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Rust Box Mini Club in Swindon

Welcome ladies and gents to the Rust Box Mini Club.. I’ll give you two guesses as to the cars this group focuses on.. Still guessing? Well tough, The pictures will give you an idea!

This is a relatively new club, founded by a group of serious mini enthusiasts in Swindon. This club is a bit different to most as it arranges more activities and gatherings that involve driving more than most clubs. Let’s be honest, that’s what these cars are all about as well, it’s how they built their reputation as giant killers along with those classic looks. It’s impossible to go wrong with a mini really!

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They organise as many meets and get togethers as possible, with the ultimate aim to get to events across the country each year. As the group grows, they’ll be looking to do some tours and drives out to events overseas in Europe.

One of my personal  favourite elements of the club is the “fish and chips” run where they pick a point at the coast or find somewhere nice and get together for a nice drive out.. to get some fish and chips!  And just maybe make a day out of it aswell.

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Everyone has an appreciation for the old minis one way or another, or they have stories and memories surrounding them from some point in their lifetime. They have a similar vain to the VW Beetles in that respect. Everyone knows someone who owns/has owned one at some point in their life.

The mini was a first car for a lot of people that are parents today, or one they aspired to own. It’s also a car that has infinite value to many people aswell. True enthusiasts, of which there are many, don’t have a price on their idea of a perfect mini, this is exactly why the culture is still alive and kicking today.

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While physically the new mini’s are considerably bigger, they still have the spirit and underlying values of the original minis. Even though they are missing a bit of the british pluck and charm, being german built and engineered isn’t a bad thing, they more than make up for it in performance and handling! This club welcomes those with open arms aswell.

So get on the bandwagon now, and head on over to their page on facebook. It’s a very welcoming group with a great people who are all up for a laugh and getting out to make this club as great as it can possibly be.

Official Facebook Page, Get Involved!: Rust Box Mini Club

For more extensive details, or further information on the clubs’  availability for shows etc, Contact Gary Millin on: gary.millin@hotmail.com

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