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About Cars And Cool Stuff

In a nutshell this site is about my passion and interest which is cars…as I imagine you’ve gathered from whipping round the site!

My main area of interest is Japanese Performance Cars, high performance and track built cars. Although these come in to the category of modified cars, I’m slightly loathed to use that term since it has a slight stigma related to saxo’s with big wings and generally boy- racer hatchbacks. While I can appreciate the fact some of these cars can be very tastefully modified, it doesn’t really appeal to me.

Naturally my interest in japanese performance cars has led me to find out more about the JDM culture, and it’s a fascinating place, with many incredible cars and things such as drifting, time attack, gymkhana and the like going on. What really interests me though is the slightly off kilter activities…you know what I mean? ;)

Things such as running the wangan motorway routes round tokyo and the mountain drifting, or “touge” running as it’s more commonly referred to.  Since Japan is such a mountainous region, some of the roads it has spawned are beyond most drivers dreams. Even if your not really in to cars, you’d look at the roads and think i’d like to drive that…The funny thing is, just starting with cars, it’s helped me to appreciate the japanese culture and way of life more.

From a very distant third person perspective, they seem to be such polite and pleasant people, you notice this especially in the drifting area, because crashes and accidents happen quite often, they always seem to be able to apologise and laugh it off..and then they carry on!

I intend to cover other areas aswell, especially technology software and games, because all these areas intrigue me deeply aswell- for example my psp is running a custom firmware and my sony erricson X1 is actually running HTC mobile device software…This gives you an idea of how geeky I can be! :p through doing these things I’ve learnt alot about software, operating systems and hacking to a degree, I hope to be able to share this with you in the future.

So whats the ultimate aim to this website you may wonder? Well the plan is to help me get more engrossed in the japanese car culture in the UK and the south, south west where I live, and generally enjoy my passion and interest which is the cars and technology. I’m also looking to meet new people and work with like-minded individuals on things.

I’m a very friendly, welcoming and open-minded person, so drop me a line on here and join me on facebook, twitter or youtube :)

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