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Nissan 200sx S13 Drift Car

The Nissan 200sx S13 seems to of become a timeless car now! Thanks in huge part to the drift and modified scene, before drift culture became big, it was popular as a modders car anyway.. but then it kind of got forgotten about since most of them had been crashed or rusted away.

Nissan 180sx s13

They may have been cheap to buy aswell, but to maintain and get parts for could end up costing an arm and a leg! Another thing that put them out of the limelight was insurance premiums.. I know, I tried to buy one as my first car, almost passed out at my first quote! It was something like £4600.. yea jog on!

However, I’m older and more mature now and that’s exactly what seems to of happened to these s13’s. Since drifting has came to the mass media in the uk, it’s been the car everyone’s after or has owned at some point in there “drifting career” some people have moved on, others have built them in to something special and unique, but a lot of people, me included really fancy them as a fast road, fun car to mess around with and experiment time to time with some drifting.

S13 And S14a Rota Wheels

Even standard, it’s a lot of car for the money, it’s a GT car from the factory with a sporting edge, comfortable seats, comfortable interior, air conditioning, ample power from the CA18DET for those motorway jaunts and a brilliant chassis for some B road fun.


I absolutely love the seating position and power delivery in these cars, your nice and low to the floor with a slight decline in the seats to accommodate the turbo coming on boost, you have fantastic vision all around from where your sat aswell. It’s also really nice to see the big long bonnet in front of you and the pop-up headlights.. something a bit different to the norm to remind you your in no normal 2 seater coupe.

Nissan 200sx s13 interior drift car

It’s not a high car standard so imagine what it’s like when your sitting in this one! It has to be one of the lowest S13’s I’ve seen and been in, you really feel like your hoovering across the ground in this car! Being so low gives that illusion of speed aswell..when your not really going fast!

Despite how low it is, it’s actually not at all uncomfortable, yes you feel the bumps and road but it doesn’t ever shock you. In comparison, my car is quite high, but my shocks are a lot stiffer so sometimes a small bump can almost wound you! This is the difference between a basic suspension setup and quality Coilovers. This car is running on D2 coilovers on all four corners and they’re fully adjustable. You can get pretty much any “stance” or look your after with these, while maintaining a respectable quality of ride.

Nissan s13 180sx pre facelift

Combine this low look with a nice set of ROTA RBX 17” wheels with added DISH and your on to a winner! This is topped off by a nod to Japans JDM culture with the “sleepy eyes” headlights half open, this has become a strong JDM characteristic over the last few years, and its still spreading the globe now.

The sleepy eyes add to that super low profile the owners’ after here, the matt black paintwork also gives it a presence. Low, stealthy and purposeful, At the rear it’s wearing a bomex wangan rear tailgate wing, adding to the road munching look of the car, This car is a tool.

Nissan s13 Rota RBX wheels

On the subject of the rear of the car is the answer to the drifty goodness it provides. The whole rear subframe is Polybushed, accompanied by a welded diff. This keeps everything strong, solid and sideways. The last thing you’d need to worry about is anything breaking in the heat of the moment.

The engine has had enough work to make it slightly more efficient than the standard block with a Stage 2 ECU and some improved breathing modifications. The stage 2 ECU basically fuels more on boost and retards ignition slightly making the car a bit leaner and richer.

s13 and s14a 200sx

To take advantage of this, this car has a slightly bigger turbo from a s14 200sx, a more powerful, walbro 255 fuel pump along with a bigger intercooler, aluminium radiator and a decent air filter. This is all topped off by a full 3” straight through Japspeed system from the turbo back, no excuse for anything to get caught up in the engine! And it sounds fantastic.

This is a pretty sorted S13.

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