Oct 15

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My Factory Manual Toyota Soarer 1JZ GTE finally arriving in the UK!

This is the really exciting part! I was contacted by Japwest mods the week before my birthday to let me know the car is due any day now. By the time Japwest mods had finaly got their hands on it and unloaded it from the container, it was actually on my 25th Birthday! Talk about a quarter life crisis celebration, this was perfect! I got a lot more pictures and info through aswell, Happy birthday to me!

That said, it was sat in customs while the Tax and import duties were handled and cleared. During this process, I was advised it could cost more due to the weight of the car.. not something you want to hear last minute! This was quite alarming, fortunately it managed to slip in just under on the scales. That was a relief.Manual Toyota Soarer

At this point I could’ve picked it up from the port myself, assuming I had trade plates and was a trader/insured, or arranged a transporter to go and pick it up. Upon discussing further with Japwest Mods, they said they’d get in contact with one of the companies they use a lot themselves. This turned out to be the best option cost wise after getting prices from several other transporters. It took a couple of days longer for the car to get here, but this just added to the anticipation/excitement of it all!

The evening the car arrived at my house was a massive “Wow“/ pinch me moment! Soarer’s are BIG.. very long car indeed, the front and rear just keep going on! That said, it’s an incredibly sleek, beautiful thing to look at. Hard to believe this was a mid 90’s car, Even harder to believe it was mine!

Toyota Soarer Exhaust System

It definitely bought my neighbours out, a lot of them weren’t sure what it was! They’d never heard of a Soarer. It was nice to get the appreciation from “non car“ people though, I think that’s quite a testament to what a great looking car this is.

The car was now stowed away in the garage so I could begine the DVLA process of getting the car registered… This was a very slow/painful process but if you can put the time in yourself, I’d highly recommend it.

A lot of import companies will charge extra for this paperwork side of it, most I’ve seen is £200! It’s only about a half hours work.. That said Mine wasn’t that easy as there’s a lot of mixed information around whether this is a Toyota or Lexus.. more on that in the next post.

1JZGTE Twin Turbo Non VVTI

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