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Japfest 2008- Redline Magazine’s Power Paddock had some of the best Japanese Performance Cars Ever to of Graced The Scenes.

Japfest 2008, Redline Power Paddock and Feature Cars Part 1

Redline Magazine were at Japfest in force this year, they normally have a pretty big stand and bunch of feature cars every year but they went all out, even advertising in the program brochure that was handed out to everyone at the entrance, they had also managed to get a hold of some of the finest tuned Japanese cars in the country. Many of which have featured in a wide range of Japanese Performance Car magazines. I bet a lot of the other magazines there were clamouring for these cars to.


This great idea to advertise in the brochure program created problem for me taking photos, everyone was crowded round these cars right the way through the day till they left. I thought I would be clever and crash in on these cars at the end of the day, by which time they were gone. So forgive me for some of the pictures are not mine. The ones with the dates are though!


The car that stood out for me was the once upon a time rejected and now famous Bee-R R33 GTR Skyline, I bet the guy who spent thousands getting this car made is kicking his head in right now, it really is a masterpiece Skyline and great to see in person. It has a very strong presence about it.


This was also where the new Nissan Skyline R35 was based as well. The problem here was that everyone and anyone that has the slightest knowledge or interest of cars knows about the new R35 GT-R, and is excited about it, especially since hearing that it had beaten a Porsche Round the Nurburgring Nordshleife. This car has really made its self known to the world through this accomplishment and Nissan’s international marketing campaign.


The winner of the 2007 HKS Drag Series was there. The fact it was highly recognizable and still seemed to have mostly standard Supra panels made this achievement near impossible to get your head around, this was the XS Power Mk3 Supra Drag Car. It’s up there with the fastest cars ever to have existed with an easy 170mph every time it’s done the quarter mile.


Despite all these big power cars around the Redline Power Paddock, If there was an award for uniqueness and pure ingenuity it had to go to the 3.5 Litre V6 Nissan Micra-R. Where you would usually expect the rear passenger seats to be, instead harbours a VQ35 engine block from Nissan’s 350Z makeing it a little mid-engined super car. This V6 engine is tuned to around 350bhp I believe, in a car of this size, totally stripped out it must be monstrous and scary beyond your imagination to drive. It really is quite fascinating to see, and surprisingly tidy to, the engine block is put in the back perfectly and there isn’t a load of ancillaries cluttering the rear of the car.


Dragon Performance debuted their long awaited and very much anticipated Time Attack car there. The Name and looks of this Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) were awe-inspiring and Spine tingling. It’s a scary looking car but somehow very beautiful at the same time, much like their Drag RX-7. It had huge chunky tires all round and a massive turbo sticking out of the bonnet of the car, it looks like it could swallow you, the turbo is truly massive!.


One of the RC Developments Mitsubishi EVO VI’s were there, I’m pretty sure there is a good few of these around now, My best guess is it’s a tuning package from RC Developments. Quite a while ago I saw one of these 700bhp powerhouses for sale in the back of a tuner mag for around £18,000, same vinyl work and body kit, same power output except it was white. While maybe not as unique as the other cars surrounding it, this EVO 6 is just as impressive, the sound of it as well, everything around it vibrates, that’s just idling on tick over. I bet it’s colossal out on track, that said I just checked the Time Attack line-up and there is two EVO 6’s by RC Developments entered.


Tomorrow I will be covering the JDM Garage Bee-r R324, The JDM Garage 200SX Pickup Drift Car, The phenomenal one off 3.4 Litre wide-body Toyota Supra, Redline’s JZX81 Toyota Chaser, Redline’s R33 GTR Skyline, Ron Kidell’s Tuning R32 GT-R Race Car and would you believe it, there was the Honda Civic Type-R BTCC Car, it was nice to see a touring car again on a long-forgotten in touring cars race track

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Japfest-Redline Power Paddock and Feature Cars Part 1

Japfest- Redline Power Paddock Part 2

Japfest-Driftworks and Drift Cars at Japfest 2008

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