Nov 23

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D1 Re Amemiya Greddy Mazda RX-7 FD3s Turbo Replica *SOLD*

Following on from my recent feature of this car, I figure some of you might actually be interested in owning it..well now you can! the spec list is huge..and you just have to do a quick google on any of the parts on this car to see that nothing has been done on the cheap. in fairness you probabally could of bought a standard rx7 several times over for the price this one cost to build! but after expieriencuing this firsthand..you’ll realise a lesser or stant rx-7 is a bit dull in comparison.

This car is well documented and features everywhere, especially around websites and blogs similar to mine. It also had a huge feature in Banzai magazine. The owner still has all the details of the shoot and everything thats been done to the cars..the spec list is huge!

so spec!


mazda rx 7 engineEngine

  • 13B-REW 2x654cc rotary
  • Hayward Rotary large street port machining
  • HKS Mushroom air filter
  • Garrett gt35r single turbo conversion
  • front-mounted intercooler on V-mount kit,
  • No dump valve turbo has anti surge
  • polished GReddy intake elbow
  • polished inlet plenum
  • Apexi ECU with Commander
  • HKS EVC III boost controller
  • Bosch 044 in-tank fuel pump
  • standard primary injectors
  • 1680cc secondary injectors
  • uprated fuel pressure regulator
  • braided fuel lines
  • HKS down pipe and manifold
  • Turbosmart T4 wastegate
  • HKS exhaust system
  • Samco hoses
  • Front + rear auto exe engine brace
  • GReddy oil catch tank, polished alloy pulleys


  • 9.5×18” 10×18″ Rota Grid drift alloys with 235/40/18″ Maxxis drift tyres
  • anodised wheel nuts
  • Eibach 20mm spacers on rear
  • HKS 9 springs with Feed coilovers
  • Mazdaspeed brake calipers
  • Mazdaspeed grooved brake discs


  • resprayed 1972 Ford Olympic blue
  • carbon fibre bonnet with flush-fitting Aero Catches
  • FEED Type 2 R front bumper
  • RE Amemiya carbon front canards
  • RE Amemiya flush headlights with HID conversion
  • aftermarket indicators and sidelights
  • Shine Auto FEED-style front wings
  • DC5 Honda Integra Type-R side repeaters
  • carbon fibre wing mirrors
  • FEED carbon fibre door handles
  • FEED carbon fibre side skirts
  • FEED rear arch extensions
  • RE Amemiya rear lens cover
  • Shine Auto carbon fibre diffuser
  • RE Amemiya carbon rear canards
  • Ings Z-Power carbon fibre rear wing
  • carbon fibre exhaust guard
  • infra red camera in boot lock


  • Border full carbon bucket seats
  • Sparco three-point harnesses
  • Momo Race steering wheel and boss
  • D1 Spec carbon fibre gear knob
  • carbon fibre rear-view mirror
  • Carbon fibre gear surround 5twenty4 carbon fibre sill covers
  • A-pillar pod with Defi oil temperature and boost gauges
  • Defi Link meter
  • HKS turbo timer
  • Sony digi radio, 7.5” Directed monitor in custom binnacle on passenger side

rx 7 interior

So there it is! something very special and unique, the price for all this JDM Juicy, drifty Goodness? £15,000 ono which is quite frankly a steal!

terms and conditions?

serious offers only please, and no test pilots or dreamers! usual stuff really…  :)

get in touch

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  1. Rey

    First off the evo ix has been out for quite a while, duh. In fact it is pretty much done being pducored since the evo x will be here shortly.well you know the question i posted and you know my answer. They have stripped it off its balls. My favorites are the six, seven. I would love to have the seventh. The ninth is pretty high in power. I would either take a evo vii gsr or a evo 9 rs. I don’t want upscale and a more european feel. It is not meant to compete against luxury import sports car. It is supposed to be one of the few raw sports cars that you can buy and still have room for the kids when you need it. Over 15 years of rally heritage have gone down the drain in my eyes. It will still be very powerful, probably 300hp, and the good thing is it will have AYC which we have been deprived of. But they will have a auto stick with optional 5sp. It is bigger fatter, and the styling looks to audi in the front. They might as well put a autopilot in and strip all fun. It has not lived up to my expectations. PS i wish i had your car, next car i will probably get an evo, but it won’t be new though, that makes me sad. I’ll never get the new car smell driving my evo, because i will not buy a X.

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