May 22

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Japfest 2012, Japfest Japanese Car Show At Castle Combe Circuit- Intro

As is always the way with major events, anticipation was a big part of it! Especially when everyones talking about it, saying what their looking forward to see, reflecting on some of last years events, and popping pictures up on the old facebook of their cars and preparations the night before! It’s like a  mini Christmas eve..except its Japfest instead!

Every year it’s consistently got bigger and better aswell. With more cars, more track action and bigger crowds! You always wonder how much bigger and better its going to be this time round.

castle combe circuit events

I was with a couple of friends the night before and we were absolutely buzzing! This however had a big knock on effect on the big day…couldnt help sinking a few pints enjoying some car and drift talk!..however I unexpectedly got a message from one of my friends letting me know he had a spare seat going in his citegra next morning!, this day just couldn’t get better!

Whats a citegra?.. split the names and you’ll have a good idea about what it could be ;).

So, got in late and had to be up at 5 next morning so we could meet some of the ClubJap folks. Nothing beats a strong filter coffee and the sound of vtec piercing through the cold,misty morning air to get you going! From the outset this was going to be a day fuelled by energy drinks, high octane petrol, big power jap cars, Turbos, burnt rubber and tyre smoke. In other words, no time to be tired and no chance to feel tired!

japfest 2

First stop was petrol and energy drinks, then we headed over to the Sally Pussy in Pub just before wootten bassett. That was the meeting point for some of the Club Jap cars in Swindon, and whoever else going to the event heard about it. Last year there was no more than about 10 of us.. This year we turned up and nearly the whole car park was full! When I saw some of the cars that were there, I couldn’t help but think Swindon is a bit of a central hub for some of the best cars in the country!

There was the stunning Mazda Greddy rx-7 which featured on this site among others and performance car mags in the uk, a red R33 GTR which was also featured in banzai magazine. One of the most immaculate PS13’s I’ve ever seen, and I had a passenger ride down in a proper sleeper of a Civic Coupe with an integra engine in it..(citegra anyone?..) Every other car there was also shined up and ready for the show. You could tell everyone put alot of time and effort into prepping their cars for the big day.

nissan 200sx ps13

As the last few people turned up, excited chatter and energy drinks slowly turned into the low bassy hum of big bore exhausts, turbos spooling and engines revving. There was definitely a brilliant energy about the place. The weather couldn’t of been more perfect for the morning run down either. Even at 7 in the morning you could of got away with just a t-shirt and jeans!

It was really great to see all of these stunning cars in one place just cruising down the motorway. The sights and sounds were fantastic. At one point you could see nothing but jap cars all around us, stunning cars in front, behind and out our side windows. To be in the center of this all was a very special feeling indeed, smiles on everyones faces cameras out everywhere capturing the moment. Perfect.

castle combe japfest

Unusually we sailed straight in to the circuit! Normally theres ques for a bit but not this time, being on the club jap stand certainly had its benefits, we were in before 9 and had the best parking spot in the area, sat on the straight before quarry.  This gave us plenty of time to time to give the car a clean up and prep it before everyone got in!

Straightaway there was so much to see..and the day had only just started ;)….

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