Nov 28

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DC5 Honda Integra Type R

This was my friends car that I helped him to sell a while back. This really was an excellent very capable car that lives up to its handling reputation. The k20 engine sounded fantastic and pulled hard aswell.

The problem was, it seemed almost to capable for the road so it was hard to enjoy it to the fullest on the B roads. The this was most at home on a big open track like Silverstone or Snetterton.

sam_1608 sam_1609 sam_1610 sam_1611 sam_1612 sam_1613 sam_1614 sam_1615 sam_1616 sam_1617 sam_1618 sam_1619 sam_1620 sam_1621 sam_1622 sam_1623 sam_1624 sam_1625 sam_1626 sam_1627 sam_1628 sam_1629 sam_1630 sam_1631 sam_1632 sam_1633 sam_1634 sam_1635 sam_1636 sam_1637 sam_1638 sam_1639 sam_1640 sam_1641 sam_1642 sam_1643 sam_1644 sam_1646 sam_1647 sam_1648 sam_1649

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