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Volvo 340dl 1.8 16v Engine Swap Resources

Pretty much since I first owned my Volvo 340 1.4, This engine swap has constantly been on my mind, so as I’ve entertained the idea, I researched and read about it extensively. I’m About To Provide you with all the information you need to swap your 1.4 Volvo 340 to a Clio Valver/ Williams engine. Alternatively If you already Have a 1.7, everything is pretty much in place.

How do I know its pretty much everything you need? I’ve used it all, extensively especially Jon-Ovlov’s Guide

Another great thing about this engine swap is the fact it’s become so common now, pretty much every problem you will encounter has been sorted. The support and problem advice on the Volvo 300 mania forums is priceless, it’s a fantastic community to be part of aswell.

I feel that along with my shared experience here (especially all the little things that turned out to be a pain!) and Jon’s Guide, you will have everything you need information wise to do it, Don’t Forget My Library of Images Aswell

If you have a 360 GLT 2.0 you can fit a turbo engine from one of the 740 or 240 volvo for big powers.  All the information for this swap can be found on the Volvo 300 mania forums, but its not as straight forward and the 360 GLT’s are so rare now.

If that is your thing though, apparently, on the later/ end of line Volvo 2.3 turbo engines the bottom end was forged, basically meaning its good for 500bhp+ and why it’s not a problem if one of these engines is a high miler. They are incredibly well built, and strong.

Here’s all the stuff I used then:

Adam/ 340GLT Conversion Parts All the custom parts on my car are made by Adam/340GLT, the reversed inlet manifold, the wiring loom and the fuel pump. Its worth paying to get parts off of him because he can help you as soon as you have any problems. Whats great about buying his custom loom aswell is everything is in place for the engines positioning in Volvo..Almost as if it was a factory car! I wen down recently and he completely rewired my car and got it running perfectly. Massive thanks, I actually love the car to bits now, its perfect.

Jon-Ovlov’s How To Guide – I printed this out in it’s entirety, It’s extensive, packed with huge pictures and lots of information, this was my constant go to through out the build.

Volvo 340 F7p F7r Conversion Parts– If you have a 1.4 Volvo and are doing it from scratch this is everything you need here, be sure to look through the “navigation menu” on the left, I didn’t realise theres was several pages for a while, this was a great help.

Speed Sensor– you’ll probably encounter this problem straight away after you finish your build, basically the engine idles really high after you give it the beans, and its due to a simple cable that goes on the back of the clocks

Volvo 300 mania Forums– Always Go here straight away if you have any problems, be it for a standard Volvo or an engine-swapped Volvo, The search function is a bit rubbish, but its worth delving through the posts to find your specific problem

Volvo 300 Mania Facebook Page This is just as good if not better than the forums, since everyone is on facebook all the time, you tend to get a quicker response. The BDC Volvo 300 Guys are farely active on here aswell, so you can get great expert advice sometimes, and its free :)

Speedy88’s F7r Build thread This is another personal build thread of a volvo 360 Saloon getting the F7r Treatment. Theres lots more to read through here than johns guide, since this thread is more a complete story of one persons ownership of the car and converting from a 1.7 to a williams. Great Pictures, Great Info.

  1. Volvo 340dl F7p Renault Clio 1.8 16v Engine Swap/Replacement Part 1
  2. Volvo 340DL 1.8 16v Valver Engine Swap Part Two
  3. Volvo 340 1.8 16v F7p Engine Swap, Taking the Engine Out Part Three
  4. Volvo 340DL 1.8 16v F7p Part Four, Prepping the New F7p To Go In!
  5. Volvo 340 Valver F7p Part Five 1.7 Bellhousing and Clutch Assembly
  6. Volvo 340dl Engine Swap Part Six, Getting the Clio 1.8 16v F7p Engine Back In
  7. Volvo 340 Valver Clio 1.8 16v Engine Swap Final Part, Getting it Running
  8. Volvo 340dl 1.8 16v Engine Swap Resources


My Car

Volvo 340 1.8 16V f7P Valver First Drive Pictures and Wash

Volvo 340DL 1.8 16v Retro Drift Car Build Pictures


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