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Nissan 200sx S14a Silvia Drift Car

The s14 and s14a were quite a big step forward from the S13, and the third car in this range from Nissan. A lot of people didn’t realise that before the PS13 (onevia) i.e. the one with the block front lights, see Sil-Eighty Post and the s13 with the Flip lights there was an S12 silvia which also had the CA18DET engine.

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The S14 was essentially the second stage. The biggest change was the engine. This was now a 2.0l turbo instead of a 1.8 turbo in earlier models, while the engine design is similar the materials used are very different. The CA18DET is a Iron block, whereas the SR20DET is an Alloy block. Not only is it a bigger displacement and capable of handling more power standard than the CA18DET, parts are more readily available too. It’s also similar in weight.

Thats’s pretty impressive when you think it’s a bigger engine and it can handle a good bit of boost before stuff breaks. About 300bhp in a CA18 is near or past breaking point, Thats just a map and some subtle bolt on mods for a SR20. The one we have here is around 300bhp.

Nissan S14a Rota GTR

The other big difference is the appearance, it’s very different in physical design to the s13, it’s a much rounder more modern shape. While the suspension and chassis parts have similarities, they differ enough that you can’t use s13 parts on a s14 and vice versa without some mild fabrication.

The car were looking at here is another one with some very choice mods for durability and drifting in mind. It’s got a slightly bigger GT2871r Turbo and a K and N air filter and Japspeed straight through shotgun exhaust to help get that air in and out of the engine.

silvia s14a

Speaking of the exhaust, thats the key characteristic of this particular s14a, the sound. It’s obnoxiously, unashamedly loud! Even idling drowns out most other cars. I can’t here mine at all parked next to this one.

It really bellows it’s bowls out, doesn’t sound raspy or tinny. It just shouts at you! Even 3 or 4 car lengths in front you can hear it come on boost, it’s almost like the vtec crossover on Honda’s, you know when the Garret GT28 turbo is on boost.S bodies

It also has a lightened flywheel and paddle clutch to help free up the engine a bit more and get that extra power down to the ground.200sx s14a SR20DET

It’s when you get inside this car things start to feel different and a bit more serious, it has a full apex rollcage that goes round by the doors aswell. When you sit in it you feel very safe secure and like you’re in the cockpit of a race car with the cage going down the sides and the A pillar in front of you.

This is further enhanced by Cobeuro bucket seats and Willans Harness’s. It’s surprising how these things can really change the character and feeling of the car. The only thing stopping it from being full on competition spec on the interior is the door cards and dash.

s14a 200sx interior rollcage

Keeping these things keeps the car civil and a pleasant place to be. This is a GT sports car first and foremost, so it would be a shame to get rid of what makes it a nice place to be.

This is all topped off nicely with a set of bright white Rota Grid GTR Wheels on each side of the car. These have become very popular on the performance and drift scene in recent years, on a clean low slung, or “suitably stanced” car, it’s easy to see why!

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Nissan s14a Team Japspeed Shotgun

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  1. Joey Brown

    Good point regarding the change in engines — I didn’t think of the fact that switching the engines would provide you with a lot more available parts. Very smart to keep in mind! Sounds like a solid ride — other than the super noisy exhaust. That would be a no-no for me.

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