Oct 18

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Nissan S bodies.. And a Cheeky AE86 Levin!

As evenings go this turned out to be a pretty good one! It’s not easy to organise getting a few cars together for a photo shoot. Especially the ones I’ve got here, a very rare sil-80, a little Toyota Corolla Levin AE86, a drift ready S13 and a fully caged drift ready s14a, this is going to be good!

Being the person actually doing the photos, it’s only fair I get there first! I admit, I have turned up late to my own shoots before! Definitely not cool. In my anticipation I thought I’d grab a few shots of my Ovlov, see how the lighting is and how the pictures will come out on the camera, and get in to the mood of things.

Volvo 340 drift carVolvo 340dl

The lads I arranged the shoot with promised me a surprise guest as well. I was expecting another 200sx or more likely a skyline, since they hinted at it being something similar, imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the little AE86!

JDM Garage AE86

With autumn on the horizon and some slightly dodgy weather the weekend before, it was a massive relief for it to be a nice evening as we bowled out to our first location.

What a sight and sound it was all of us going in convoy through the middle of town! All of these cars turn heads on their own as it is, so you put them all together and echoing through the streets, it’s quite something!

swindon car clubs

You have the bassy undertones, accompanied by the distinct bark of the turbo’s coming on boost from the SR20’s and CA18 motors in the background. This bassy rumble is then disrupted by the piercing sound of the throttle bodies from the 86. It is pure engine noise coming out of that car, and what a sound it is, and then there’s the deep growl/ induction noise from my Valver Volvo. It was quite an experience for sure, if only everyone on the road had cars like these!

It was my little slice of heaven.

ae86 Levin and 200sx's

As we got to the first place, we very quickly realised the 86 and S13 were far too low to get in to the parking lot.. So back to the drawing board and a bit more driving! But who cares, that was the best group of cars in Swindon that day. As we got to the second place some of the light was fading.

But we managed to get all the cars arranged rather neatly and cracked on with some photos, I plan to be doing a small piece on each of these cars over the coming week or so, so stay sharp!

Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin

The Corolla Levin Ae86 definitely stood out amongst the S-bodies due to it’s lary purple paint and classic boxy lines, it’s almost a silhouette of the drift world! But I also felt the Sil-eighty next to it complimented it perfectly. For those of you that are fans of the Hot touge and old Japanese drift videos, these are about as JDM as you get. I think the square plates are a subtle hint towards their origin as well.

Sil eighty 180sx s13

Next to those is the matt black S13, this looks like something straight off of the stance nation pages. It sits super low on the road on a set of nice 17″x9j et -13 Rota RBX wheels, to top it off theres a good bit of dish and camber. With the slightly rough bodywork and the odd drift scar here and there.

Rota RBX Nissan 200sx s13

This car makes no excuses about what it is. You only need to glance at it to know it’s a drift weapon. With that aggressive stance and nice wheels, it definitely has a presence as well, there’s few things as nice as sitting in a super low, loud turbo powered rear-wheel drive car, It reminds me of the cars you see on the “Socal” drift scene. As the name suggests, it’s the Californian drift scene. Take a few minutes to pop over to youtube and see what it’s about, nice wheels, clean lines, good stance with a very purposeful appearance.

car clubs uk

And Finally we have the purple/black s14a.. the first thing that caught my attention about this car was the sound. It’s very, very loud! Courtesy of a Team Japspeed shotgun exhaust system, it actually bellows its heart out, especially on boost! It also encourages a fair bit of flame spitting action! The next thing that struck me, quite literally was the cage in this.
Nissan s14 silvia 200sx

When I first got in it, I didn’t see it! And bent my leg, it was dark, and the interior is dark.. and the roll cage is black.. anyone could of made the same mistake. This car has been built to a very high standard with very “choice” modifications, it’s built well above it’s means with durability and strength in mind, ideal for a spot of sideways fun!

Nissan S14a Rota GTR

I’m doing a little piece on each one of these cars over the next week or so, so stay tuned!


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