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Nissan 200sx Silvia SilEighty Sil-80 JDM

These Sil-eighties something a bit special due to there being a bit of a back story to them, Back in the early nineties when a lot of the early drifters and touge runners were drifting these 180sx’s around the mountain passes and at events, they invariably crashed a lot. At the time the 180sx’s with the pop up head lights were still a relatively new and expensive car to get body parts for.

200sx silvia onevia front endIt was a lot cheaper and easier to source a PS13 front end and fit that instead. As more and more people were doing it, it fast became a choice modification to do as the scene seemed to adopt and grow rather fond of it, it wasn’t unheard of for people to do it for the sake of it.

Even Nissan noticed the popularity, so they thought they’d respond by giving 500 s13’s with the pop up headlight to a small modification company at the time called “kids heart”. And they did the complete conversion and a few other things to generally improve the car like suspension, better LSD and upping the boost a bit on the engine for a touch more power.

180sx sileighty

This established the cars in history and helped in the early days to bring “kids heart” to the limelight. Today they are a very successful, and highly regarded tuning company in Japan and across the world and they still use S13’s for drift cars in the D1gp today.

They were recently featured in the Driftworks: Outsiders DVD aswell, there’s a video below.



The one you’re  looking at here, is built to an incredibly high standard with just about everything you’ll ever need for a weekends’fun on the track or on the back roads.

PS13 silvia Sileighty 180sx

Starting with the engine, it has most of the usual breathing mods to make it that bit more efficient, and a slightly bigger GT2871R Turbo than the standard SR20DET, but with the standard exhaust manifold instead of an aftermarket one, the standard manifold, while not the best for airflow has a better reputation for being stronger than most aftermarket parts. It also has a bigger Apexi Intercooler and airfilter to improve the airflow through to the turbo.

SR20det Nissan 180sx

But where this car really comes into its own though is in the chassis department, it’s almost a Driftworks Special! Featuring Driftworks HSD Coilovers, Driftworks Tension Rods and Driftworks front adjustable lower arms. It also has Tien Tie Rods and Ends as well as Apexi Rear Camber arms. To keep it all together it has a front and rear Cusco strut brace.

In case you missed it that means just about every aspect of the chassis is fully adjustable to get pretty much any kind of ride conceivable.kouki 200sx

HSD Coilovers are generally regarded to be amongst the best in the industry, they are used  by enthusiasts and professional competitors alike for casual and competitive use.

The Tien Tie Rods have a massive advantage over the standard parts as well, due to them generally being better engineered than standard parts, the adjustment allows for extra toe in and toe out on the wheels which with some fine tuning can give the car extra lock and make it more predictable when it’s sideways, this car definitely has plenty of lock!

JDM 180sx rear lightsNissan ps13 sil 80 180sx

Combine the tie rods with the Driftworks tension rods and you have a pretty complete steering package short of modifying the hubs for more lock, this car has more lock than you’ll ever need.

These S bodies can be rather snappy as well, so all of these mods can completely change the characteristics of the car.

Nissan Silvia 180sx sil eighty

When it comes to how this thing looks, the most distinguishable features are probably the PS13 Silvia front end and the 180sx rear.. hence the name, “Sileighty” but this has had a few extra things to give a lightly more aggressive stance and look than the standard car.. it all adds up to a rather handsome package!

Nissan silvia sil-eighty

The most notable thing straightaway is the wheels. They are Work Meister’s finest set of S1 wheels, with slightly more dish and tire wall on the back, giving it an aggressive look. The front’s are 9j with good dish as well. So these big dishy wheels with 50mm overfenders really give it a wide look on the road. Just standing parked up it looks magnificent as well.Sil80

This car is close to the perfect all rounder were all after, it polishes up a treat for shows and those times when you want a presentable, gorgeous car. But it also has the performance to match the looks for those times when you just want a bit of fun!

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