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JDM JZX100 Toyota Chaser Tourer V Drift, Track and Road Car

So most of you have probably seen this around Swindon, most of you know what it is, but when you’re out driving round town and meeting new people and strangers, it’s amazing how few people know what it really is. The conversation usually starts, “I love it, it looks stunning…” closely followed by “what is it??” somehow this never gets boring! It’s also nice to see that people who aren’t really interested in cars have a healthy appreciation of it.toyota chaser drift What we’re Looking at here is a JZX100 Toyota Chaser Tourer V, this is Japan’s/Toyota’s answer to the European equivalent of a BMW 5 series, it was also marketed as a alternative to the 4 door Skylines from Nissan, In its standard most basic form, the chances are it won’t catch your attention, it’ s just another family sedan. toyota chaser review toyota chaser jzx100 That said, when you’re getting to the 1JZ-GTE version of the car that we have here, it’s got a bit more pedigree and starts to share parts with the Supra. Most notably, the engine.  In the Supra’s and Soarer’s, this engine comes with a twin turbo setup. In the Toyota Chaser this is a single larger turbo configuration, so it has more power from standard than the twin turbo ones. It also produces more torque, but this is higher up the rev range. The engine really is a lovely thing in this car, it’s smooth and efficient in its power delivery and while there is still a noticeable turbo lag it’s not so much that it suddenly snaps your neck or makes for sketchy driving. It’s a very steady pull and a gradual increase in power right the way to the limiter, compared to a four cylinder turbo engine around this BHP mark (200sx’s come to mind!.. see the owner’s previous Sil-80 here..) it is a much more refined and useable power band. Without a doubt the extra 2 cylinders and the larger displacement make the engine what it is. toyota chaser engine Toyota Chaser It’s also consistent in its acceleration, at no point does it feel like it’s tailing off, the higher up the gears you go, the turbo is there to keep on pulling you through. It’s not likely to surprise you, but it will impress you. The gearing is definitely accustomed to motorway cruising the gears are long and wide and aimed at taking advantage of the low end torque this engine has to offer, this made it a “lazier” revving engine as well. When the current owner first acquired this car, the clutch was on its way out anyway so he opted for a lightened flywheel to accompany the uprated clutch. The uprated clutch is rated for around the 700BHP mark, so assuming this car is between 350-400bhp, a clutch that bites and a lightened flywheel have made the whole engine much livelier and much more “revvy” making this closer to the performance GT car it is and taking it away from a motorway cruiser. toyota chaser partstoyota chaser jzx110 Crucially this also means clutch kicks for the foreseeable future without the concern of breaking anything.. Nice. This brings us nicely to what has made this car an icon in the Japanese car scene. These are most famous for going sideways really well and really fast with tons of smoking pouring off the rear wheels and the rev limiter being smashed with a turbo on song. They absolutely epitomise what drifting is all about, Lots of noise, lots of show, lots of smoke and a degree of elegance and grace that’s bought about by the sheer size and weight of the things.

toyota chaser trd

Making sure there’s still some tyre there!

The size of it is definitely surprising when you see it in person, while it’s closer in looks and design to a  5 series , it has the wheel base of a 7 series to give you an idea of size. While it’s big, this has had no impact on the looks as you can see very clearly in the photos. It is beautifully designed car and everything is very well proportioned and balanced. It’s a very handsome looking thing indeed. With shiny metallic gloss black paint, chrome details and classy wheels. It certainly has a lot of grace and presence wherever it goes. It fits in at car shows and car meets, but it also wouldn’t look out of place rolling up outside a 5 star hotel, it’s got a whiff of VIP about it. Where it really comes into it’s own is cruising the city streets late evenings. It also has a very deep and sweet inline six note coming from the exhaust that brings the looks to life. It’s loud, authoritive and assertive but never enough to be intrusive or obnoxious. It produces a very harmonic bass note lowdown between 1500 to around 3k revs which seems very agreeable indeed. toyota chaser avante toyota chaser coupe Talking of drifting, we actually took this to Santa Pod Drift What Ya Brung which I’ll be covering later on. There will be some nice video footage to accompany this, so you’ll get a chance to see and hear this beauty in action. The mindset to this day was let’s see how well built and durable this thing really is and while we weren’t surprised, it made it through the day without any problems at all.JZX100 drifting While other cars were cutting their sessions short to have run off laps and cool downs we stayed on track for as much time as we could. It was a very hot day indeed. I know this because it’s taken me over a week to recover from my sunburn that day! The temperature gauge did not move or did not falter from the middle. I was expecting it to go ¾ at least but this never happened, it’s not uncommon to come away from drift days with new squeaks and rattles as a result of the day’s abuse.  On this occasion, there was nothing to be foundtoyota chaser tourer v for sale The worst thing that happened to it was a bit of the passenger inside door trim came off from where we were holding on for dear life while out in this thing! What a magnificent car. Stay tuned for more coverage over the coming weeks.

If you enjoyed this be sure to check out the owners previous Nissan 180sx Sil-80 and check out the previous Drift What Ya Brung event. It’s surprising to see how similar it is to when I first went there a few years ago now.

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toyota chaser tourer vtoyota chaser weight

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