Dec 10

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Bee R324 Sold

finally after to many people to count messing me and my friend around with regards to selling this car, it has gone. I say that with a little bit of an upset since this was my idea of a dream car, great engine, great chassis, great car, incredibly unique, rare and good looking bodykit. It’s about as good as it gets. And it was availiable to me, at a significantly lower price than I sold it for, but I still didnt have the funds :(

What sold me most on this car was probably the sounds and the feeling I got evertime I was in it. Everything was so mechanical and raw. It was just sheer performance. The external waste gate and screamer pipe sounded incredible, you could hear the turbo spooling up and idling, you could feel every aspect of the road. It cornered incredibly well and flat and it was so predictable to drive.you knew exactly what the car was doing at all times, and when the backend came out. the trick diff made it really controllable. Just through sound and feeling you could drive this car. It was that well sorted. I can see now why Bee*R have such a high reputation and are well respected in the skyline community. You have to expierience one of their cars if your into all this stuff.

the de-catted exhaust system and smooth six-cylinder engine were great and loud aswell. It was also a great GT car in general. It was so comfortable and smooth on the motorway. It certainly wasn’t quiet though. But it was a really nice sound, to overtake or move lanes, it’s just a prod of the accelerator. the engine was incredibly torquey.

I miss it quite alot actually lol, but it’s reassuring to know theres plenty of these r32 skylines out there and as an all round car, reliabilty, performance and comfort at next to no cost. it makes you get that warm kind of feeling :). It is an incredible car.

I read somewhere not to long ago that at the time the r32 came out it was widely regarded as the best GT car money could by, especially since it was far cheaper than it’s european counterparts. A damn site more reliable too.

But there you go I’ll miss it, I hope you enjoyed the snippets of information I provided for you on this blog

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  1. Simonz

    Love the review on the Bee*R! …..Great stuff!

    1. christopherhib

      hopefully I’ll be able to give my updated impressions soon! ;) haha

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