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Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin, Formerly JDM Garage’s Hachi Roku

So it turns out, this was not the first time I’ve seen this little ae86! I thought something seemed very familiar about it when it arrived. Since I first saw it, it’s undergone several changes and owners, it’s also been photographed and gone around the internet a few times now aswell!.. a few more times can’t help! Just look at it!

Toyota Corolla ae86 Levin drift car

My first exposure to this car was way back when my friend had his Bee*R B324r skyline in 2008-2009, At the time JDM Garage owned it, I believe it was their drift/ demo car before they completed their blue B324r. When it was their drift car, it was yellow with lots of graphics all over it. It looked very reminiscent of UP Garage’s D1gp cars now. Before that it was imported from Japan. I don’t remember if it was a D1gp car or a D1 street legal car, however it’s origins were drift related.

Before they sold it, they did some light restoration on it changing the colour to white and sorting out some of the rough edges and uprating a few things. The car was pretty sorted overall.

JDM Garage Toyota Corolla Levin AE86

Next time I saw it was out drifting round Castlecombe, putting on a hell of a display! It was severely underpowered compared to the rest of the drift cars which were all competition ones, so it was playing catch up all the time, resulting in a lot of spins and full 360’s!

JDM Garage AE86I’m not sure what happened between then and now, but the next time I heard about it was when it caught fire! And it had been painted again, a metallic purple colour! Obviously being a popular car in the scene, word spread round fast. Fortunately the owner loved it enough to get it all back together!

It caught fire due to a short in the electrical system, so let that be a lesson to anyone currently experiencing electrical gremlins with their car!JDM Garage AE86 Drift Car

And this is the most current update on the car here

toyota corolla ae86 and silvia 200sx s13

The day we were getting the photos of the car it wasn’t mapped properly, so it was running slightly rich, it was quite cool to sit behind it and watch the odd flame come out the exhaust.. accompanied by a loud bang and pop!

It was amazing to see the amount of people double taking as it passed. Whether you’re in to cars or not it’s hard to ignore a metallic purple, loud ae86 with gold  wheels passing by.

Corolla AE86 and s14aTo add to that, the little hachi-roku sits on the road very purposefully. There’s no crazy camber on the wheels or massive amounts of low, but it hugs the road nicely. If you look closely you can see that the rear tyres have a slightly larger tyre wall and the rear wheels have a slightly deeper dish compared to the front aswell. It’s these subtle touches that make the big picture. A lot of people wouldn’t notice until you point them out, it just looks “right”

hachi roku twin cam

If the looks and heritage don’t move you.. well that would be shocking in the first place! But it’s the sound this makes that just tops it off nicely for me, being throttle bodied, it’s basically air straight in to the engine, no resistance, no filter for it to go through. Short of turning an engine inside out, it’s the quickest and best way for lots of air to get in to the engine, more air means a bigger bang! A bigger bang means more sound and power, you can hear this process. Thats what I love about it.

4AGE Independant Throttle Bodies

I have a forced induction kit on my car so I get a bigger bang and sound than just a filter, but the air still has to travel to get to the cylinders! Throttle bodies cut that out.

4age ITB

Topped off with a tubular manifold and straight through exhaust system, this 4age is about as efficient as an engine can get! Being a 1.6 twin cam aswell, it’s super revvy and responsive. This one has also had uprated Toda Camshafts. Basically these have bigger lobes which keep the valves open for a bit longer than normal Cams, again, more air, more power, a bigger bang.

toyota corolla ae86 and silvia 200sx s13

To get this power down to the ground, it goes through a lightened flywheel to a paddle clutch which then flys down the prop to a TRD 2 way differential. Paddle clutches have more bite on the flywheel than standard and fast road clutches, the flywheel is turned by the power the engine produces at the crankshaft. So any slip or power loss to the wheels usually occurs here. Hence why old and slipping clutches aren’t a good thing! That basically means less power going through the prop. If there’s less power going through the prop, then when it gets to the differential which drives the wheels.. it’s very noticeable!

toyota gt apex levingt86 and s13 silvia

A 2 way helps this process by distributing the power through the wheels evenly, a normal or open differential allows one wheel to spin more than the other wheel, another area to lose power! Suddenly your 2 wheel drive car can become a one wheel if more power is going through one wheel than the other.

corolla levin ae86 and sileighty 200sx

As you can see this car is all about efficiency and the better each individual part, even by the smallest degree, the better the overall package! That’s what this little 86 is. An awesome, super efficient all rounder! It may lack the power of bigger cars, but it’ll more than make up for it in the corners.. and it goes sideways.. really well!

Ae86 levin and s13 200sx

It’s definitely the whole package.

What a wonderful evening, wonderful day and wonderful collection of cars we got together, click the links below to see the other cars,  and all the pictures from the day that I couldn’t fit in these posts.

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