May 28

Japfest 2012 Show Report, Japanese Performance Car Festival

First things first..where to start! Theres already lots of great cars every direction I was looking but i thought it was better to head straight into the main paddock area since the crowds were already getting thick and fast, and it was also the direction they were all heading to.

First thing next to the club jap stand was all the mx-5’s, it’s interesting to see everyones individual takes and tastes on the cars. Compared to when I first went to Japfest the general theme of modifying cars has changed alot. Its gone from alot of showiness to more purposeful looking machinery. I much prefer this to how it was. Alot of the mx-5s weren’t really changed to much, but they were alot more “stanced” sporting some subtle but attractive wheels.

mazda mx 5 hardtop

mx5 turbo kit

I do quite like the idea of a turboed mx-5 and there was a few here! I can’t help but wonder why it has never been a part of the line-up from the factory. It’s definitely not a car that needs big power but it must be nice to have it there when the straights come up.

turbo kit for mx5

After the mx-5’s we spotted a pretty serious looking GTR. It was quite well hidden amongst a few other skylines on the Just Jap stand, it was definitely sporting a presence.

nissan gtr spec v

But the next thing that stood out was a long lineup of ek9 civics, All white and squeaky clean! They pretty much lit up the whole area! It was quite a battle with people to get a picture of them all in one place.ek9 civics

At the end of this line though was one with a perfectly done engine bay with a bright blue Japanese flag on the underside of the bonnet. This was quite a piece of art!honda Civic typre r ek9

When it comes to proper track cars, easily one of the best looking ones there was a forge motorsports/ team Japspeed time attack rx-7..Im not actually sure if it really was either of their cars, I’m just going by the sticker real estate. I’m pretty certain this is a time attack car. Sadly it would of been to loud to go out on Castlecombe.

forge motorsports rx7

It looked like it was sat on some well used rubber! I would of loved to of heard this machine.

Team Japspeed Mazda RX7

Unfortunately there was no real getting round this problem at Castlecombe so there was alot of really stunning cars that couldn’t make it out. Probably the most powerful cars out on track at Japfest were the drift cars.

Just as I was taking pictures of the Forge motorsports RX-7, a distinct 6 cylinder sound caught my ears, when I turned round it was this super clean wide body supra.

It looked like it had the same wide bodykit that was on the golden Top Secret Toyota Supra GT-300 car, just smoothed out and less lary, aside from how stunning the top secret supra looked, its main unique factor was the engine swap..the famous big power 2jz gte engine was swapped for a 3sgte 4 pot engine out of a celica GT-4, it also put out just over 700bhp’s!Top Secret GT300 SupraGT300 Supra

The next car that caught our attention was this immaculate DC2 integra, absolutely perfect, no other word for it. It was sat on the road perfectly on a seriously nice set of BBS meshed  dished wheels. When done correctly like this integra, it really shows how wheels can transform a car

Its definitely a bit “vdubs inspired”..but I mean, look at it!

A car I feel should get more coverage than it does is a kit car based on the Subaru running gear, with so many scoobies about, its nice to see something unique thats based on that fantastic chassis and engine. The company responsible for this creation is Adrenaline Motorsports with their Subaru Murtaya kit car.

With this car you basically get a Subaru, get rid of everything apart from engine and chassis and put this body and interior on top, because its such a radical transformation, the car seems completely different after, the only real thing that will clue you in is the traditional Subaru rumble.

The amount of drift cars scattered round the paddock was unreal, before any of the drifting happened, we knew it was going to be impressive. There was alot of tuning companies and drift teams at various places round the paddock and stands, its become almost standard for every tuning company to have a time attack and drift car to hand with a serious emphasis on the drift due to sheer amount of people it attracts.200sx s13 see through bonnetnissan silvia s14a drift carnissan 300zx drift carnissan 200sx ps13 rb26blitz nissan skyine drift car

The super clean and “euro look” vdubs look is definitely trending at the moment, and Im definitely a fan. Its all about smoothing out the already standard appearance of cars, so getting rid of bumper strips, smoothing bumpers and getting rid of plastic vents, debadging,  arch rolling and slamming are a vital part of it.

It’s one of those things where little differences all add up to make a big difference, this Nissan cube and the dc2 integra earlier capture this.euro look mx5Nissan Cube Euro look

Since having my old Volvo, I’ve developed quite a “thing” for old cars, not sure why, but I’m really liking the retro look at the moment so pretty much every corolla, golf or old car I see catches my attention. I  think it’s the unique factor aswell, everyone seems to have a lot of respect for people who keep old motors on the roads, or they have memories of when their parents, or they owned that car at some point in there life. Its normally fond memories and good stories, so I’ve got a lot of love for this corolla and the owner! (: (girl with pink hair!)old skool corolla

I quite liked this silver drifty trueno ae86 with a cable tied back bumper,  for some reason I kept thinking of a patchwork teddybear, this car has definitely been used!

Hachi RokuToyota corolla trueno ae86

final part coming shortly ;)…

Japfest 2012 Show Report Part 1

Japfest 2012 Show Report Part 2

Japfest 2012 Show Report Part 3

Journey To Japfest Video

Drifting At Japfest Quarry Corner, Castlecombe

Japfest Drift Session

Drifting at Japfest


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May 22

Japfest 2012, Japfest Japanese Car Show At Castle Combe Circuit- Intro

As is always the way with major events, anticipation was a big part of it! Especially when everyones talking about it, saying what their looking forward to see, reflecting on some of last years events, and popping pictures up on the old facebook of their cars and preparations the night before! It’s like a  mini Christmas eve..except its Japfest instead!

Every year it’s consistently got bigger and better aswell. With more cars, more track action and bigger crowds! You always wonder how much bigger and better its going to be this time round.

castle combe circuit events

I was with a couple of friends the night before and we were absolutely buzzing! This however had a big knock on effect on the big day…couldnt help sinking a few pints enjoying some car and drift talk!..however I unexpectedly got a message from one of my friends letting me know he had a spare seat going in his citegra next morning!, this day just couldn’t get better!

Whats a citegra?.. split the names and you’ll have a good idea about what it could be ;).

So, got in late and had to be up at 5 next morning so we could meet some of the ClubJap folks. Nothing beats a strong filter coffee and the sound of vtec piercing through the cold,misty morning air to get you going! From the outset this was going to be a day fuelled by energy drinks, high octane petrol, big power jap cars, Turbos, burnt rubber and tyre smoke. In other words, no time to be tired and no chance to feel tired!

japfest 2

First stop was petrol and energy drinks, then we headed over to the Sally Pussy in Pub just before wootten bassett. That was the meeting point for some of the Club Jap cars in Swindon, and whoever else going to the event heard about it. Last year there was no more than about 10 of us.. This year we turned up and nearly the whole car park was full! When I saw some of the cars that were there, I couldn’t help but think Swindon is a bit of a central hub for some of the best cars in the country!

There was the stunning Mazda Greddy rx-7 which featured on this site among others and performance car mags in the uk, a red R33 GTR which was also featured in banzai magazine. One of the most immaculate PS13’s I’ve ever seen, and I had a passenger ride down in a proper sleeper of a Civic Coupe with an integra engine in it..(citegra anyone?..) Every other car there was also shined up and ready for the show. You could tell everyone put alot of time and effort into prepping their cars for the big day.

nissan 200sx ps13

As the last few people turned up, excited chatter and energy drinks slowly turned into the low bassy hum of big bore exhausts, turbos spooling and engines revving. There was definitely a brilliant energy about the place. The weather couldn’t of been more perfect for the morning run down either. Even at 7 in the morning you could of got away with just a t-shirt and jeans!

It was really great to see all of these stunning cars in one place just cruising down the motorway. The sights and sounds were fantastic. At one point you could see nothing but jap cars all around us, stunning cars in front, behind and out our side windows. To be in the center of this all was a very special feeling indeed, smiles on everyones faces cameras out everywhere capturing the moment. Perfect.

castle combe japfest

Unusually we sailed straight in to the circuit! Normally theres ques for a bit but not this time, being on the club jap stand certainly had its benefits, we were in before 9 and had the best parking spot in the area, sat on the straight before quarry.  This gave us plenty of time to time to give the car a clean up and prep it before everyone got in!

Straightaway there was so much to see..and the day had only just started ;)….

Japfest 2012 Show Report Part 1

Japfest 2012 Show Report Part 2

Japfest 2012 Show Report Part 3

Journey To Japfest Video

Drifting At Japfest Quarry Corner, Castlecombe

Japfest Drift Session

Drifting at Japfest

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May 01

Retro, Vintage and Classic Car Meeting At Wroughton

I was bored one evening last week so i thought I’d quickly hop on the old facebook, see what my friends were saying. Sadly this is becoming an all to common occurrence for me in my spare time days!

I remember one time I vowed never to have a facebook but here we are, and I do quite enjoy it if im honest and it more often than not leads to things like this occurring!

retro car meet

So I saw one of my friends joined a group called “classic, retro and vintage car meeting”, sounds cool, right? As i was reading through it I saw it was happening in wroughton, which is not at all far from Swindon at all! Nothing like this ever seems to happen around Swindon, or if it does its usually rare at best!

I thought I’d invite myself to the group, as you do, especially since it was an open invite. Turned out to be a rather good idea!

I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether many people would turn up, but it turned out to be a pretty spot on meeting, definitely with an emphasis on Americana! I didn’t think there was much in the way of serious American vehicles around Swindon, that said some of the ones I saw that day must be very well hidden. They were all loud, brash and stunning to look at.

anglia hot rod

ford anglia road carThere was already a nice collection of cars there when we turned up,  the ones that caught my attention first thing were a couple of old skool granadas and a bright yellow chevy pickup which was in no way subtle! To see granadas of that age in this good a condition is incredibly rare. The reason the saloon looked so sharp though was it recently had a respray. I really checked out the sills and arches. Amazingly no rust there either! This was certainly a very tidy 2.8 When it pulled away it sounded ultra smooth aswell.

chevy vs. ford

ford granada hears

The other Granada was a hearse! Not something I’d drive everyday but there was no denying it had a presence on the road! A nice little touch was a load of speakers sat where the coffin would usually go…this was truly waking the dead stuff. Hearse/coffin/ death aspect aside, it was certainly very tidy! The interior looked rather luxurious aswell. Definitely a motorway granada hearse

I would be lying if I didn’t say the Chevy pickup was definitely high on my favourite car list that afternoon, under the bonnet sat a big 7.2 v8 putting out around 900bhp at the flywheel and 720 odd to the wheels. I imagine the torque figures wouldn’t be far off or just over the 1000lb-ft of torque. Even with the fat tyres on the back this would still spinup at the blip of a throttle.

When this started up it reminded me of when I was in the paddock at donington park a few years back on a Ferrari day. One of the old le mans cars was fired up and you could feel the vibration through the ground. The sound of it idling kind of resonated with anything thing within about 10-20 meters of it. You could feel it in your stomach and through any object you touched in that kind of area of the car.

chevy pickup

chevy pickup customThis wasn’t quite to that level but it was very loud and bassy just sat still. The finish on it was second to none with a brilliant blue interior to compliment the bright yellow exterior.

Back to planet earth and realistic cars we can all afford and enjoy, top of the list had to be this 2.8 capri. This was superbly cared for and had clearly had alot of time and effort invested to keep it in this condition. It was done nicely. Choice modifications all round the car. Nothing to detract from the originality and charm of the Capri and everything to compliment it, the best area demonstrating this was the engine bay where alot of the piping and wiring was swapped for red or it was chromed up nicely. Also the engine bay was so clean! It really looked immaculate and added to the special feeling you got from seeing it.

classic ford capriFord capri 2.8 injectionProbabally the secret to the super cleanliness though was the usage of the car. The owner didn’t take it out often except for shows and special occasions like this and kept it garaged all the time. Fairplay to him! I’d want to be driving this all the time!

ford capri engineIf its Character your after in a car though, this is perfect! An  MG Magnette, these were produced between the 50’s and 60’s and judging by the colour and condition of this car it was more or less the same one that rolled off the factory line way back then. This was very well kept and incredibly clean. I struggled to find rust on it and the underside and arches were very tidy magnette

The owner clearly loved it immensely. I was loving all the badges on the front bumper aswell. It’s about as british as a car could get, Id have this one over most MGBs I’ve seen.  It didn’t stop on the body though. The engine was lovely to look at aswell. I especially loved the SU carbs with the MG badges on them. You see MG’s like this and you can’t help but wonder…Why did it all go so wrong?

MG is back now as far as im aware, lets hope they stay and maybe go back to their roots on some of the future models.

MG engine SU carbsSomething a bit different now, considering this is a car blog this might seem a little unusual, but i definitely had to share it with you, it had some very strong, and moving air brushed graphics on it, commemorating  war  veterans and prisoners of war.

The best way to describe this bike is by letting you have a look at the pictures yourself. Awesome.

american HarleyVietnam Memorial bikepow mia bike

custom harley fuel tank

For a small local meet it was a brilliant day with a nice collection of cars turning up, hopefully there will be another one soon!



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Apr 21

Bristol Motorsports Club Trackday At Castlecombe Circuit

One of Castlecombes first events of the year is “The Great Western Sprint” which is hosted by the Bristol Motor Club. The Bristol Motor Club who were the club that turned Castlecombe from a World War 2 airfield into the race track we all know and love today.

As you can imagine their ties are steeped in history so its a big event in the Bristol motor club calendar and this is perfect for us since it brings out some of the most stunning, rare and powerful cars  within the club. Better still they aren’t afraid to get them out on track and push the limits of what the machines can do.

The Great western sprint was started at Castlecombe in 2008 and was the result of UK sprint championship competitors wanting a longer faster course to push the upper limits of their cars. Castlecombe is now the biggest, longest sprint course in the uk with a total of 3.3 miles of track to get around as fast as possible, and I have to say some of the speeds that were attained on the straights were pretty impressive in the proper sprint and super tuned cars!

When I arrived, I parked up next to the starting line to get the best  view and straightaway was greeted by the sound of bouncing limiters and tyres clawing at the tarmac to find some grip off the starting line.

single seater hill climb cars

hill climb car

The first lot of cars I saw were a load of single seaters with big fat rear tyres. There was a large variation among these cars. There was a couple of formula fords there. Some Vauxhall powered single seaters and one of them had a nice fat v8 in the back aswell. This was closer to an old school formula one car than anything, sounded brutal, and carried ridiculous speed on the straightaways.

While watching these cars on the straightaway and various other points around Castlecombe, you could very clearly see how bumpy the whole track is! To the eye it appears very smooth, and of course the more normal road cars absorb alot of this. It was quite dramatic to watch! You could just hear the car touching the rev limiter at points as the back was bouncing off the ground, this was often accompanied by huge explosions of sparks coming out the back as the diffusers and underside were bottoming out on the ground.

hill climb

motorsport cars

The most interesting part for me though was seeing the down force of those big wings and aero packages working hard on the car round the corners and straightaways. When watching formula one, or  formula ford on tv. You don’t really see how fast these cars are going since the cameras smooth pan to follow the cars round. It almost creates an illusion that its quite slow and not alot is happening.

In real life its a  more static view. So you see everything and the true speed these cars carry round the corners. This is further emphasised by the sparks and sound of the car scraping the ground. Sometimes for periods of a few seconds on the straight near the top speed of the car, you can see and hear the whole underside scraping along the ground as the car is pushed down, For those of you that have been to Castlecombe, you also know the start straight isn’t very straight. Its like a steady right turn heading up to the first proper tight corner which is quarry, more normal road cars are braking and letting off the loud pedal at this point. These single seater sprint cars are still accelerating hard and carrying even more speed out of the corner.

castle coombe racing

castle coombe circuit

You could really see the competitive nature of alot of people on track once they really were pushing hard, competing with the clock. Its a bit different to your more usual track day where people are just driving quickly round the track. You could see these guys properly fighting the steering wheel on track and teetering on the edge of grip and drift at some points.

Naturally this led to quite a few offs in the morning! Fortunately there was nothing serious. But it was quite inconvenient when these cars went off because something would still usually break or the car would stall-alot of these engines aren’t simple turnkey jobs so they’d have to be trailered back to the pit. So if a car went off round the other side of the track. Sometimes it would be a good 40 minutes or so before things started again!

castlecombe race crash

castle combe race circuit

It’s  all very well seeing these specialist one seater cars, but the big draw definitely has to be the road cars and classic cars. This is a good opportunity to look back in time at track days of old and classic british sports cars. There was plenty of healeys and sprites out on track. There was some very vintage one seaters, your usual array of minis and hatchbacks. But all with something to differentiate from the others.

One of the most startling cars though was an all aluminium, unpainted Austin Healey. This was beautiful to look at , incredibly shiny and in the sun, incredibly spectacular. You could just see every bit of detail on the bodywork perfectly. I just could not stop looking at it!

austin healey 3000

aluminium austin healey

austin healey interior

Another interesting car was the mini…or should I say Minis? Each one was different and alot had engine swaps. This made for some very quick cars out on track! One of the tidiest ones had what looked like a Honda 1.4 or 1.6 block in it. I thought this was perfect for the car. It still had its retro looks, sounded like a normal mini aswell but went with just a bit more poke than most.  The Engine swap looks to of been done no expense spared either, it was sat in the little engine bay perfectly and didn’t look at all out of place in there.

mini cooper honda engineClassic mini track day

There was also more usual road cars there aswell, i especially liked the Renault 5 turbo and Suzuki swift turbo. These cars remind me of the big turbo era where lag was part of the thrill..because suddenly the car would come on boost and you never really know quite when..but before you know it your thrown back in your seat and the cars bouncing off the limiter!

Renault 5’s are getting very rare and thin on the ground but Suzuki swift turbos are even rarer and harder to find. These are little 1.3 dohc turbo engines. I love the fact its like a “bitesize” version of your usual 2.0l dohc engines…it also revs to around 8500rpm which puts it in vtec territory with the turbo aswell.

Renault 5 turbo track day

renault 5 turbo on track

The road car to see steal the day though was definitely the Audi Quattro Rally Car. The car definitely had an energy and presence about it. Alot of people would be running to the start line to see this off. There was definitely faster and better cars there that day but this was the most special. I thinki this was the genuine Group B car that competed in the world rally back in the 80s.

The sound is a big part of the experience with this car, its so unique and distinct. Its a big inline 5 engine with a fat turbo bolted on the side. Its pops, crackes fizzes and screams. Everything a group b rally car embodies and a big part of why it was just so exciting to watch.

audi quatro s1

The driver and co-driver combination of this car Hannu mikola and Arne hertz was probably one of the best at the time, winning 8 rallies between them from 1981 to 1985 in a series of quattros.

So what were looking at here is a big slice of automotive history. I think thats what adds to the feeling when you see this car for real.

As I was walking round the course it was sometimes impossible to tell the difference between the competitors cars and spectators cars, there was some very rare and expensive cars parked up in the paddock area. There was everything from an Aston Martin DB7 to a old skool cool Ford Capri. There was also a really nice new Aston V8 Vantage that parked up behind me. While this was an absolutely gorgeous car to see it just somehow wasn’t that exciting compared to everything else around me.

audi R8 track dayAston Martin V8 Vantage trackdodge viper gts-rtvr t350i and aston martin db7aston martin db7 vantage v12Db7 volante convertibleford capri

All in all it was a beautiful day, not to busy, lots of sun, awesome cars and decent action out on track. Definitely one to go to next year.

volvo 340 track day

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Jan 10

Cool Toyota Corolla Drift Vid-

So was cruising round the Drifted Website and couldn’t help but be swept in by this stunning Ae86 drift weapon. I love the kind of abused look of it. it’s clearly well used and well drifted but it still looks serious and kind of mean. Just looking at the pictures lets you feel the presence of this car… If you saw this bowling down your street or town, you know it means business. Even to someone whos unaware of the drift culture, you’ll know this car is a bit serious!

It’s also great t see it mixing it up with v8’s and more serious cars, I think some of the cars its up against are currently competing in the Formula D series.

Judging by the smoke pouring off the rear tires and a clip at the end, it’s definitely got a turbo brick under the bonnet, sounds a bit SR20det to me??..what do you guys think? be sure to read and see more here: Cyrius Business Toyota Corolla Ae86 Drift Car

CYRIOUS PRODUCTIONS – Cyrious Business – from Cyrious Productions on Vimeo.

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Nov 23

D1 Re Amemiya Greddy Mazda RX-7 FD3s Turbo Replica *SOLD*

Following on from my recent feature of this car, I figure some of you might actually be interested in owning it..well now you can! the spec list is huge..and you just have to do a quick google on any of the parts on this car to see that nothing has been done on the cheap. in fairness you probabally could of bought a standard rx7 several times over for the price this one cost to build! but after expieriencuing this’ll realise a lesser or stant rx-7 is a bit dull in comparison.

This car is well documented and features everywhere, especially around websites and blogs similar to mine. It also had a huge feature in Banzai magazine. The owner still has all the details of the shoot and everything thats been done to the cars..the spec list is huge!

so spec!


mazda rx 7 engineEngine

  • 13B-REW 2x654cc rotary
  • Hayward Rotary large street port machining
  • HKS Mushroom air filter
  • Garrett gt35r single turbo conversion
  • front-mounted intercooler on V-mount kit,
  • No dump valve turbo has anti surge
  • polished GReddy intake elbow
  • polished inlet plenum
  • Apexi ECU with Commander
  • HKS EVC III boost controller
  • Bosch 044 in-tank fuel pump
  • standard primary injectors
  • 1680cc secondary injectors
  • uprated fuel pressure regulator
  • braided fuel lines
  • HKS down pipe and manifold
  • Turbosmart T4 wastegate
  • HKS exhaust system
  • Samco hoses
  • Front + rear auto exe engine brace
  • GReddy oil catch tank, polished alloy pulleys


  • 9.5×18” 10×18″ Rota Grid drift alloys with 235/40/18″ Maxxis drift tyres
  • anodised wheel nuts
  • Eibach 20mm spacers on rear
  • HKS 9 springs with Feed coilovers
  • Mazdaspeed brake calipers
  • Mazdaspeed grooved brake discs


  • resprayed 1972 Ford Olympic blue
  • carbon fibre bonnet with flush-fitting Aero Catches
  • FEED Type 2 R front bumper
  • RE Amemiya carbon front canards
  • RE Amemiya flush headlights with HID conversion
  • aftermarket indicators and sidelights
  • Shine Auto FEED-style front wings
  • DC5 Honda Integra Type-R side repeaters
  • carbon fibre wing mirrors
  • FEED carbon fibre door handles
  • FEED carbon fibre side skirts
  • FEED rear arch extensions
  • RE Amemiya rear lens cover
  • Shine Auto carbon fibre diffuser
  • RE Amemiya carbon rear canards
  • Ings Z-Power carbon fibre rear wing
  • carbon fibre exhaust guard
  • infra red camera in boot lock


  • Border full carbon bucket seats
  • Sparco three-point harnesses
  • Momo Race steering wheel and boss
  • D1 Spec carbon fibre gear knob
  • carbon fibre rear-view mirror
  • Carbon fibre gear surround 5twenty4 carbon fibre sill covers
  • A-pillar pod with Defi oil temperature and boost gauges
  • Defi Link meter
  • HKS turbo timer
  • Sony digi radio, 7.5” Directed monitor in custom binnacle on passenger side

rx 7 interior

So there it is! something very special and unique, the price for all this JDM Juicy, drifty Goodness? £15,000 ono which is quite frankly a steal!

terms and conditions?

serious offers only please, and no test pilots or dreamers! usual stuff really…  :)

get in touch

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Nov 21

D1 Re Amemiya Greddy Mazda RX-7 FD3s Turbo Replica

If you live in Swindon and are involved in the car culture here in one way or another this car will instantly be familiar to you. It’s fantastic bright blue paintwork and huge yellow greddy sticker down the side, complimented by its fat rear wing suggest this car is a little bit serious.

To those of you in to the general modified car culture in the uk, especially the Japanese performance car and drifting scene…yes you have seen this car before in Banzai magazine among others, but I mean…just look at it! – look out to your driveway now, if you can’t imagine this sat there with the keys on your desk right now..go seek help.


mazda rx7 re amemiya


Alot of people that just have a casual interest in cars will think this is a very nicely modified Mazda rx-7 turbo. But to those that are into the drift scene and drifting culture in Japan, this car has a bit of a cult status.

It was one of the star cars when the professional drift series in japan was starting to get a foothold and was becoming fast recognised as a proper professional motorsport and not a ton of kids hooning cars around sideways everywhere. The focus was also trying to get it off of the mountains and industrial estates in japan- basically trying to get rid of the “underground” image.

At the time track days in general were becoming really popular, low cost and fun.  Another bi-product of this rapid growth was lots of drift practice day’s as well.

87 rx7When Re amemiya competed in the series the focus was still on keeping the cars street legal so they had to have full interiors and pass all the usual road safety regulations. This lead to a very long period of development from 2004 to 2006 and raising awareness among the booming drift culture of the time.

I personally feel this was when the D1 series was at its best, because the cars were lary, but this strict road legal set of rules, in essence created a very level playing ground. So even little 86 corollas and old skool Celica’s etc could stand their ground against more modern, sophisticated machinery, such as this re amemiya rx7. It also led to incredible engine conversions and some very interesting modifications. It spawned alot of ingenuity among competitors.

re amemiya fd3sSo why build a replica of such an icon? … Well why not? It is a stunning looking car to say the least and it has incredible presence on the road and an unbelievable wow factor when parked or stood still. It really is a car you have to see in the flesh to appreciate all the various details and stickers; you also absolutely have to hear it, more on that in a bit.

The other cool thing about building a replica of such a high profile car in such a unique motorsport is the kind of knowing nod and admiration you get from people in the know and into the drift culture.

This is where it gets even more impressive … because when you compare this greddy rx-7 replica to the real thing. It’s indistinguishable. When I first met the owner my first question was whether it was the actual real car. Did he import it? It’s that good.

It’s not all looks though, it sounds amazing and drives better than you can imagine!

The sound. The sound… it’s stunning and loud would be an understatement. The rotary engine generally has a very distinct sound due to the nature of the engine, then when it’s tuned it really comes to life. It’s a very visceral noisy car, and it doesn’t seem to have any limits to how loud it can go. As the car builds through the rev range it just grows, then you get the sound of the turbo  spooling and external wastegate doing its thing as well, not alot compares. The car pretty much howls.

This greddy rx7 in a built up area just sounds epic. The acoustics are perfect as it echoes and ricochets between the buildings down a street. Its spine tingling and awesome, there’s no other way to put it. When the car is just idling as well, it resonates through your body and nearby objects, its like a very steady, minute vibration when your close to it. Sound alone makes this car special and adds to its undeniable presence.

4 greddyIt helps you to imagine how well it drives, but when you actually get in it. It’s quite hard to get used to how quick it really is, especially if you haven’t been in many other powerful cars. My first experience of this car was when it had around 4-500bhp, but it has since had a new turbo setup installed, so it’s just a case of running it in now before turning the boost back up again. But in it’s current state of tune at about 356 bhp, it’s certainly still quick enough to see almost anything off on the road!

The acceleration is smooth and predictable, yet it’s still enough to push you into the back of your seat in all the gears. The free-revving characteristics of the rotary engine really are what makes this car, and due to that, when your foot is flat down, you don’t notice the turbo lag at all, it really is quite a case of point and shoot. This is where the big bodykit , aero package and intension chassis development come into play.

Yes the FEED body kit does look really, really good and that huge rear wing and diffuser is a big part of this. But it is all there for a purpose.

greddy tuningThe car feels very planted and sure footed. Think of how undramatic it is taking a steady sweeping corner in your daily fiesta or whatever at 30mph. Now with this car, you start there and it just wants you to go quicker, while still remaining incredibly flat, comfortable and steady. You’ll be leaving the corner at double that speed and wishing it kept going round just so you can see how fast this car really goes round corners! The grip is immense.

The car feels as if it doesn’t have a “mass” as such, it can swap corners just like that, theres no roll and no resistance in the direction you choose to go, when you brake, the car doesn’t pitch forward as such it just stops.  The only reason it will go sideways is because your exceeding the grip limits of the tire, it’s not necessarily the inertia of the car pushing it about.

As an exercise in handling, this car is exquisite. Alot of time, track days, effort and energy have gone into setting this car up so its just right for road and track and it shows. It’s the comfort and interior that impresses me.

mazda RX7 interiorJust being inside the car is really nice. It’s such a driver focused place to be and even as a passenger you still feel involved.  The cabin sort of wraps around you and  “cocoons” you. You sit nice low and central to what’s going on so you feel everything.

It’s very easy to forget this is an early nineties car. The Mazda rx-7 turbo in its original guise is considered one of the finest driving cars of all time.. so to mess around with that, some would consider to be sacrilege. But when you see and experience an rx7 fd3s such as this, it’s very hard to wrap your mind around. This is so much better in every single way possible. It feels tight, responsive, solid and best of all, reliable. This is a car you can drive every day and fully enjoy all of its capabilities to the full. This fd rx-7 is built well within it’s means, and the peace of mind that brings is unparalleled.  Especially in a car that has a bit of a reputation. Since this car is really all about handling on the track and country roads from the outset. It makes you wonder why people bother chasing big power figures in these cars. Just get in, drive it and enjoy it!

If your reading this now as of this date, November 14th 2011 you’re in a very unique place right now. You can own this car today, and why not? After experiencing this car first hand, its a dream car for sure, and its surprisingly affordable.

There’s more pictures from the day here,

Greddy Mazda RX-7 FD3s Turbo

D1 Rx7 Greddy Mazda RX-7 Introduction

Re Amemiya Mazda RX-7 Car Feature

Greddy Rx-7 FD3s For Sale UK

Mazda RX-7 D1GP Professional Drift Series Greddy Replica Sale review

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Tyre smoke



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Nov 04

Re Amemiya FD3S, Greddy Mazda Rx-7 Feature Coming Soon!

….find the title tantalising??..well you should do! This is a very special mazda RX-7 indeed! it’s pretty much a 1:1 replica of the Re Amemiya Greddy Rx-7 that used to compete in the D1 Professional Drift Series In Japan.

This car was always a favourite in the series and had many close battles with our old friend the b324r when they were both competing ;).

Nothing about this car is subtle, and everything on it is loud and proud. But the thing that is most striking about this Rx-7 is the attention to detail. Even under very close scrutiny, pretty much all the stickers are there and everything is right and correct.

this is a no expense spared, beautifully put together car that gets loads of attention and looks of admiration everywhere it goes. Even people who arent into cars appreciate this one. so keep an eye out over the coming week for this.

it’s something that shouldn’t be missed!

Greddy Mazda RX-7 FD3s Turbo

D1 Rx7 Greddy Mazda RX-7 Introduction

Re Amemiya Mazda RX-7 Car Feature

Greddy Rx-7 FD3s For Sale UK

Mazda RX-7 D1GP Professional Drift Series Greddy Replica Sale review

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Oct 12

Drift What Ya Brung OnBoard Footage At Santa Pod

This is some on board footage of Tom Simpson At Drift What Ya Brung, Courtesy Of Film Dori, I highly suggest you check this channel out as it covers alot of the drifting culture in the uk scene.

For more information on Drift What Ya Brung Events Be Sure to head on over to the official Drift What Ya Brung Website

The best thing to do is head on down to one of these events, get chatting and get yourself a passenger ride ;) the meantime enjoy the video:

Drift What Ya Brung At Santa Pod Raceway

Onboard footage drift practice at Santa Pod

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Oct 10

Drift What Ya Brung At Santa Pod Raceway

So more and more recently I’ve been thinking of doing a few drift what ya brung days, especially since my old Volvo is more or less to where I want it to be now, I’ve got the wheels- plenty of them, the suspensions all done and I generally feel very comfortable in the car now.

Funny how things work out, I had the opportunity to go to one with a friend recently; the bonus is that this friend happened to compete in the British Drift Championship last year for Launch motorsport. He actually did really well in a drift prepped four door Skyline, and ended up third overall.

This is a little overlook at that day.

We went to a “drift what ya brung” at Santa pod raceway, Santa pod is quite far from Swindon so it was an early start! An early night for me and lots of coffee next morning! I was so worried about not getting up on time, I was actually up extra early…Thought I might as well have a fry up since I had some time to kill and a lonnng day ahead!

There was a couple of us going down and we trailered one of the cars just in case something would have happened to either of the cars on the day. It seemed like quite a long drive down but the route down was nice and varied with lots of A-roads and B-roads so it didn’t seem that monotonous.

s13 drift car
The last stop before Santa pod was to get some of shell’s finest opti-max fuel in the cars for the day ahead.

S14a Ryo Drift Car
To be honest I didn’t know what to expect of the day, but when we finally arrived I was surprised at how many people were there-which wasn’t that many! A few more came later on in the day but this was nice because we could go out as much as we wanted pretty much.

The first task was stacking up the days tires, which to be fair, was a slightly ridiculous amount! We had tires in the back of the truck, tires in the passenger’s seat behind us in the truck and then some more in the back of tom’s s13, in other words we were pretty well sorted!.

Santa Pod Drift What Ya BrungThe next step was the driver’s briefing which was nice and simple, and basically a short-course on common sense, the tag line being “don’t be twats”. But he explained all the tracks for the day, and how people would be about for help and guidance.

The layout was simple and covered every aspect of drifting and car control. From the basic controlled donuts, to learning transitions on figure 8 style setups and a proper drift track as well, this is where we spent most of the day. I don’t remember exactly what it was but the proper drift track was based on one of the EDC tracks or BDC tracks, so it was a good combination of high speed corners and very technical tight bits. This really helped to show the characteristics and capabilities of of the car.

Nissan 200sx S13Before the first session I had a wonderful nervousness and feeling of butterflies in my stomach, I knew it was going to be epic but still wasn’t expecting quite what was to come!
First time we just took a stroll round to get an idea of the course and layout, this way tom could go balls out drifting on the next lap. It was a steady course with a very high speed right which allowed you to flick the car to the left for a nice massive slide into a tight left hander which then went round a small section of s corners before sweeping back round to the start again. A very tidy course indeed.

Mazda Mx5 Mk1First session out then consisted of a rapid acceleration through first and second gear, quickly heading into third for the high speed right to left, the problem with third was the car kept going off boost and bogging down, there wasn’t enough torque in the engine  to counter it and second gear was a bit too short, but lots of work with the handbrake and clutch cured this problem.

The S section though was perfect and the modifications tom had done to the steering lock really shined through, the angles we were taking through the S curves were ridiculous, we were literally looking out of each others side windows and occasionally the rear window to get a glance at what’s to come. Tom’s skill was incredible, he was very smooth and the transitions between the corners were perfect; add to that the ridiculous angle and smoke and it was a site to behold.

If you’ve been sideways in a car before there’s a point where you know you can’t recover from the angle of the slide and you sort of accept the fact you’re going to spin, I know what this is in mine and I’ve got so used to it, I never let it happen. But this is why tom’s car was so brilliant because he’d get it beyond that “spin point” im used to and then just hold it there…while still flat on the throttle, the car was set up perfectly, no other way to describe it.

Slide Motorsport R33 SkylinesSlide Motorsport Demo CarsSlide Motorsport

The sound of the engine on the limiter, crackling and popping and tires screaming under the stress  while looking out of the side windows, was nothing short of intoxicating; add to that the smoke from the tires filling the cabin, it wouldn’t surprise me if we were getting slightly high!

Tom was probably one of the fastest people out on the track that day, but something that I couldn’t get used to was how bumpy santa pod is! As the car was going flat out sideways on that flat out left hander the back was just bouncing from bump to bump, this definitely added to alot of the drama and experience but it can’t of been too good on the car! The banging was also louder than the car on the limiter with whaling tires!.

Slide Motorsport Mazda RX7 Drift CarSurprisingly one of the big problems on the day though was how amazing the weather was, while it was perfect drift conditions and very sunny, it got to a point where the car was getting so hot, we could only go out for a couple of laps at a time. And the amount of oil the s13 was burning through was also pretty stupendous, but this is where another part of the drift day shines through altogether.

Everyone there was so helpful and friendly, you could just ask for something and you’d usually get it! It’s a good community of people sharing a passion, so you could happily talk to everyone and anyone and learn something new straightaway, people are also happy to share their techniques and knowledge of drifting so much so, that i reckon you could take a complete newbie to about 5-10 drift days down there and they’d be on the main track keeping up with the others by the tenth.

I also believe it’s just the very nature of the sport that brings out the good in people, it’s not competitive, power isn’t an issue, its an extreme sport which you do for the adrenaline rush more than anything, so everyone has lots of good stories and times to share. It also brings out some incredibly unique cars and ideas.

Toyota Tourer Chaser Drift CarNissan Silvia S15 Spec R Aero Drift CarOne car that really had everyone’s attention that day was an old skool escort, it was a bit battered, a bit rusty and still had all the escort 1.3l badges on it….under the bonnet though was a cosworths engine running on throttle bodies..absolute beast! The smoke pouring off the back of this car was nothing short of impressive!

Ford escort mk1 1 Cosworth engine conversionCosworth engine throttle bodiesOverall, it was a fantastic day, being able to get a passenger ride pretty much all day was also pretty damn lush, but you could easily just go to watch it all and have a good time. I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in the sport or anyone that just loves seeing cars getting ragged and pushed to their limits!

Slide Motorsport Mazda RX-7

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Drift What Ya Brung At Santa Pod Raceway

Onboard footage drift practice at Santa Pod

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