Oct 15

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Why Import a Toyota Soarer from Japan Over Buying Domestically

The most immediate reason is choice and availability, There’s also potential to save a lot of money. This also opens the door to Japan only models such as the Soarer we have here. If you type “Toyota Soarer” or “Nissan Skyline” into a Japanese used car website/auction site, The world is your oyster with the breadth and depth of cars available, especially when it comes to modified cars. Type the same thing into Gumtree or ebay UK… well yea, choice is limited or non existent!

As some of you may be aware, this car was also sold to American markets as a Lexus SC300 and SC430. The engine options were a 2JZ-GE non-turbo straight 6 (SC300) and a 1UZ-FE V8 (SC430)
Whilst both engines are unquestionably decent,refined powerplants, they don’t quite get the pulse racing and adrenaline going like the 1JZ GTE Twin Turbo engine thats in my one. This particular spec and engine choice was not sold outside of Japan either.

The other benefit from buying from Japan is the ability to get a cleaner bodyshell. Whether this is true or not I’m not 100% sure, but they don’t salt the roads in Japan so cars don’t rust and rot as quickly as they do here.

This was confirmed once I got my car up on the ramp. This Toyota Soarer is from 1995, so over 20 years old. There isn’t a hint of rust anywhere, not even on the sills or jacking points, or up in the arches. This shell is clean. Cars that are even 2-5 years old in the UK show signs of rust, especially around the arches where a lot of the salt and road dirt build up takes place.

Some of my friends who have also imported cars from Japan, even 80’s AE86’s are finding the same thing aswell. Despite Japans seemingly lairy climate at times, cars seem to stay cleaner for longer.

Coming back to the money side of things it is a great way to save money and a way to get round the “JDM Scene Tax” that you are undoubtedly aware of, but this is also where things can come apart aswell. While I initially saved money by paying the price for the Car landed and nothing else.

My general expenses with regards to getting the car legal/ MOT etc has bought it back to the similar price of buying one already imported to the UK, is it worth it? To me and my very specific expectations. Yes. To other people, maybe not. Hopefully the next few Articles of writing will help you decide on this, Next we’ll talk about the process involved, this will cover finding the car in Japan to the point where I was driving it in the UK.

JDM Toyota Soarer

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