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Japfest 2012- The Utlimate Jap Car Festival at Castlecombe Circuit

Theres also this very unique Datsun 280z, its got a very unique style to it and has never been changes, I’m fairly confident I’ve seen it every year I’ve gone to Japfest. It was definitely showing its age a bit with the odd rust spot bubbling up, but judging by the overall condition of the car, the owner really looks after it..if not, this is a random plea if you see this page, sort that rust out!, its a stunning car!datsun japfest

Normally Graphics on cars don’t really grab my attention, they pretty much always look good, but when every other car out on track has graphics and sponsors all over it, they become a much of a muchness, but occasionally some really do catch my attention, just because they are genuinely good pieces of art. I loved the ones on the back of this r34 GT-t drift car. The whole car just looked “right”kyouto drift

Dragon performance always stand out with their pink cars but it was the crazy negative camber on the front wheels that really got my attention. I thought, fairplay for when the car was on the stands, it looks awesome, but then it was the same when it was out on track!dragon performance pink rx8Dragon Performance RX-8

Sticking with mazda’s, I stumbled across something else that was a bit unique and i expected to see more of, this was an original sa22c first gen RX-7. It was completely immaculate and spotless for a car thats well over 25 years old now!sa22c mazda rx7 savannasa22 rx-7

Another good find was a couple of Datsun Sunny’s I thought these were corollas at first, the rear taillights are very similarOld Skool Datsun Sunny

Engine swaps were all over the shop when it came to civics! There was quite an array of b18 and k20 swaps all round the civic stands.ek civic turbok20 civicCivic coupe engine swap

With one of the civic coupe’s we had no idea what was going on with the bumbper on a roof rack, rusted body panels, and neon colours in odd places, this was definitely “rat-look”. Couldn’t decide if i liked it or not though, you?

honda civic coupe rat-lookrat look civic coupe

There was a few 86’s  about at different stands and these ones were very tidy. one of them was a blue N2 and this one with pink wheels and pink blower horn, quite a charming .Toyota Corolla Trueno ae86 N2toyota trueno ae86 overfenderstrueno ae86 overfenders

Ever seen a Nissan 200sx PS13 on pepperpots??nissan silvia ps13 pepperpotsnissan 200sx s13

You have now! This was definitely a different look to the usual drifty, slammed 200sx’s about.

A Lexus GS300 isn’t something most people would normally associate with performance and the modified seen, but they are very popular in Japan and sell under the title of Toyota Aristo over there. Some of these are seriously quick since they use the supra engines. There’s also a v8 version of this car which is over looked alot here. But this green one with the gold wheels looked like something you’d see cruising the wangan round Tokyo!JDM Lexus GS

Theres definitely more and more NSX’s each year I’ve noticed, this year was no exception, considering how rare they are to see about, seeing this many in one place is quite a site to take in. I personally think owners tend to “shelter” these cars to much, yet they are probabally one of the most reliable performance cars ever created! They need to be used!Honda NSXHonda NSX ClubHonda NSX cars

I was really liking tuning developments stands, they don’t seem to have many cars, but the cars they did show were stunning.. they were incredibly fast out on track too. I like the quite understated look and branding. They come across as a very serious performance brand.Tuning developments 3sgteTuning develooments s14a

Anyone fancy a 600bhp Toyota aristo? This ones for sale at the moment. It looked amazing, big power, big engine, nice wheels and body, all the original interior and lexus luxuries were left untouched as well. This is an awful lot of car for £10k..I bet very little can keep up with it.Toyota AristoToyota aristo for saleSomething else grabbing everyones attention was the state of the tyres after the drift sessions. Ive shredded a few tyres, but not quite to this extreme. It gives you an idea of how brutal and stressful the sport can be on the car.drift tyres

This red ps13 had to be one of, if not, the best sounding drift cars at Japfest, i think it had an rb26 going on under the bonnet, was sounding very similar to the Japspeed Impreza, but you could hear the inline six sound a bit better with plenty of screamer and turbo sound to top it off. Lush.

The question now is, how can Japfest get any bigger or better than this year? Weather was perfect, cars were brilliant, track action was top rung, drifting was awesome. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it was the same again next year. My advice to you though would be grab a lift with someone on one of the club stands in the track ;) you save alot of waiting and a lot of queuing that way. The queues  getting in and out were ridiculous, but thats the price to pay for an awesome event such as this!


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