this low look with a nice set of ROTA RBX 17” wheels with added DISH and your on to a winner! This is topped off by a nod to Japans JDM culture with the “sleepy eyes” headlights half open, this has become a strong JDM characteristic over the last few years, and its still spreading the globe now.

The sleepy eyes add to that super low profile the owners’ after here, the matt black paintwork also gives it a presence. Low, stealthy and purposeful, At the rear it’s wearing a bomex wangan rear tailgate wing, adding to the road munching look of the car, This car is a tool.

Nissan s13 Rota RBX wheels

On the subject of the rear of the car is the answer to the drifty goodness it provides. The whole rear subframe is Polybushed, accompanied by a welded diff. This keeps everything strong, solid and sideways. The last thing you’d need to worry about is anything breaking in the heat of the moment.

The engine has had enough work to make it slightly more efficient than the standard block with a Stage 2 ECU and some improved breathing modifications. The stage 2 ECU basically fuels more on boost and retards ignition slightly making the car a bit leaner and richer.

s13 and s14a 200sx

To take advantage of this, this car has a slightly bigger turbo from a s14 200sx, a more powerful, walbro 255 fuel pump along with a bigger intercooler, aluminium radiator and a decent air filter. This is all topped off by a full 3” straight through Japspeed system from the turbo back, no excuse for anything to get caught up in the engine! And it sounds fantastic.

This is a pretty sorted S13.

  1. Nissan S Bodies And 86 Feature
  2. Nissan 200sx Retro Drift Rat Look S13 Feature
  3. Nissan 200sx s14A Drift Road And Track Car Feature
  4. Nissan 200sx,180sx Sil-Eighty JDM Sil-80 Drift Car Feature
  5. JDM Garage Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Drift and Track Car Feature


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Oct 18

Nissan S bodies.. And a Cheeky AE86 Levin!

As evenings go this turned out to be a pretty good one! It’s not easy to organise getting a few cars together for a photo shoot. Especially the ones I’ve got here, a very rare sil-80, a little Toyota Corolla Levin AE86, a drift ready S13 and a fully caged drift ready s14a, this is going to be good!

Being the person actually doing the photos, it’s only fair I get there first! I admit, I have turned up late to my own shoots before! Definitely not cool. In my anticipation I thought I’d grab a few shots of my Ovlov, see how the lighting is and how the pictures will come out on the camera, and get in to the mood of things.

Volvo 340 drift carVolvo 340dl

The lads I arranged the shoot with promised me a surprise guest as well. I was expecting another 200sx or more likely a skyline, since they hinted at it being something similar, imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the little AE86!

JDM Garage AE86

With autumn on the horizon and some slightly dodgy weather the weekend before, it was a massive relief for it to be a nice evening as we bowled out to our first location.

What a sight and sound it was all of us going in convoy through the middle of town! All of these cars turn heads on their own as it is, so you put them all together and echoing through the streets, it’s quite something!

swindon car clubs

You have the bassy undertones, accompanied by the distinct bark of the turbo’s coming on boost from the SR20’s and CA18 motors in the background. This bassy rumble is then disrupted by the piercing sound of the throttle bodies from the 86. It is pure engine noise coming out of that car, and what a sound it is, and then there’s the deep growl/ induction noise from my Valver Volvo. It was quite an experience for sure, if only everyone on the road had cars like these!

It was my little slice of heaven.

ae86 Levin and 200sx's

As we got to the first place, we very quickly realised the 86 and S13 were far too low to get in to the parking lot.. So back to the drawing board and a bit more driving! But who cares, that was the best group of cars in Swindon that day. As we got to the second place some of the light was fading.

But we managed to get all the cars arranged rather neatly and cracked on with some photos, I plan to be doing a small piece on each of these cars over the coming week or so, so stay sharp!

Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin

The Corolla Levin Ae86 definitely stood out amongst the S-bodies due to it’s lary purple paint and classic boxy lines, it’s almost a silhouette of the drift world! But I also felt the Sil-eighty next to it complimented it perfectly. For those of you that are fans of the Hot touge and old Japanese drift videos, these are about as JDM as you get. I think the square plates are a subtle hint towards their origin as well.

Sil eighty 180sx s13

Next to those is the matt black S13, this looks like something straight off of the stance nation pages. It sits super low on the road on a set of nice 17″x9j et -13 Rota RBX wheels, to top it off theres a good bit of dish and camber. With the slightly rough bodywork and the odd drift scar here and there.

Rota RBX Nissan 200sx s13

This car makes no excuses about what it is. You only need to glance at it to know it’s a drift weapon. With that aggressive stance and nice wheels, it definitely has a presence as well, there’s few things as nice as sitting in a super low, loud turbo powered rear-wheel drive car, It reminds me of the cars you see on the “Socal” drift scene. As the name suggests, it’s the Californian drift scene. Take a few minutes to pop over to youtube and see what it’s about, nice wheels, clean lines, good stance with a very purposeful appearance.

car clubs uk

And Finally we have the purple/black s14a.. the first thing that caught my attention about this car was the sound. It’s very, very loud! Courtesy of a Team Japspeed shotgun exhaust system, it actually bellows its heart out, especially on boost! It also encourages a fair bit of flame spitting action! The next thing that struck me, quite literally was the cage in this.
Nissan s14 silvia 200sx

When I first got in it, I didn’t see it! And bent my leg, it was dark, and the interior is dark.. and the roll cage is black.. anyone could of made the same mistake. This car has been built to a very high standard with very “choice” modifications, it’s built well above it’s means with durability and strength in mind, ideal for a spot of sideways fun!

Nissan S14a Rota GTR

I’m doing a little piece on each one of these cars over the next week or so, so stay tuned!


  1. Nissan S Bodies And 86 Feature
  2. Nissan 200sx Retro Drift Rat Look S13 Feature
  3. Nissan 200sx s14A Drift Road And Track Car Feature
  4. Nissan 200sx,180sx Sil-Eighty JDM Sil-80 Drift Car Feature
  5. JDM Garage Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 Drift and Track Car Feature


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Aug 28

Rust Box Mini Club in Swindon

Welcome ladies and gents to the Rust Box Mini Club.. I’ll give you two guesses as to the cars this group focuses on.. Still guessing? Well tough, The pictures will give you an idea!

This is a relatively new club, founded by a group of serious mini enthusiasts in Swindon. This club is a bit different to most as it arranges more activities and gatherings that involve driving more than most clubs. Let’s be honest, that’s what these cars are all about as well, it’s how they built their reputation as giant killers along with those classic looks. It’s impossible to go wrong with a mini really!

mini club uk

They organise as many meets and get togethers as possible, with the ultimate aim to get to events across the country each year. As the group grows, they’ll be looking to do some tours and drives out to events overseas in Europe.

One of my personal  favourite elements of the club is the “fish and chips” run where they pick a point at the coast or find somewhere nice and get together for a nice drive out.. to get some fish and chips!  And just maybe make a day out of it aswell.

mini clubs uk

Everyone has an appreciation for the old minis one way or another, or they have stories and memories surrounding them from some point in their lifetime. They have a similar vain to the VW Beetles in that respect. Everyone knows someone who owns/has owned one at some point in their life.

The mini was a first car for a lot of people that are parents today, or one they aspired to own. It’s also a car that has infinite value to many people aswell. True enthusiasts, of which there are many, don’t have a price on their idea of a perfect mini, this is exactly why the culture is still alive and kicking today.

swindon cars

While physically the new mini’s are considerably bigger, they still have the spirit and underlying values of the original minis. Even though they are missing a bit of the british pluck and charm, being german built and engineered isn’t a bad thing, they more than make up for it in performance and handling! This club welcomes those with open arms aswell.

So get on the bandwagon now, and head on over to their page on facebook. It’s a very welcoming group with a great people who are all up for a laugh and getting out to make this club as great as it can possibly be.

Official Facebook Page, Get Involved!: Rust Box Mini Club

For more extensive details, or further information on the clubs’  availability for shows etc, Contact Gary Millin on:

  1. Rust Box Mini Club Facebook Page
  2. Rust Box Mini Club Profile Page
  3. Rust Box Mini Club Gallery
  4. Rust Box Club Introduction

mini club swindon

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Jul 28

Swindon Street Cruise Wroughton Car Meet

The Swindon Street Cruise Car meet at Swindon Karting in Wroughton.. What a great day it turned out to be! and what a great turnout of cars! Several clubs from the local area turned up and at one point the whole area was filled, right round to the back of the hangar. So quite a result! Be sure to check out the gallery below and find everyone elses cars :)

Swindon Clio Valvers.. and Volvo Valver

It was almost accidental my going, I didn’t go out Saturday night, and I came across some chatter on facebook about it, done a quick status update and found out a few people were going! That turned out to be a pretty good idea. There was a huge meeting of cars at the local football club, then they convoyed up to Wroughton. From this initial site of a great collection of cars, word had clearly got around!

Swindon street Cruise Car Meet

Since it officially started at 2 we got there for about 12:30 so had priority on spaces, and managed to get our cars on the entrance, which was great. It’s always nice to see lots of people checking out your car and discussing things (hopefully good stuff!)

First thing on the cards, have a little wonder round and see whats about. It’s surprising to see whats here! Swindon is quite a big town but the social circles are all very familiar and 1 or 2 people you know in one group of friends, usually knows someone you know, especially the car culture here. This is where you see the cars as an identity since people usually know of the car but not the person behind it. So it was a good opportunity to put faces to cars and meet new people.Wroughton Airfield Car meet

It was also great to catch up with people you don’t normally see, especially with it being a family event, I ran in to quite a few good friends I hadn’t seen for a while!

The atmosphere was very welcoming and open, everyone sharing a common interest and laughs, the weather couldn’t of been better either. It was hot and sunny all day.Ford Fiesta ST

Some of the highlights of the day for me then.

My friend Kyle Homes of Black Nova Designs had his Golf on display next to the DJ sets.. He also happened to be DJ-ing!

Mk IV VW Golf

I loved the airbrushed leaf look on this 200sx aswell, after speaking to the owner, it was very easily achieved aswell. He literally got a collection of ferns and leaves from his back garden and randomly placed them on the car then rattle canned over them. Very simple and effective.Nissan 200sx S13Nissan 200sx S13 Custom Paint

I’m loving the white turboed Honda Civic on the BBS wheels aswell. I always see it motoring around It sits on the road really nicely and always looks super clean.Honda Civic b18 turboHonda Civic turbo ek9Honda Civic EJ9 Turbo

Another Honda grabbing my attention is this DC5 Integra. It looks like something competeing in the TimeAttack series with the aggressive body kit and huge wing! I imagine it’s a dream out on track.Acura Integra DC5 Type RHonda Integra DC5 Track Car

Hows a Peugeot 205 Cabriolet? This looks like a serious sleeper. If the bonnet wasn’t open then only thing suggesting what lies beneath would be the fat semi slicks sitting on the wheels. I bet he’s surprised more than a few people at the lights!peugeot 205 gti cabriolet

These Vauxhall Astra turbos seem to be popping up everywhere recently! They are beginning to get that thing of whats under the bonnet of that astra sat next to you at the lights, Like the old Cosworths, you  never really know how quick they are going to be! I like the standard look a lot of them have maintained. I also saw a vectra with the VXR turbo treatment. It looked  standard apart from the engine bay!Vauxhall Astra Coupe TurboVauxhall astra hatchback turboVauxhall Vectra Turbo

Speaking of Cosworth, that brings me nicely on to this Cossie! A Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, This was a beautiful example of the car aswell. The pictures do the talking, There was also another Escort Cosworth aswell. They were the only two Cosworth’s there, This gives one an idea of how rare they are now.Ford Sierra Cosworth rs500Ford Sierra Cosworth YB turbo EngineFord Sierra Cosworth

There was one car in particular that I hoped would be my first car! The Volvo 340’s are rare, but these are even more rare. It would of been a great first car as I believe it’s a 2.0l turbo with rwd and a lsd.. standard. But crucially it was insurable at 18, Every other 2.0l turbo rwd car is a pipe dream at that age. The Car I’m talking about is the Mitsubishi starion.. One day ownership will be on the cards!Mitsubishi Starion turboStarion turbo

One more Civic! This appears to be a genuine JDM Mugen Civic Type R, but it’s hard to tell. The problem is there’s nothing visually anyway that realy sets it apart from the standard civic type R apart from the badge and rear wing! Afficianados, feel  free to correct me on my details of this particular carChampionship White Honda CivicMugen Civic type R

The last firm favourite of my day was anything with throttle bodies! This is especially common among the 106 GTI owners.. They sound brilliant though, there was a 205 GTI on dellorto carbs aswell which sounded pretty epic!106 GTI on throttle bodies205 gti dolereto  carbs

Fantastic way to spend a sunny Sunday, Roll on the next meet!, be sure to check out the gallery page below where all the pictures of the day are.

Swindon Street Cruise Wroughton F1 Car Meeting Gallery



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