May 10

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Volvo 340GL F7r Williams Spec – Want to build one yourself?

So you like the car, and you fancy one for yourself? Well here’s your shopping list.. It all starts with buying a Volvo 340 or 360..

Driftmoto Volvo

Be sure to read through my Volvo 340 build here on my website. Now the guide I used to build mine was written by Jon.. This feature I’ve just done is on Jon’s car, so he knows a thing or two about building these, be sure to check it out along with the other resources I used here.

  • Standard brakes F&R
  • Coilover fronts (adjustable damping and camber/caster)
  • standard leaf spring rear (adjustable dampers)
  • Wheels – 13×8 ET neg 10 weller steels
  • tyres – 185/60 fronts, 175/70 rears (cheap, whatever is cheapest)
  • clio williams engine – ported and polished head, tubular wrapped exhaust manifold, maganecor HT leads
  • welded diff
  • stripped interior
  • sparco bucket seats
  • TRS harnesses and tow strap
  • benen rear tow hook (to piss off the JDM bummers)
  • hydraulic hand brake
  • fire extinguisher
  • cut off switches/fan controls
  • strobe lights

how to remove volvo 360 propshaftwilliams one

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  3. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Page
  4. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Photoshoot, all the pics good and bad!


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