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The Importation Process of my 1JZ Toyota Soarer

It is possible to buy a car privately in a very similar way to what you would do here by seeing a car and contacting the seller. But the language barrier is a big problem, you also have the problem of time zones and not being able to see the car in person. If you do buy privately that way, you will need to arrange international payment through your bank, transportation to the doc and whatever process is necessary to de-register the car in Japan (more costs and communication that could get complicated)
Toyota Soarer Import If you manage to get that far, you’ll then have to wait for it to get here, pay the HMRC a wad of import duties and tax, then either transport the car home or arrange to get it driven home on trade plates.

I won’t elaborate much more, since I don’t know the intricacies of the business side, especially in Japan, Thats just what I’ve gleaned from other people’s experience and what I’ve heard about during the importation process of mine.

Toyota Soarer Digital DashAlternatively you can go through your preferred importation company who handles all of that and can give you a relatively flat rate price for the task.

I went through a company called Japwest Mods who handled everything for me.

The owner had a man on the ground in Japan who would find the cars and check them out. My requirements were quite specific, and they delivered on what I wanted.

I requested a completely stock car or a lightly modified car, gave them my budget and that’s how it all began, they then start searching for cars within your budget and specification.

Toyota Soarer Leather Interior

If you find something you like, you pay the deposit, they check it out in japan and if it meets your expectations a deal is made. The car is then driven to the port, de registered in Japan and loaded on to a ship to the UK.

This is where you sit back and hold tight for 3-4 months while you await the arrival of your fresh JDM import!

If this wait alone puts you off, then stop thinking of importing now. Personally this wasn’t for me, but then trying to find a manual 1jz Soarer in the UK is hard to do. In the time it took for this to arrive, I was only aware of 3 or 4 other ones for sale. They were all converted and not factory manual. Personally, I would rather it was put in place by Toyota themselves than some people you don’t know. Gave me that peace of mind.

This reassured me I made the right decision.

Next I’ll cover what happens once it arrives in UK.

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