Oct 15

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The Quest to Get My First Japanese Turbo Charged Car..

So, it was inevitable I’d end up here eventually, Its not hard to tell, I suppose, looking at some of the previous features of friends cars on my website! I’m a sucker for anything Jap, with a turbo. After going out in my friends JZX100 and experiencing the 1JZ GTE engine in that. I wanted a slice of this action.

Its a bit strange that after many years of coveting the RB skyline engines, I’ve ended up flipping at the last minute to the 1J. I think the thing is, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a few Skylines, but not really Toyota’s equivalent, also insurance was a big factor. Even at 25 with 5 years no claims, the Skyline and 200sx family is still significantly pricier to insure than the Toyota family of straight six turbo engines.

I’ve also done my fair bit of research on both and the general consensus seems to be the more in Favour of the 1JZ GTE motor over its immediately and relatively available equivalent, the RB25.

This is where we then break it down to personal opinions and preferences. I think the 1JZ GTE sounds better than the RB25 in its standard twin turbo form (what we have here) and I think the range of cars the 1JZ is in is much better and readily available than Nissan’s equivalents (in the uk at least anyway)

As you can see here, I’ve gone for a Toyota Soarer. Again, I think for the money, it is a nicer looking car from the outside, and its most definitely a nicer place to sit on the inside. This is an incredibly comfortable GT car, whereas the Skyline is more towards the performance end of the scale, that said, My Soarer you see here has a few nice things to keep it with the competition ;)

Its all light mods but just the right stuff, I wanted a close to standard car as possible so if any work needed to be done, I’d know who’s done and how its been done, Its also nice to know a car hasn’t been completely gutted, botched or messed with in any major way. Thats why I had to jump on this one when it came up.. only problem was, it was in Japan!

Quick list of the mods then:

Toyota Soarer 1JZ GTE Factory R154 Manual

  • Crazy JDM MIniDisc Player
  • Tanabe Medallion exhaust system
  • AVS model 7 18 inches alloys
  • TRD 2 Way LSD, 4.1 Ratio
  • Big Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
  • HKS Mushroom Air Filter
  • Origin Streamline Bodykit
  • Fancy Bigger Brakes of some sort, possibly Supra RZ
  • TIEN Drift Spec coilovers
  • Cusco strut braces
  • HID Headlights
  • Uprated Clutch
    Toyota Soarer 1jz GTE Twin Turbo
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