Jan 10

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Cool Toyota Corolla Drift Vid- Drifted.com

So was cruising round the Drifted Website and couldn’t help but be swept in by this stunning Ae86 drift weapon. I love the kind of abused look of it. it’s clearly well used and well drifted but it still looks serious and kind of mean. Just looking at the pictures lets you feel the presence of this car… If you saw this bowling down your street or town, you know it means business. Even to someone whos unaware of the drift culture, you’ll know this car is a bit serious!

It’s also great t see it mixing it up with v8’s and more serious cars, I think some of the cars its up against are currently competing in the Formula D series.

Judging by the smoke pouring off the rear tires and a clip at the end, it’s definitely got a turbo brick under the bonnet, sounds a bit SR20det to me??..what do you guys think? be sure to read and see more here: Cyrius Business Toyota Corolla Ae86 Drift Car

CYRIOUS PRODUCTIONS – Cyrious Business – Drifted.com from Cyrious Productions on Vimeo.

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