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BMW 325TI M Sport Compact

This Car is currently for sale:

Contact Byron (owner) on: 07557512809               Email: byron.stevens@hotmail.co.uk

if you can’t get a hold of Byron, You can always get in touch with me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Chris (me) : 07769177358               Email: chris_hibberd@btopenworld.com


Here’s one of motoring’s little kept secrets, champagne motoring for beer money really is the case here! It’s not until you get in to this car and experience it you really know whats going on. This is a proper 2 door coupe GT car with all the kit and engine from it’s bigger BMW brothers, in a hatchback essentially. The modern equivalent would probably be a 1 series, it would cost almost twice as much as this to find a second hand one specced to the same level as this 325.

Because not many people know about these compacts with this spec and engine, they are extremely rare now, but even when they were new, not many people went for a top spec like this because it cost about the same as a normal mid-spec coupe or four door 3 series.

Go ahead and click the picture Below to read my little feature/review on this car, It WILL BE coming up for sale very shortly:

Bmw m  tech


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