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Japfest 2012 Show Report, Japanese Performance Car Festival

First things first..where to start! Theres already lots of great cars every direction I was looking but i thought it was better to head straight into the main paddock area since the crowds were already getting thick and fast, and it was also the direction they were all heading to.

First thing next to the club jap stand was all the mx-5’s, it’s interesting to see everyones individual takes and tastes on the cars. Compared to when I first went to Japfest the general theme of modifying cars has changed alot. Its gone from alot of showiness to more purposeful looking machinery. I much prefer this to how it was. Alot of the mx-5s weren’t really changed to much, but they were alot more “stanced” sporting some subtle but attractive wheels.

mazda mx 5 hardtop

mx5 turbo kit

I do quite like the idea of a turboed mx-5 and there was a few here! I can’t help but wonder why it has never been a part of the line-up from the factory. It’s definitely not a car that needs big power but it must be nice to have it there when the straights come up.

turbo kit for mx5

After the mx-5’s we spotted a pretty serious looking GTR. It was quite well hidden amongst a few other skylines on the Just Jap stand, it was definitely sporting a presence.

nissan gtr spec v

But the next thing that stood out was a long lineup of ek9 civics, All white and squeaky clean! They pretty much lit up the whole area! It was quite a battle with people to get a picture of them all in one place.ek9 civics

At the end of this line though was one with a perfectly done engine bay with a bright blue Japanese flag on the underside of the bonnet. This was quite a piece of art!honda Civic typre r ek9

When it comes to proper track cars, easily one of the best looking ones there was a forge motorsports/ team Japspeed time attack rx-7..Im not actually sure if it really was either of their cars, I’m just going by the sticker real estate. I’m pretty certain this is a time attack car. Sadly it would of been to loud to go out on Castlecombe.

forge motorsports rx7

It looked like it was sat on some well used rubber! I would of loved to of heard this machine.

Team Japspeed Mazda RX7

Unfortunately there was no real getting round this problem at Castlecombe so there was alot of really stunning cars that couldn’t make it out. Probably the most powerful cars out on track at Japfest were the drift cars.

Just as I was taking pictures of the Forge motorsports RX-7, a distinct 6 cylinder sound caught my ears, when I turned round it was this super clean wide body supra.

It looked like it had the same wide bodykit that was on the golden Top Secret Toyota Supra GT-300 car, just smoothed out and less lary, aside from how stunning the top secret supra looked, its main unique factor was the engine swap..the famous big power 2jz gte engine was swapped for a 3sgte 4 pot engine out of a celica GT-4, it also put out just over 700bhp’s!Top Secret GT300 SupraGT300 Supra

The next car that caught our attention was this immaculate DC2 integra, absolutely perfect, no other word for it. It was sat on the road perfectly on a seriously nice set of BBS meshed  dished wheels. When done correctly like this integra, it really shows how wheels can transform a car

Its definitely a bit “vdubs inspired”..but I mean, look at it!

A car I feel should get more coverage than it does is a kit car based on the Subaru running gear, with so many scoobies about, its nice to see something unique thats based on that fantastic chassis and engine. The company responsible for this creation is Adrenaline Motorsports with their Subaru Murtaya kit car.

With this car you basically get a Subaru, get rid of everything apart from engine and chassis and put this body and interior on top, because its such a radical transformation, the car seems completely different after, the only real thing that will clue you in is the traditional Subaru rumble.

The amount of drift cars scattered round the paddock was unreal, before any of the drifting happened, we knew it was going to be impressive. There was alot of tuning companies and drift teams at various places round the paddock and stands, its become almost standard for every tuning company to have a time attack and drift car to hand with a serious emphasis on the drift due to sheer amount of people it attracts.200sx s13 see through bonnetnissan silvia s14a drift carnissan 300zx drift carnissan 200sx ps13 rb26blitz nissan skyine drift car

The super clean and “euro look” vdubs look is definitely trending at the moment, and Im definitely a fan. Its all about smoothing out the already standard appearance of cars, so getting rid of bumper strips, smoothing bumpers and getting rid of plastic vents, debadging,  arch rolling and slamming are a vital part of it.

It’s one of those things where little differences all add up to make a big difference, this Nissan cube and the dc2 integra earlier capture this.euro look mx5Nissan Cube Euro look

Since having my old Volvo, I’ve developed quite a “thing” for old cars, not sure why, but I’m really liking the retro look at the moment so pretty much every corolla, golf or old car I see catches my attention. I  think it’s the unique factor aswell, everyone seems to have a lot of respect for people who keep old motors on the roads, or they have memories of when their parents, or they owned that car at some point in there life. Its normally fond memories and good stories, so I’ve got a lot of love for this corolla and the owner! (: (girl with pink hair!)old skool corolla

I quite liked this silver drifty trueno ae86 with a cable tied back bumper,  for some reason I kept thinking of a patchwork teddybear, this car has definitely been used!

Hachi RokuToyota corolla trueno ae86

final part coming shortly ;)…

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