May 19

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Japfest 2008 at Caslecombe in Wiltshire, One of the Biggest and Best Places and Events to see Japanese Performance Cars

Japfest 2008- The Ultimate Japanese Performance Car Festival 




Japfest at Castlecombe was absolutely HUGE this year, It seemed to have attracted the biggest amount of spectators yet, and what was once upon a time a public parking area, was turned into yet more show space for all the Japanese Performance cars and clubs.


If you’ve ever been to Japfest before you would probably remember it was mostly a hardcore enthusiast gig. Well it still is, but the amount of people was really unbelievable, according to the Japfest program for the day, they were expecting well over 2200 Japanese performance cars, I can believe it!, there was everything you could possible think of there, it was truly epic.


I saw everything from old school 86 Corollas through to Skylines and NSX’s. There was everything of all sorts. There was some incredibly rare cars there as well, the one that stood out for me had to be the TRD 2000GT. This is a Toyota MR2 (SW22) basically completely redone by the Toyota Racing Development team. There was also some Tommi Makkinen EVO VI’s. The Subaru Impreza RB5, a car made by Subaru to Honor Richard Burn’s Passing, a bunch of Pro Drive P1 Scoobies, a Tommy Kaira RB25. This is the equivalent to the RUF Porsches, except this is a Nissan Skyline R34 with the RB25DET block, completely worked over and redone by Tommy Kaira, a Small and successful independent tuning company in Japan. There was a few Genuine R32 Nismo Skyline GTR’s and a Nismo 350z . There was quite a large collection of Honda NSX’s as well, one with a targa roof. These Sounded beautiful out on track.


There was a few cars not available to the UK Market yet on show. Headlining these was the New Nissan Skyline GTR, the R35. The First and most likely only new R35 in the country. I was shocked to hear that this was here at Castlecombe since I read an article a while back saying that Nissan won’t let any GTR’s leave Japan if someone tries to import one before it’s officially released to the European and American Markets. They would fine the person heavily and there was some other pretty bad implications to those that tried to import it, so fairplay to the owner whoever they may be. There was the new Mitsubishi EVO X in one of the Mitsubishi Club areas. This really is quite a dramatic looking car, with a snarling, fierce front end and overall stubby appearance. I really Loved everything about this new Mitsubishi EVO apart from the rear of the car, but I have a feeling it’s one of those things that you will adapt to and grow to like over time. That aside it is a groundbreaking car. The Next new car of note is the new Subaru Impreza STI, again I feel very 50/50 on this one, I don’t think it’s as quick as the older STI, and while the front looks awesome, very pretty, I find it’s ruined by the hatchback rear. I think this has made an impression on everyone, especially all the actual Subaru Impreza owners and deep seated fans of the Impreza. The Subaru Impreza has NEVER been a hatchback and SHOULDN’T be a hatchback, clearly Subaru think otherwise. I think it’s been ruined and im sure a lot of long-term Subaru Impreza fans, and WRC fans feel the same. No matter what you think about the Impreza and whether you like it or not, This car is an icon and a legend now. The Shape, the sounds, the handling, the fact it’s an incredibly formidable and powerful Saloon car. It’s made a stand and a trademark in peoples minds, so for them to so drastically change it is slightly worrying to say the least.


Tomorrow I will go into one of the biggest parts of Japfest 2008, The Redline Power Paddock

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Japfest-The Ultimate Japanese Performance Car festival

Japfest-Redline Power Paddock and Feature Cars Part 1

Japfest- Redline Power Paddock Part 2

Japfest-Driftworks and Drift Cars at Japfest 2008

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