Nov 04

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Re Amemiya FD3S, Greddy Mazda Rx-7 Feature Coming Soon!

….find the title tantalising??..well you should do! This is a very special mazda RX-7 indeed! it’s pretty much a 1:1 replica of the Re Amemiya Greddy Rx-7 that used to compete in the D1 Professional Drift Series In Japan.

This car was always a favourite in the series and had many close battles with our old friend the b324r when they were both competing ;).

Nothing about this car is subtle, and everything on it is loud and proud. But the thing that is most striking about this Rx-7 is the attention to detail. Even under very close scrutiny, pretty much all the stickers are there and everything is right and correct.

this is a no expense spared, beautifully put together car that gets loads of attention and looks of admiration everywhere it goes. Even people who arent into cars appreciate this one. so keep an eye out over the coming week for this.

it’s something that shouldn’t be missed!

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