May 11

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Japfest at Castlecombe 2011, Europes Biggest Japanese Performance Car Show?

Thats what they’ve been advertising it as now for the past couple of years. I have to say it wouldn’t surprise me! it’s come on leaps and bounds since I first went and I don’t know whether this is going to be it’s downfall or it’s ascension. The past two years it’s got so busy that you can’t help but shoulder barge near enough everyone-Castlecombe is a very small place, if you’ve been there, you probably know. Castlecombe circuit is an even smaller place in an already small town, and thats where everyone will be congregating this weekend.

Japfest 2011 castle combe circuit

It reminds me of your average night club on a bank holiday weekend, it’s great that theres so many people there, but it’s suffocating when your moving around or trying to get to the bar.

As a lot of people that have been going for a while now are aware, there’s now a japfest 2 aswell towards the end of the year. I think they’ve only done this a couple of years now, but the venues are more suitable for the amount of people there is at castlecombe. I think last years was at silverstone or donington.

My concern is they might move the first japfest somewhere else altogether, but i love the fact that japanese performance car culture is definitely part of the mainstream culture now, think about drifting in the need for speed games and nearly every other video game, then you have the fast and furious movies.

Even though the fast and furious movies are on the edge of ridiculous, they seem to of documented the major parts of the performance car and tuning culture over the past decade, catching the trends and evolution of the scene…thats for another day though altogether, watch out for that post ;) it’ll be very interesting.

None the less this is my new personal “christmas day” since christmas day is quite boring in comparison! If your reading this post and thinking of going, drop a line down below, it would be good to meet some fellow bloggers and enthusiasts!

Japfest castle combe race circuit

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Japfest at Castlecombe 2011, Europes Biggest Japanese Performance Car Show?

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