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Welcome to the clubs page where I’m covering a lot of the local car clubs here in Swindon. This will be a good place to get an insight into car culture in the south west as most of them stretch out to the surrounding areas.

One thing you will soon find out is the diversity of the car culture here. You have everything from fully modified, to modern classics, some Americana, plenty of cool retro stuff, classics and many Dubs of all types and styles. If you look hard enough there’s a dedicated following and friendly community surrounding pretty much every manufacturer and type of car here.

If you fancy getting your club a mention, drop me a line at with your club name and where your based


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Rust Box Mini Club

Rust Box Mini Club is a relatively new club in Swindon looking to go places, Even though it’s in it’s infancy, it’s a very active, helpful fun group of friends looking to get more people involved with lots of meets and events always being arranged. Full feature coming shortly Rust Box Mini Club Facebook Page …

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