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Mizzle “iDrift” Nissan 200sx Drift Car S13 SR20DET Project

See All The Pictures From The Start To The Finish And Everything Inbetween: Nissan 200sx s13 SR20det Conversion Drift Car

As alot of you reading this now are well aware Nissan’s 200sx S13 is getting increasingly rare by the day with a lot of owners struggling to keep them on the road due to rust issues, lack of general maintenance and cash flow. Another large portion of them have been written off, the rest are being turned into fully blown track and drift cars..Which also end up getting crashed.

nissan 200sx auto

Previous Owner

s13 nissan 200sx drift car

at her new home!

But thanks to the huge popularity among the modified and performance car culture, after market and uprated parts are never far away and it’s quite easy, with the right money to fully restore one to original condition with generally better parts..or turn it into an absolute beast like this one we have here.

I know myself now after owning and enjoying my Volvo 340 for the past couple of years, it’s amazing how it can affect your mood and put you through many highs and lows, when its on and off the road. It also gets to a point where you have to make a decision. Are you going to go all out and take it to the next level and get things sorted or are you going to keep spending money just to keep it on the road, because at this point in time, the money you spend, you generally won’t get back. This is the question that im sure many of you have had as well, do I get out now while the goings ok or do I keep going?

200sx rear picture

nissan 200sx day 2 spoiler and aerial removal

nissan 200sx apex gen2 coilovers

Apex Gen2 Coilovers Fitted

I remember discussing this with my friend mizzle many times over a few pints up the pub, primarily because he wanted more power, reliability and a manual gearbox. Does he sell the car while it’s still good and go up to a newer s14 or s15 silvia, or does he take it off the road and take it to the next level.

Fate had other plans, not long after these conversations the famous “CA bottom end rattle” started to make its self known, this was really the tipping point. Shortly after, the whole engine went when he was out one evening. Fortunately the old girl managed to get him home and there the car sat for a very long period of time beginning to look a bit sorry.

Ca18det nissan 200sx turbo engine

2 Broken CA18's

Before it went off the road this car was in good shape, no rust on the arches, and the underside was still pretty tip top. It was bought originally as a doner car due to its good all round condition and cleanliness for his previous, white S13 200SX which wasn’t so healthy. The plan was to transfer parts from this new doner car to the old s13.

But after some consideration, the fact it was auto was not really an issue, as Mizzle already had all the parts from the original one to convert this orange 200 into a manual…He just never got round to it.

s13 front end

ready for the street!

So we contemplated breaking and selling it for parts. But the car had too many decent and recently new parts on it already, most notably the suspension and chassis parts, it was also all set up and aligned how he wanted it. So he ditched the old white s13 Nissan 200sx and took what he could from that as spares and focused this orange S13.

But when the 200 ended up off the road, it was a very hard and frustrating time since the car was exactly where Mizz wanted it looks wise, it didn’t help walking past it every morning and coming home every evening to see it sat there on the drive, looking ready to take out!

nissan 200sx drifting

Pre Japfest 2011 Clean!

Not long after this dilemma set in, a complete engine and running gear from this Nissan 200sx PS13 became available, It had all the right bits, a Black top SR20DET in the middle, a HKS GT3040 turbo on the side and a Cusco 2-way Differential at the back.

Nissan 200sx caged

Bristol cruise 2011

A piston ring had failed but the actual engine itself had less than 20,000 miles on it, along with the rest of the components, so it’s worth the money to rebuild it…and this is where our journey begins!

black top sr20det

New Set-Up In Previous Car

how to removing CA18det

Removing CA18 + Auto Box

Sr20det Engine Rebuild

Picked Up All Bits For Rebuild

After dismantling the engine, it  was recently sent off to South Cerny Engineering where the bores of the cylinders were redone to fit the 1mm oversized pistons that are going in. While it was there, everything was chemically cleaned and machine polished, finally the cylinder head was skimmed and the rest sent off to be balanced.

Sr20 det on engine stand

Sr20 det on engine stand

Forged SR20DET

The very heart of the engine

Theres nothing quite like making the most of downtime, so while the engine has been away the 200 was off to the spray shop. The new colour along with the wide arches give the car a totally different appearance and feeling. It’s definitely very different to the lary orange and black scheme that once adorned the car, it almost gives it a whole new persona, its more serious.


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