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One Of Motorings Best Kept Secrets.. The BMW 325TI M Sport Compact Fastback

This Car is currently for sale:

Contact Byron (owner) on: 07557512809               Email: byron.stevens@hotmail.co.uk

if you can’t get a hold of Byron, You can always get in touch with me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Chris (me) : 07769177358               Email: chris_hibberd@btopenworld.com

Generally when you buy a BMW 325, you’d buy a normal coupe or four door version, which makes this one all the bit more special and rare. This is a BMW compact with the full bread and butter, lovely, sumptuous  325 straight six powering the rear wheels.

325ti sport

Straightaway it has several performance advantages over the normal one. It has a shorter wheel base which means snappier and much better handling, and its lighter than a normal 325 coupe or four door..  due to there being much less metal in general to lug around! Couple this with the full Sport package which includes revised, lowered sportier suspension, a subtle bodykit and nice wheels, and you have the ultimate 2 door coupe/hatchback/GT car.

It really is the complete package! This whole small and light thing really pays off, aswell, it’s very sharp off the lights and loves the high side of 70mph. The engine is incredibly torquey and pulls very strongly all the way through the gears and revs. It’s a very consistent acceleration aswell, it’ll surprise you initially, but will comfort you over time, knowing that nothing untoward will happen the more you ask of it.

It’s also accompanied by a gloriously smooth exhaust note that only comes from a straight/inline six. You get a slight rasp as it builds past 3k forming in to a meaty, but purposeful straight 6 purr, right through to the redline. People who really know there car engines could debate over this forever, but for me personally, a straight six sounds better than a v6. A V6 seems a more lazy engine in comparison, whereas straight sixes seem more revvy and willing.

used bmw 3 series

So it has power and performance.. most important bits covered! But this level of quality is carried over to the interior aswell. There’s few places as nice or as comfortable to sit, especially if your on a long journey. The seats have to be some of the most comfortable I’ve sat in. They have great lumbar support and they are ever so slightly bucketed. They tend to hold you in nice and snug. Every part of them is adjustable. Pretty much everyone and every body type would find a perfectly comfortable setting.

bmw 325 ti compact6 cd changer

Up there on the feature list is cruise control, a 6 CD changer and climate control ensuring you get out at the end of every journey feeling like you only just left your previous destination!

bmw 325ti sport,

This car is definitely an essential business tool or toy for those people that like reliability, power, performance and comfort in one car. It’s just as at home on the B-roads and A-roads as it is comfortable on the motorways.

bmw 325ti sport compact sale

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