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Swindon Street Cruise Wroughton Car Meet

The Swindon Street Cruise Car meet at Swindon Karting in Wroughton.. What a great day it turned out to be! and what a great turnout of cars! Several clubs from the local area turned up and at one point the whole area was filled, right round to the back of the hangar. So quite a result! Be sure to check out the gallery below and find everyone elses cars :)

Swindon Clio Valvers.. and Volvo Valver

It was almost accidental my going, I didn’t go out Saturday night, and I came across some chatter on facebook about it, done a quick status update and found out a few people were going! That turned out to be a pretty good idea. There was a huge meeting of cars at the local football club, then they convoyed up to Wroughton. From this initial site of a great collection of cars, word had clearly got around!

Swindon street Cruise Car Meet

Since it officially started at 2 we got there for about 12:30 so had priority on spaces, and managed to get our cars on the entrance, which was great. It’s always nice to see lots of people checking out your car and discussing things (hopefully good stuff!)

First thing on the cards, have a little wonder round and see whats about. It’s surprising to see whats here! Swindon is quite a big town but the social circles are all very familiar and 1 or 2 people you know in one group of friends, usually knows someone you know, especially the car culture here. This is where you see the cars as an identity since people usually know of the car but not the person behind it. So it was a good opportunity to put faces to cars and meet new people.Wroughton Airfield Car meet

It was also great to catch up with people you don’t normally see, especially with it being a family event, I ran in to quite a few good friends I hadn’t seen for a while!

The atmosphere was very welcoming and open, everyone sharing a common interest and laughs, the weather couldn’t of been better either. It was hot and sunny all day.Ford Fiesta ST

Some of the highlights of the day for me then.

My friend Kyle Homes of Black Nova Designs had his Golf on display next to the DJ sets.. He also happened to be DJ-ing!

Mk IV VW Golf

I loved the airbrushed leaf look on this 200sx aswell, after speaking to the owner, it was very easily achieved aswell. He literally got a collection of ferns and leaves from his back garden and randomly placed them on the car then rattle canned over them. Very simple and effective.Nissan 200sx S13Nissan 200sx S13 Custom Paint

I’m loving the white turboed Honda Civic on the BBS wheels aswell. I always see it motoring around It sits on the road really nicely and always looks super clean.Honda Civic b18 turboHonda Civic turbo ek9Honda Civic EJ9 Turbo

Another Honda grabbing my attention is this DC5 Integra. It looks like something competeing in the TimeAttack series with the aggressive body kit and huge wing! I imagine it’s a dream out on track.Acura Integra DC5 Type RHonda Integra DC5 Track Car

Hows a Peugeot 205 Cabriolet? This looks like a serious sleeper. If the bonnet wasn’t open then only thing suggesting what lies beneath would be the fat semi slicks sitting on the wheels. I bet he’s surprised more than a few people at the lights!peugeot 205 gti cabriolet

These Vauxhall Astra turbos seem to be popping up everywhere recently! They are beginning to get that thing of whats under the bonnet of that astra sat next to you at the lights, Like the old Cosworths, you  never really know how quick they are going to be! I like the standard look a lot of them have maintained. I also saw a vectra with the VXR turbo treatment. It looked  standard apart from the engine bay!Vauxhall Astra Coupe TurboVauxhall astra hatchback turboVauxhall Vectra Turbo

Speaking of Cosworth, that brings me nicely on to this Cossie! A Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, This was a beautiful example of the car aswell. The pictures do the talking, There was also another Escort Cosworth aswell. They were the only two Cosworth’s there, This gives one an idea of how rare they are now.Ford Sierra Cosworth rs500Ford Sierra Cosworth YB turbo EngineFord Sierra Cosworth

There was one car in particular that I hoped would be my first car! The Volvo 340’s are rare, but these are even more rare. It would of been a great first car as I believe it’s a 2.0l turbo with rwd and a lsd.. standard. But crucially it was insurable at 18, Every other 2.0l turbo rwd car is a pipe dream at that age. The Car I’m talking about is the Mitsubishi starion.. One day ownership will be on the cards!Mitsubishi Starion turboStarion turbo

One more Civic! This appears to be a genuine JDM Mugen Civic Type R, but it’s hard to tell. The problem is there’s nothing visually anyway that realy sets it apart from the standard civic type R apart from the badge and rear wing! Afficianados, feel  free to correct me on my details of this particular carChampionship White Honda CivicMugen Civic type R

The last firm favourite of my day was anything with throttle bodies! This is especially common among the 106 GTI owners.. They sound brilliant though, there was a 205 GTI on dellorto carbs aswell which sounded pretty epic!106 GTI on throttle bodies205 gti dolereto  carbs

Fantastic way to spend a sunny Sunday, Roll on the next meet!, be sure to check out the gallery page below where all the pictures of the day are.

Swindon Street Cruise Wroughton F1 Car Meeting Gallery



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