Jul 15

BMW 325ti Sport Compact for Sale *NOW SOLD*

This car is now sold! :) it was a lovely machine, my lifts to pickup beer from the local Tesco’s definitely aren’t as classy now :( I wish the new owner many a smile a mile in it!

Still feel free to read more into this motor though, full spec here, and a small feature here:

BMW 325ti Feature

Following on from my little feature on The BMW 325ti, this car is now officially for sale, its a fantastic car and engine combination, whats not to like about a 2.5l straight six powering a small body and a RWD layout.

bmw m bodykit

It has just over 75k miles on the clock, doesn’t burn any oil or water, 6 months Tax, 11 months MOT and a full BMW Service History, was serviced recently at the start of this year, being a “ti” this is the highest spec you can get, with all the toys and gadgets, including a compartment in the boot for your suit or good clothes for that party by the coast or your business meeting in the city!

bmw used for sale

There’s no faults, gremlins or warning lights to report, Everything works as it should when it should. Just what you need, typical BMW standards of quality, it also has the full suite of executive toys!

Spec List:

  • Full Beige Leather Interior
  • All Electric Windows
  • Cruise Control
  • Climate Control
  • 6 CD Changer
  • Leather Bound “m” Steering Wheel
  • BMW  Sport Body Kit
  • BMW “M” alloy wheels
  • ABS, Traction and Electronic Stability Control
  • Reverse Parking Sensors
  • Remote Central Locking
  • Alarm And Immobiliser
  • Suit Carrier
  • Spare Wheel and First Aid Kit

325ti sport

There is probably a few things I missed here, But any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch, The asking price is £2500 ONO

Contact Byron (owner) on: 07557512809               Email: byron.stevens0690@gmail.com

if you can’t get a hold of Byron, You can always get in touch with me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Chris (me) : 07769177358               Email: chris_hibberd@btopenworld.com


  1. BMW 325ti Sport Compact
  2. BMW 325ti Sport Feature
  3. BMW 325ti Sport For Sale

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Jul 11

Retro Show At Santa Pod Raceway 2013 Show Report

Retro Show at Santa pod Raceway.. What a day! Made Even better by the fact I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it with all the recent troubles I had with my car!

I probably wouldn’t of gone had I not got on the Volvo 300 Mania Stand, this was a blessing in disguise in many ways. It gave me that extra bit of motivation to get things done on my car which was exactly what I needed since I’ve lost a lot of interest recently.5 series turboBest Show and Shine Car Retro Show

That said it wasn’t all smooth sailing on the way down! Had to pull over shortly after I set off due to one of the injectors pissing out fuel! The cabin was just suddenly engulfed in the smell of petrol! I’ve recently had a lot of problems with seating the injectors properly and getting them to seal. But fortunately all it needed was a tighten up of one of the nuts. Problem solved!

Volvo 300 mania stand retro show

Yes. I came prepared. Welcome to life of someone with a unreliable car! Expecting every eventuality, I had my socket set, a bag full of spare nuts and bolts, a fresh 5L bottle of Oil, and 4L worth of water in milk cans.. Pretty much had everything covered. My gorgeous travelling companion was blissfully unaware of all this… good job! Because her phone was how we got home! And I think she would of bailed if she knew! YOU DO NOW!

Fortunately the weather was  good and the roads were empty, but this minor/serious  problem didn’t  stop  us from having a great drive down! Unsure of my sat nav’s accuracy, it was very reassuring to see the odd classic and modified car on the route down aswell.

Volvo 300 mania

The route from Swindon to santapod, couldn’t possibly have any more roundabouts! But we ended up on the tail of a lovely original 80’s 911 wide arch turbo. So I decided to follow him for a while through all the tricky bits.. since he seemed to be going the same way! Turned out to be a great idea! And it was a great sight aswell.volvo 360

When we finally got there, it was all action from the outset, the run what ya brung down the strip was well under way and the practicing for the Retro Drift Challenge was on the go aswell. It was brilliant to be able to park on the stand in the middle of it all.Ford Escort Mk1

There was a great turnout of Volvo 300’s aswell, these cars have been getting rarer by the day, so to see so many in one place was quite a surprise. Despite the lack of cars and parts about, the enthusiasm is still as strong as ever. This will hopefully be what keeps the scene alive.

It was a long 2 hour drive down, so first thing I needed to do was stretch my legs! So coffee and drag strip was the best idea. There was 2 big turbo civics that sounded immense, and they were running between 8-10 sec quarter miles all day, these were the benchmark really for road cars on the day.Porsche 944 S2 (2)

There was also a fantastic little YB Cosworth powered black mini shocking everyone and making a scene, It absolutely flew off the line! It looked like it wanted to move quicker than the car was physically able to. It didn’t really standout as heavily modified either, until you looked under the bonnet.Mini Cosworth PoweredCosworth Powered YB Mini

The other big surprise of the day, personally for me was this little fiat panda 126, it looks so standard!  it just went.. and kept on going and going and going. My initial thought was it had something like an impreza engine in it, it wasn’t till we got up close, you could see what lies beneath. It’s a Toyota turbo power plant of some description, most likely a 3S-GTE I would of thought due to the midship layout, out of an MR2 or formerly the Celica GT-Four.fiat panda 126Fiat 126 turbo

A lot of cars had crate motor V8’s as well, probably due to this being the most cost effective way to get decent and reliable power straight away. These were another source of fastest times of the day, but these were more purpose built vehicles with only a few of them being road legal, There was a couple of old skool dragsters out on track from the earlier days of the sport aswell. They sounded magnificent. Much louder than today’s modern V8 drag cars. They were a lot more visceral and raw. Modern V8’s sound smooth and not quite as lairy in comparison.old skool V8 Hot Rods

The Show and Shine area was the place to go though. This was the ideal arena to experience the variety of cars on show and see some really unusual creations. It’s a great insight into how unique everyone’s’  tastes are. It’s probably one of the few places where the most powerful, expensive or competitive car isn’t necessarily the winner.

Chevrolet Belair CoupeFiat 126Ford Escort RS200 Van

As usual one of the biggest crowd draws was the fireforce jet car though. It’s been over 4 years since I saw it last, it’s still as impressive a spectacle as ever! The sound, sight, smoke and everything is exhilarating. You can almost feel the tension and expectation in the air as it readys for the off. There was basically a cloud of smoke on the start line from where the driver was messing with the afterburner, it was spectacular. It’s first run was about 5 or 6 seconds at 277mph! As quick as it started it was gone. Later on in the day we were at the top end of the track so you could see it when it was actually doing nearly 300mph… it’s fast, like ridiculously fast! Its hard to imagine what 270+mph looks like till you really see it.FireForce Jet Car

The Retro drift challenge provided some excellent sights and sounds aswell with some stiff competition at all times. The route was pretty technical and challenging, but it could’ve done with a high speed entry point, however the tight nature of the track kept the competition between powerful cars and the not so powerful cars pretty even. It was great to see different cars to your usual range of S-bodies keeping it sideways. There was a couple of old escorts in there, My personal favourite was the SR20det Powered Volvo 360 saloon from Driftmoto, there was also my friends ford pop 100e, powered by a 2.0l pinto engine, this definitely looked like a good laugh. There was also a pretty awesome starlet which I think was Vtec powered.. correct me if I’m wrong but it sounded awesome on full throttle!Toyota Celica Supra

All in all it was a top day, great cars, great event,  great people, great weather, what more could you ask for on a day out!

For all the pictures from the day, head on over to the gallery here: Santa Pod Retro Show 2013 Pictures

Volvo 340 1.8 16v

End of the day :(


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Jul 11

One Of Motorings Best Kept Secrets.. The BMW 325TI M Sport Compact Fastback

This Car is currently for sale:

Contact Byron (owner) on: 07557512809               Email: byron.stevens@hotmail.co.uk

if you can’t get a hold of Byron, You can always get in touch with me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Chris (me) : 07769177358               Email: chris_hibberd@btopenworld.com

Generally when you buy a BMW 325, you’d buy a normal coupe or four door version, which makes this one all the bit more special and rare. This is a BMW compact with the full bread and butter, lovely, sumptuous  325 straight six powering the rear wheels.

325ti sport

Straightaway it has several performance advantages over the normal one. It has a shorter wheel base which means snappier and much better handling, and its lighter than a normal 325 coupe or four door..  due to there being much less metal in general to lug around! Couple this with the full Sport package which includes revised, lowered sportier suspension, a subtle bodykit and nice wheels, and you have the ultimate 2 door coupe/hatchback/GT car.

It really is the complete package! This whole small and light thing really pays off, aswell, it’s very sharp off the lights and loves the high side of 70mph. The engine is incredibly torquey and pulls very strongly all the way through the gears and revs. It’s a very consistent acceleration aswell, it’ll surprise you initially, but will comfort you over time, knowing that nothing untoward will happen the more you ask of it.

It’s also accompanied by a gloriously smooth exhaust note that only comes from a straight/inline six. You get a slight rasp as it builds past 3k forming in to a meaty, but purposeful straight 6 purr, right through to the redline. People who really know there car engines could debate over this forever, but for me personally, a straight six sounds better than a v6. A V6 seems a more lazy engine in comparison, whereas straight sixes seem more revvy and willing.

used bmw 3 series

So it has power and performance.. most important bits covered! But this level of quality is carried over to the interior aswell. There’s few places as nice or as comfortable to sit, especially if your on a long journey. The seats have to be some of the most comfortable I’ve sat in. They have great lumbar support and they are ever so slightly bucketed. They tend to hold you in nice and snug. Every part of them is adjustable. Pretty much everyone and every body type would find a perfectly comfortable setting.

bmw 325 ti compact6 cd changer

Up there on the feature list is cruise control, a 6 CD changer and climate control ensuring you get out at the end of every journey feeling like you only just left your previous destination!

bmw 325ti sport,

This car is definitely an essential business tool or toy for those people that like reliability, power, performance and comfort in one car. It’s just as at home on the B-roads and A-roads as it is comfortable on the motorways.

bmw 325ti sport compact sale

  1. BMW 325ti Sport Compact
  2. BMW 325ti Sport Feature
  3. BMW 325ti Sport For Sale


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May 10

Volvo 340GL F7r Williams Spec – Want to build one yourself?

So you like the car, and you fancy one for yourself? Well here’s your shopping list.. It all starts with buying a Volvo 340 or 360..

Driftmoto Volvo

Be sure to read through my Volvo 340 build here on my website. Now the guide I used to build mine was written by Jon.. This feature I’ve just done is on Jon’s car, so he knows a thing or two about building these, be sure to check it out along with the other resources I used here.

  • Standard brakes F&R
  • Coilover fronts (adjustable damping and camber/caster)
  • standard leaf spring rear (adjustable dampers)
  • Wheels – 13×8 ET neg 10 weller steels
  • tyres – 185/60 fronts, 175/70 rears (cheap, whatever is cheapest)
  • clio williams engine – ported and polished head, tubular wrapped exhaust manifold, maganecor HT leads
  • welded diff
  • stripped interior
  • sparco bucket seats
  • TRS harnesses and tow strap
  • benen rear tow hook (to piss off the JDM bummers)
  • hydraulic hand brake
  • fire extinguisher
  • cut off switches/fan controls
  • strobe lights

how to remove volvo 360 propshaftwilliams one

  1. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Feature
  2. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Spec
  3. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Page
  4. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Photoshoot, all the pics good and bad!


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May 09

Volvo 340 mk2 F7r 2.0l 16v Williams Drift Car

You may of noticed a strong Renault/Volvo Vibe going on, on my site recently! It’s mostly coincidental.. but lets be honest, the last two Renault things on my site have been pretty special, especially the little R5 GT Turbo! I miss seeing and hearing that thing already, Theres also been all the rebuild stuff surrounding my Volvo aswell..which is Renault powered! What I’m about to show you now is the ultimate expression of these F7 Renault Powered Volvo’s.

Volvo 340 f7r

The one I’m about to show you is a F7r powered one. This is the proper Clio Williams powered 2.0l 16v version of the car. Mine is a F7p which is a 1.8 16v. Both Engines are fundamentally the same, they share alot of components with each other but the Williams one has the stronger, bored out bottom end and a longer piston stroke. So the most noticeable characteristic straightaway is extra torque. This comes at the price of a lower rev limit though.classic volvo 340 parts

From a bit of research and reading around, it is possible to raise the rev limit of the F7r lumps with an ECU remap, but personally I wouldn’t bother with that. It could mess up other characteristics of these engines. Both seem to have a very linear, stable torque curve which makes putting your foot down incredibly predictable which once again makes it perfect for a RWD setup.

One of the best parts about this particular car is it’s looks. I mean look at it! Who would think that there’s a Williams lump under the bonnet, The amount of people it surprises are endless. I’m a huge fan of the Rat/Drift/Abused/Original look and this Volvo 340  pulls it off perfectly. It’s not just that, look at how it’s sat on the road aswell. It has a very purposeful presence about it, but it’s also very original at the same time.

clio f7r sump

This Volvo 340 is actually a 1984 Mk2 version, so you get the little things like the chrome trim around the windows and all the original badging on it. The thing that always gets me and will shock people as it passes though is the cheeky “340GL Automatic” badge on the back..Yea right! The front and rear headlights are slightly different to mine as well. (mines a 1989 mk3) the front headlights, while the same, have a small metal piece running below them which mine don’t, same with the grill, also the rear brake and reverse lights are all arranged vertically, my reverse light is a random block in the middle. The most notable visual cue though is the doorstrip running along the side of the car. My one is actually removed, thats because on these later mk3 ones it’s a big horrible black strip. Have a look at the “My car” page and you will see what I mean. It’s a nice little chrome adorned thing on these mk2’s. The front bumper is also on a quick release making it very easy to get to and work on the front of the car or preserve it for road use.

volvo 340 turbovolvo 2.0 16v

All these little touches, are finished off with a neat little boot spoiler and a detachable louvre on the rear window. The Louvre on the back and the general shape of the car remind me of the DMC Delorean..or the Back To The Future Car! I love the original AA badge on the front grill aswell. Thats another motoring bit of nostalgia to times long gone and driving before I was born, maybe because I wasn’t around then, I find a charming curiosity attached to the early days of driving! It’s hard to imagine that cars you can buy today could generate that same nostalgia in someone else 20 years or more from now!drift volvo 340f7r engine

Another big part of this cars looks is related to what’s going on with the chassis, it’s been lowered by about 3 inches all round, Gaz Shocks and lowering blocks on back and coilovers on front. Yes I did just say coilovers on front! The weird thing is it’s surprisingly easy to convert the front to coilovers! This means some ridiculous levels of camber can be achieved on the front to add to its performance on track and presence in the street. The Coilovers were made using rebuilt by GAZ Volvo 340 struts, and Nissan 200sx S13 top mounts which are mounted in re-drilled 340 turrets.

The strut brace you can see is Also a S13 part, albeit slightly modified to fit the Volvo Turrets, It’s been shortened ever so slightly due to them being closer together than a S13. The eventual plan is to convert the rear to Coilovers aswell, but this is much more technical and requires some serious fabrication work to be done.Renault Clio Williams

So we’ve established that the car looks great, not only that, it has a very capable chassis, and now to the centrepiece, the engine, and my god does it look good! This is the Renault Clio Williams 2.0l 16v F7r block chilling in the engine bay of a once humble Volvo 340GL Automatic.

The engine itself is more or less standard but it has had a lot done to it to make it much more efficient. This has proven to be very effective especially on visits to the old Drift What Ya Brung events. The owner was telling me how he’s spent all day sliding around, only to change the tyres, while everyone else has their cars up on axle stands fixing stuff!

The priority is to keep everything at sensible temperatures, especially when it comes to drifting since most of the time the car is sideways not getting good airflow through the radiator and it’s usually sat on the limiter aswell. So first things first, Theres some electronic cooling fans on switches in the car, so these can be on permanently.

The Next thing keeping things chilled is an oil cooler hidden just under the front bumper. Oil coolers work by keeping the oil at it’s optimum temperature. The hotter Oil gets the thinner it gets, it can also quite litteraly just burn away and vapourise, all of this is what causes engine wear and bottom end failure..( I’ve become a bit of an expert in this field since my bottom end failure!). It doesn’t help that these Clio F7 engines seem to have an oil burning reputation aswell! Little things like this prolong an engines life by quite a large margin!

how to remove volvo 340 propshaftA Similar approach has been adopted when it comes to the water cooling system aswell, this consists of silicone hoses and Aluminium tubing. This negates the concern of pipe corrosion or possible pressure leaks occurring, This all comes together in the cabin where theres digital oil pressure and temperature gauges along with your traditional temperature guage to keep an eye on things.classic car 343 volvo

The final few pieces to compliment this efficiency is the engine breathing. It starts at the top with a ported and polished cylinder head with a tubular exhaust manifold thats heat wrapped. This then goes to a custom straight through system making a load of noise out the back! It’s a similar on the intake front aswell. The only thing between the throttle body and intake manifold is a honeycomb air filter. So you’re getting maximum airflow in and out of the engine at all times.volvo 343

The end result is a stealthy fun unique and original drift weapon! As you can see a lot has been done indeed, theres still more to come aswell. The plan is to eventually convert the rear drums to break disc and put vented items on the front. This is something thats definitely essentially for a performance car of this nature.

There’s also plans to compliment that ported and polished head with a set of throttle bodies and vernier cams and pulleys. This will sound truly immense and be one hell of a lively car if this goes ahead..this will also return more power aswell, so the owner is currently working on fabricating a carbon fibre mazda rx-8 prop shaft for the job.volvo 360 weight

Another very effective part will be swapping out the wings and bonnet for fibreglass pieces. This will probably be one of the hardest parts, since theres never really been an aftermarket for these Volvo 340’s, and no “tuning” or “modification” scene for the car until recently.

This is shaping up then to be a truly unique one off that will stand out amongst a crowd of F7ed Volvo 340s …. see as theres barely any on the road. This has to be one of the best out there, so keep an eye out as it carries on evolving!

retro volvo

Be sure to check out all the shots from the day on the pages below, and don’t forget to look at mine for comparison

  1. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Feature
  2. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Spec
  3. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Page
  4. Volvo 340 2.0l 16v F7r Williams Valver Photoshoot, all the pics good and bad!


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Apr 20

Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Restoration Pictures

  1. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider Feature
  2. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider For Sale Page
  3. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Restoration Pictures
  4. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Completed Pictures
  5. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Sales Review


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Apr 18

Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider Pictures

  1. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider Feature
  2. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider For Sale Page
  3. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Restoration Pictures
  4. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Completed Pictures
  5. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Sales Review


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Apr 18

Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider For Sale *NOW SOLD*

Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider 1990 For Sale (99500 Miles)

Always leave a message or drop a text if you can’t get in touch, but obviously contact Pascal first, he can tell you everything you need to know about the car.

54 Raiders registered on the roads in the UK according to HowManyLeft.co.uk , HPI clear-very important, especially with the history and reputation of these little 5’s!

I have owned this for 6 years and spent a fortune on it but now the time has come to sell her, if I get the money I want I will put a fresh 12 months MOT on it.  This car has had no expense spared 1000’s have been spent on it, I have most of the receipts for it and you can see most of the restoration pictures here:

I’m looking for £4500 ONO




  • K-Tec Copper Rad with low temp fan switch
  • K-Tec Slash cut full stainless steel exhaust
  • K-Tec Air filter
  • Bailey Dump Value
  • Blue samco Boost pipes
  • New clutch, pedal and cable less than 1000 Miles ago (see Restoration pics)
  • New starter Motor (see Restoration pics)
  • New engine mounts
  • New Throttle cable
  • New choke cable
  • New spark plugs, HT leads, distributor cap and rotor arm
  • Oil and Oil Filter done less than 1000 Miles ago.

Other Miscellaneous things done:

  • 4 New wheel bearings
  • New outer door rubbers
  • New rear pass/driver’s window rubbers and rubber window blocks
  • New number plates and rear number plate lights
  • New aerial, New front window rubbers (Cut out for spray).
  • Clear Side repeaters and front indicators
  • Renault Clio Mk1 16V Turbine 15 inch Speed line Alloy wheels (Fully refurbed)
  • Full Leather seats.

I have some spairs to go with the car if I get the money I want, I also have the original Raider wheels with good tyres and a Group A carb from K-Tec Racing.

  1. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider Feature
  2. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider For Sale Page
  3. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Restoration Pictures
  4. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Completed Pictures
  5. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Sales Review


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Apr 18

Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider

I am very proud to have this beautiful Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider on my website. It’s a remarkable example of the car, you only need to glance over the pictures to see and realise that.. but I guarantee you’ll spend more than half an hour going over all the pictures I have here. Also be sure to check out the restoration page I’ve put together of this car.

It’s truly amazing how much attention this car gets everywhere you go, you get people young and old smiling, pointing and waving at you, there’s a genuine sense of appreciation surrounding this car. Some people even stop in their tracks to watch you drive by, you even get the odd thumbs up and smile from the police!..it probably reminds them of the days when every other night they were pulling one of these or a Cosworth over!

Old people love it because it’s a beautifully restored and tastefully modified classic car. Kids love it because of the colour, looks and sound it makes. To car enthusiasts like me and most likely you, we yearn to have it because its one of the best examples of a Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider out there. We know what these cars are all about, and girls love it because its “cute” and “quirky”. So much win.I’ve also been fortunate enough to drive it and it’s such a pleasure to drive. The best way to describe it is “nippy” and “responsive”. After driving my Volvo, you can really feel the weight and size of it sometimes, where as the Renault 5 is like a little shoe.

The 1.4 turbo is great aswell. It feels like the power of a 2.0l N/A engine, except it’s still small and light. It’s like instant response when you put your foot down, the clutch is nice and light and the brakes stop it on a penny. The car never understeers when powering out of a corner either, if anything it tucks in more, no body roll to talk about and insta-direction change. The steering wheel really is connected to the wheels, Saying its fun to drive is an understatement.As you probably know by now, a big part of cars for me is how it sounds. This ticks all the boxes. A throaty exhaust note, accompanied by a gradual turbo spool and an external wastegate. EVERY time you put your foot down, you get butterflies in your stomach. It’s that momentary excitement as the turbo spools and the sound builds, accompanied by a nice side plate of acceleration. It’s constantly accelerating when the turbo is spooling and on boost. The feeling is fantastic, who could’ve imagined a 1.4 could be so much fun?

It’s definitely loud and proud, but not at all annoying or intrusive if you’re just taking it easy. The leather seats are lovely and comfortable to sit in aswell, it’s not a GT car but you wouldn’t mind a long journey in it, thats for sure. This is where you start to see the advantage of the Ktec low temperature switch if you’re stuck in traffic. These cars developed a reputation for overheating. You don’t have to worry here. It’s spot on.

renault 5 gt turbo engine for sale

Alas, another opportunity to own a stunning car has passed me by, but whoever gets this will be over the moon, see all the pictures and pages below, and check out the for sale page to see the full spec.

  1. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider Feature
  2. Renault 5 Gt Turbo Raider For Sale Page
  3. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Restoration Pictures
  4. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Completed Pictures
  5. Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider Sales Review


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Apr 11

Jaguar S-type 3.0 V6 SE For Sale In Swindon *SOLD*

Jaguar S-Type 3.0L V6 SE For Sale *now sold*

This is my dad’s Jaguar S-type 3.0L SE V6 for sale. With Only 45k on the Clock, that’s just under 4k a year. It was used mostly to get around Swindon and for the odd family holiday. 3 owners (I’m The 3rd after my dad) reason being I was going to use this while my Volvo was off the road.. but subsequently found out insurance companies didn’t like me, so unfortunately I haven’t really had a chance to enjoy it.

The engine, body and running gear are spot on. It’s Impossible to fault the way this car drives. Its super smooth with effortless power making those long journeys and motorway drives a delight, it absorbs just about every bump and conceivable road surface and delivers a smooth ride to the people inside, but it’s also taught enough to provide an enjoyable driving experience in the twistys and back roads. It’s not a sports car or sporty ride by any means, but the feedback through the wheel is great, and the handling is very neutral.

There’s also a “S” or “sports” overdrive mode on the gearbox, this is brilliant. It holds on to the gears right through to the limiter and allows you to keep the revs high and stable coming out of a corner ready to plant it for the straight. It’s definitely not an annoying auto box.

It also features dual zone climate control and heated seats, along with cruise control that you can manipulate from buttons on the steering wheel. After driving my Volvo a short distance to Wales, my ankles were knackered with all the clutch control and nowhere to put that clutch foot and my right foot was spasming  from where I was keeping it at a constant angle on the accelerator for a couple of hours straight… After that this is where you can truly see the benefit of cruise control! This is a proper GT cruiser.

It’s also very economical on the motorway consistently bringing anywhere from 26-34 MPG on long journeys. It’s just as good round town, especially if you’re taking it easy. It also has full hands free mobile phone support as well and the CD player.

Good bits

Everything works as it should!  This red metallic colour has a glorious depth to it when fully cleaned and polished up as well. It looks remarkable. As I said all the mechanicals are spot on and all the electrics are perfect. You will love this car as soon as you get in and drive it.

Bad Bits

Some scrapes on the corners of the bumpers and..

NO ROAD TAX- that said, we can tax at buyer’s expense.  The car hasn’t really been used much over the last year or so since my dad is now retired, so it seemed an unnecessary expense to tax it again.

Full features

  • Full Beige Leather Interior- Excellent Condition, rear seats like new
  • Cruise Control
  • Heated Front And Rear Windscreens
  • Heated Wing Mirrors
  • Electric Folding Wing Mirrors
  • Electric Seats with memory function
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Headlamp Levelling
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Dynamic  Stability Control – Very good, you can feel this especially in the wet and snow
  • Security, Alarm And Immobiliser System
  • Traction Control
  • CD Player
  • Electric adjustable Steering Column
  • Hands Free Mobile Phone Support
  • Leather Steering Wheel

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