Nov 04

Re Amemiya FD3S, Greddy Mazda Rx-7 Feature Coming Soon!

….find the title tantalising??..well you should do! This is a very special mazda RX-7 indeed! it’s pretty much a 1:1 replica of the Re Amemiya Greddy Rx-7 that used to compete in the D1 Professional Drift Series In Japan.

This car was always a favourite in the series and had many close battles with our old friend the b324r when they were both competing ;).

Nothing about this car is subtle, and everything on it is loud and proud. But the thing that is most striking about this Rx-7 is the attention to detail. Even under very close scrutiny, pretty much all the stickers are there and everything is right and correct.

this is a no expense spared, beautifully put together car that gets loads of attention and looks of admiration everywhere it goes. Even people who arent into cars appreciate this one. so keep an eye out over the coming week for this.

it’s something that shouldn’t be missed!

Greddy Mazda RX-7 FD3s Turbo

D1 Rx7 Greddy Mazda RX-7 Introduction

Re Amemiya Mazda RX-7 Car Feature

Greddy Rx-7 FD3s For Sale UK

Mazda RX-7 D1GP Professional Drift Series Greddy Replica Sale review

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Oct 12

Drift What Ya Brung OnBoard Footage At Santa Pod

This is some on board footage of Tom Simpson At Drift What Ya Brung, Courtesy Of Film Dori, I highly suggest you check this channel out as it covers alot of the drifting culture in the uk scene.

For more information on Drift What Ya Brung Events Be Sure to head on over to the official Drift What Ya Brung Website

The best thing to do is head on down to one of these events, get chatting and get yourself a passenger ride ;) the meantime enjoy the video:

Drift What Ya Brung At Santa Pod Raceway

Onboard footage drift practice at Santa Pod

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Oct 10

Drift What Ya Brung At Santa Pod Raceway

So more and more recently I’ve been thinking of doing a few drift what ya brung days, especially since my old Volvo is more or less to where I want it to be now, I’ve got the wheels- plenty of them, the suspensions all done and I generally feel very comfortable in the car now.

Funny how things work out, I had the opportunity to go to one with a friend recently; the bonus is that this friend happened to compete in the British Drift Championship last year for Launch motorsport. He actually did really well in a drift prepped four door Skyline, and ended up third overall.

This is a little overlook at that day.

We went to a “drift what ya brung” at Santa pod raceway, Santa pod is quite far from Swindon so it was an early start! An early night for me and lots of coffee next morning! I was so worried about not getting up on time, I was actually up extra early…Thought I might as well have a fry up since I had some time to kill and a lonnng day ahead!

There was a couple of us going down and we trailered one of the cars just in case something would have happened to either of the cars on the day. It seemed like quite a long drive down but the route down was nice and varied with lots of A-roads and B-roads so it didn’t seem that monotonous.

s13 drift car
The last stop before Santa pod was to get some of shell’s finest opti-max fuel in the cars for the day ahead.

S14a Ryo Drift Car
To be honest I didn’t know what to expect of the day, but when we finally arrived I was surprised at how many people were there-which wasn’t that many! A few more came later on in the day but this was nice because we could go out as much as we wanted pretty much.

The first task was stacking up the days tires, which to be fair, was a slightly ridiculous amount! We had tires in the back of the truck, tires in the passenger’s seat behind us in the truck and then some more in the back of tom’s s13, in other words we were pretty well sorted!.

Santa Pod Drift What Ya BrungThe next step was the driver’s briefing which was nice and simple, and basically a short-course on common sense, the tag line being “don’t be twats”. But he explained all the tracks for the day, and how people would be about for help and guidance.

The layout was simple and covered every aspect of drifting and car control. From the basic controlled donuts, to learning transitions on figure 8 style setups and a proper drift track as well, this is where we spent most of the day. I don’t remember exactly what it was but the proper drift track was based on one of the EDC tracks or BDC tracks, so it was a good combination of high speed corners and very technical tight bits. This really helped to show the characteristics and capabilities of of the car.

Nissan 200sx S13Before the first session I had a wonderful nervousness and feeling of butterflies in my stomach, I knew it was going to be epic but still wasn’t expecting quite what was to come!
First time we just took a stroll round to get an idea of the course and layout, this way tom could go balls out drifting on the next lap. It was a steady course with a very high speed right which allowed you to flick the car to the left for a nice massive slide into a tight left hander which then went round a small section of s corners before sweeping back round to the start again. A very tidy course indeed.

Mazda Mx5 Mk1First session out then consisted of a rapid acceleration through first and second gear, quickly heading into third for the high speed right to left, the problem with third was the car kept going off boost and bogging down, there wasn’t enough torque in the engine  to counter it and second gear was a bit too short, but lots of work with the handbrake and clutch cured this problem.

The S section though was perfect and the modifications tom had done to the steering lock really shined through, the angles we were taking through the S curves were ridiculous, we were literally looking out of each others side windows and occasionally the rear window to get a glance at what’s to come. Tom’s skill was incredible, he was very smooth and the transitions between the corners were perfect; add to that the ridiculous angle and smoke and it was a site to behold.

If you’ve been sideways in a car before there’s a point where you know you can’t recover from the angle of the slide and you sort of accept the fact you’re going to spin, I know what this is in mine and I’ve got so used to it, I never let it happen. But this is why tom’s car was so brilliant because he’d get it beyond that “spin point” im used to and then just hold it there…while still flat on the throttle, the car was set up perfectly, no other way to describe it.

Slide Motorsport R33 SkylinesSlide Motorsport Demo CarsSlide Motorsport

The sound of the engine on the limiter, crackling and popping and tires screaming under the stress  while looking out of the side windows, was nothing short of intoxicating; add to that the smoke from the tires filling the cabin, it wouldn’t surprise me if we were getting slightly high!

Tom was probably one of the fastest people out on the track that day, but something that I couldn’t get used to was how bumpy santa pod is! As the car was going flat out sideways on that flat out left hander the back was just bouncing from bump to bump, this definitely added to alot of the drama and experience but it can’t of been too good on the car! The banging was also louder than the car on the limiter with whaling tires!.

Slide Motorsport Mazda RX7 Drift CarSurprisingly one of the big problems on the day though was how amazing the weather was, while it was perfect drift conditions and very sunny, it got to a point where the car was getting so hot, we could only go out for a couple of laps at a time. And the amount of oil the s13 was burning through was also pretty stupendous, but this is where another part of the drift day shines through altogether.

Everyone there was so helpful and friendly, you could just ask for something and you’d usually get it! It’s a good community of people sharing a passion, so you could happily talk to everyone and anyone and learn something new straightaway, people are also happy to share their techniques and knowledge of drifting so much so, that i reckon you could take a complete newbie to about 5-10 drift days down there and they’d be on the main track keeping up with the others by the tenth.

I also believe it’s just the very nature of the sport that brings out the good in people, it’s not competitive, power isn’t an issue, its an extreme sport which you do for the adrenaline rush more than anything, so everyone has lots of good stories and times to share. It also brings out some incredibly unique cars and ideas.

Toyota Tourer Chaser Drift CarNissan Silvia S15 Spec R Aero Drift CarOne car that really had everyone’s attention that day was an old skool escort, it was a bit battered, a bit rusty and still had all the escort 1.3l badges on it….under the bonnet though was a cosworths engine running on throttle bodies..absolute beast! The smoke pouring off the back of this car was nothing short of impressive!

Ford escort mk1 1 Cosworth engine conversionCosworth engine throttle bodiesOverall, it was a fantastic day, being able to get a passenger ride pretty much all day was also pretty damn lush, but you could easily just go to watch it all and have a good time. I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in the sport or anyone that just loves seeing cars getting ragged and pushed to their limits!

Slide Motorsport Mazda RX-7

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Drift What Ya Brung At Santa Pod Raceway

Onboard footage drift practice at Santa Pod

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Oct 02

HTC Desire S Review..Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the HTC Desire S then. It’s one of the most complete handsets on the market right now, this I am sure of. As a piece of design, it’s fantastic. It’s a very attractive phone to look at with the feeling of quality and sturdiness to back it up.

This is then carried on into the usability of the device, thanks to googles android O/S and the HTC’s Hardware specs.  Its super smooth, slick and very flexible for the user. Since it’s an open source operating system, people and companies have made apps for all types people and to fulfil all sorts of needs. This means you can really tailor the phone to your personality and around your life.

If theres one reserve I have, it would be the battery life, I’m charging it daily, that said I am a “power user” meaning, im gaming, surfing the web, emailing and texting all at the same time. Alot of people won’t do this. There is really good power saving features though. The biggest battery drain is hardly surprising, it’s the screen and fortunately you can turn the brightness right down.

Along with turning the brightness down, make sure the gps and mobile internet are turned off as well. The other big drain is the wireless, so make sure that’s off if you’re not using it. I also kill tasks continually with the task killer. It’s all about minimising the processing power basically.

But generally you will find the phone has a really good standby time, when my battery has gotten low and I’ve not touched the device, 10% charge will last just short of ten hours with a bit of light texting, which I’d say is pretty good. In fact I sometimes can’t help but feel the “low battery” messages come up way to soon and panic you unnecessarily.

So really the battery is my only issue with this phone, but it’s overall performance far outweighs that for me personally so I think it’s very hard to go wrong with this phone. If your in the market for a new phone, definitely consider this one. If your in the market for a really good android device- put this in your list of potential phones without a moments hesitation, you won’t regret it!

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HTC Desire S Review- Unboxing And First Impressions

HTC Desire S Review- Using The Android HTC Desire

HTC Desire S Review Android Apps- A few Essential Must Have Apps And Some Other Generally Good Android Applications

HTC Desire S Review..Final Thoughts

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Sep 26

HTC Desire S Review Android Apps- A few Essential Must Have Apps And Some Other Generally Good Android Applications

After you’ve got used to your phone, got a feeling for how it works and how you can use the different home screens, it’s time to start personalizing your phone to how you want it. Downloading what you want, and doing what you want with it. That’s why it’s such a good phone, the android market is full of great free stuff for every type of interest and need.

However theres a few essential things that you really need which will generally enhance the experience, security and usability of the device.

The first one is a program called advanced task killer, this will help you to quickly close unnecessary programs that you forgot about thus free up memory and processor power. You’ll find that when you press the “home” button, it doesn’t usually close the program you’re currently in, it just minimizes it, and it does this for everything, before you know it your running upwards of 20 apps and they are all sapping up your processor power and life.HTC Desire S Advanced Task KillerThis one is so obvious, you’ll most likely overlook it, it’s essential if you read alot of documents or ebooks, it’s Adobe Reader. Like i said, it’s so obvious its unlikely you’ll think to download it.HTC Desire S PDF Reader AdobeAntivirus free- it goes without saying really, although 99.99% of the time, the stuff you download from the apps store is safe, you never know, especially if it’s a newly uploaded app and there’s no reviews yet. Like I said its highly unlikely that you will see anything malicious in the time you use your android device but that one could slip through the net. Alot of people know that individuals keep sensitive and important information on their mobile device, so it’s a very juicy target for malicious individuals.HTC Desire S AVG AntivirusIf like me you do alot of writing or stuff involving word processing or chart and data handling, a nice little app thats flexible with all office formats is OliveOffice Premium. It allows you to edit things on the fly or write full blown articles. I haven’t used the excel or other side of things outside the word processor, but it is pretty much a full office experience as far as im aware.HTC Desire S Olive Office PremiumThe browser that came with my phone is about as fully featured and good as it gets, but sometimes i still find myself using  Opera Mini. Just purely because it’s so efficient and fast at loading sites. So between the two, I get the full browser experience. 9 times out of 10, if theres a problem with one site in one browser, it’ll work fully in the other. I haven’t had to d this very often but its nice to know if im struggling im covered.HTC Desire S Opera Mini BrowserAnd finally the HTC torch.. it’s surprising how much you will use this if you put it as a shortcut on your phone! Its got 3 settings, dim to super bright, and to be honest all are super bright. You’ll be surprised at how powerful it is at night.HTC Desire S HTC Torch AppThose I feel are the really important things that should be on everybody’s phone, now for the not to necessary but worth looking at things. These are more for fun and show the capabilities of the phone.

Angry Birds, goes without saying really this is one of the big time popular games on iphone and android handsets, it’s strangely addictive with really realistic physics and challenging and entertaining levels.HTC Desire S Games Angry Birds RioaTilt 3D Labyrinth, This basicly utilizes the accelerometer which is nothing to new, but the super crisp and smooth graphics along with the generally addictive gameplay make this another fantastic option. It’s really got that “one more time” thing going for it.HTC Desire S AlLabyrinthBBC iplayer, Best of BBC on your phone everywhere and anywhere you go?? I could watch endless amounts of top gear and Qi on a train ride, or a long distance travel. What more do you need? I wouldn’t bother with it though unless you have an unlimited data plan as part of your contract.HTC Desire S BBC Iplayer AppBug Village, I didn’t think much of this game at first but the vibrant 3d graphics and cute character models soon won me over. It’s a very charming game that doesn’t require much of your time, but really gives you a sense of satisfaction when you see how well your little village develops, and a nice little feature which adds to the sense is the fact your little ant and bee workers do everything in real time.HTC Desire S Games Bug VillageCars and guns 3d, this is another heavily physics focused games that kills time nicely with a wide variety of levels and vehicles it’ll definitely keep you going!, this games charm comes in the car models themselves, they are 3d cardboard cars- yea that sounds strange, but actually it looks really cool when you see it for realCity Story, Similar to bug village except this time with a city, this is another addictive game that will keep you coming back.HTC Desire S Android Game City StoryContract Killer, great game backed up by stunning graphics, fully 3d, beautiful texture work, decent character models, interesting game play and characters, this is very much a console gaming experience, reminiscent of the Hitman Series.HTC Desire S 3d Game Contract KillerDeath Worm, This game is all about fast paced adrenaline filled carnage, it doesn’t get any more mind-numbing or entertaining than this, I’ve spent hours on this game.HTC Desire S Android Game Death WormDrag Racing, very addictive again, based on a flash game, its all about perfect starts, perfect shifts, and how much power you can squeeze from your motor. The sound effects, car engines and turbo sounds are pretty spot on too, any must for a car loverHTC Deisre S Flash Game Drag RacingDroid Shooting, This is an augmented reality game, meaning it uses the camera and accelerometer on the phone to create the gaming environment, basically you have to turn around, duck and dive with the phone to see the targets, its very addictive- but make sure you play it where no one can see you- because you will look like a complete tit.GTfree+ HD, Another graphical showcase, with stunning real car models and great tracks, featuring a decent handling model, this is as close to gran turismo as your going to get on a mobile platform at the moment.HTC 3d Driving game GT Free HD

There you go, essentials and recommendations, this lot should keep you busy and highly entertained for a while, bear in mind these work on all android devices, so your not just limited to this phone, performance may vary though depending on the hardware within your phone.

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HTC Desire S Review- Unboxing And First Impressions

HTC Desire S Review- Using The Android HTC Desire

HTC Desire S Review Android Apps- A few Essential Must Have Apps And Some Other Generally Good Android Applications

HTC Desire S Review..Final Thoughts

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Sep 24

HTC Desire S Review- Using The Android HTC Desire

So by the time you’ve finished admiring the superb craftsmanship of the device, you’re going to inevitably want to turn it on and see how it performs..Straightaway the superb looks are backed up by the performance of the device. It starts up incredibly quickly and before you know it, you’re ready to go.

After the quick start up time the next obvious thing you’re going to notice is the quality of the screen. Words and pictures alone can’t describe how crisp, clear, vibrant and colourful the screen is. The writing under the applications is flawless and clear with no rough edges and the depth of colours is incredible.  This really shows on the bottom of the device where there’s a black control panel, and the top of the screen where the notifications are. It handles shades of black and bright areas and tones of white really well.

HTC Desire S Review Screen ClarityThe standard wallpapers will show it off well, not to mention the live backgrounds. They really are very cool and stunning to have as a background. Alot of them are 3d and interactive to a degree so this adds to the effect and depth of the phone.

When you’re actually using the phone, the experience is seamless, just as you would expect it to be. There’s no loading times, no pauses everything is practically instantaneous. The only time I’ve noticed some slow down is when I’ve had alot of messages or emails in my inbox- but even then I’m loathed to call it a slow down, because it genuinely is a moment’s pause before it all comes up.

One of the key features this phone has over the original desire is the extra ram and this is very evident when you’re running alot of programs at once, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on when your texting or calling, or checking and replying to your emails. In fact I’ve found it to be far more efficient than my laptop at times- granted my laptop is quite old now (it’s a dell XPS M1330).. but as the XPS name suggests, it certainly isn’t a slouch!

HTC Desire S Review CameraThe best way to really benchmark the performance of this device is to play some of the games on the android market place, there’s alot of innovative physics based games which really utilize the devices capabilities and show what the hardware is capable of- I’ll be covering some of these in another post.

The camera is nothing short of brilliant, it’s not an SLR or quite up to the standards of the best digital cameras on the market but it more than does the job nicely. It’s a 5 mega pixel camera with HD video recording, auto focus, smile detection and LED flash.  Which to be honest is all you need for a day to day basis. It’s perfect for capturing “moments”. What do I mean by that exactly?

HTC Desire S Review Android Operating SystemThe best example can think of straightaway is say you see a really nice car in the street, maybe in a traffic  jam and you want to get a good shot of it. Done.  Or maybe theres an event or something going on in your local town that you didn’t realise till you got there, again this is perfect for capturing things on the fly.

Or maybe you’re playing a few drinking games round your mates- and you want to capture that moment where they fail to down the dirty pint- or something untoward happens…you know what I mean ;). The video camera is perfect for these situations and daily usage; there are also facilities to upload straight to facebook or YouTube, or whatever your social network of choice is.HTC Desire S Review Android

Another useful little feature included with the camera is “geo-tagging” this basically uses your gps and attaches the information to the picture, so you can remember when and where you took it, also your friends can see where and when you were there taking the picture. Nice little things like that are good topics for conversation, especially if one of your friends has already been where you’re currently at.

The best way to demonstrate the cameras capabilities would be to show you exactly what i mean- here’s a few pictures and a video, the cars in the video were sat probabally just over 100 meters away at the start line, then when they pass by thats around 50 meters- this shoul give you a really good idea of the quality:

HTC Desire S ReviewHTC Desire S Review Camera TestHTC Deisre S Review

The next thing i want to show you is a brief over view of some essential android apps and pieces of software you should get for your phone

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HTC Desire S Review- Unboxing And First Impressions

HTC Desire S Review- Using The Android HTC Desire

HTC Desire S Review Android Apps- A few Essential Must Have Apps And Some Other Generally Good Android Applications

HTC Desire S Review..Final Thoughts

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Sep 19

HTC Desire S Review- Unboxing And First Impressions.

I recently had an opportunity to upgrade my phone thanks to my Vodafone contract nearly running out and I had the most fantastic choice of phones at my disposal, everything from an Xperia Play- Sony’s official Playstation phone to an apple iPhone.  Since I refuse to conform and get an iPhone, other phones with similar capabilities and flexibility were a bit thin on the ground. As long as it had android though, That’s all that mattered.

HTC Desire S Review

Judging by how quickly the android O/S has spread across all sorts of hardware, I don’t think it’s long till it overtakes apples O/S just purely because of market saturation. Decent Hardware to run Android’s O/S has come right down in price too. So developers and consumers can really capitalize on this and due to this huge volume of users and ease of access at all corners of the market, ingenuity and creativity is not going to be far behind. Especially since it’s so accessible to everyone., you could start developing your own programs and software tonight as long as you download Google’s SDK kit- which is entirely free.

So after much reading around and comparisons, I came to the conclusion that the best phone to go for was the HTC Desire S. After pretty much every mobile phone site crowned the original desire the best android handset ever, I figured it’s hard to go wrong with the evolution of the device.

HTC Desire vs Desire SFirst thing I’ll clear up straight away- and trust me on this because my friend has the original HTC desire- if your thinking of upgrading from your current desire to the desire S, it really isn’t worth your time. The way the phone fundamentally performs is exactly the same- everything is just a little bit quicker. So unless it’s free, don’t bother.

Your initial first impressions will be, this is a quality piece of kit, it comes in a beautifully neat and clean box with a glorious picture of the phone on the front of it and some very clear specifications and highlights on the back of the box. It’s nicely sturdy and weighty to. It appears that it’s a quality cardboard material that’s used.

HTC Desure S Review Technical SpecificationsIt’s not flashy, it’s not over the top, it’s clean, concise and slick, just as you’d imagine a piece of gadgetry at this price and of this specification to be.

The butterflies really start to adorn your stomach as you slide the box open and see the phone for the first time. It really is handsome looking device, no fuss, big screen, no buttons on the front apart from the standard android buttons which are touch sensitive anyway so sit flush in the device behind the glass screen.

But what really sets it off and makes it look beautiful are the chrome accents all around the device. The power button, volume buttons and face cam to name a few.

HTC Desire S Review ErgonomicsIt’s a very well proportioned, slick and clean looking device. It’s very special indeed. Whether you work in fashion or business this phone will always look good on you and get some lustful looks from passers by and people your dealing with.

The real treat is when you pick the handset up for the first time- the cold aluminium uni-body chassis fills your hand nicely and is incredibly comfortable to hold- it’s not perfect though, more on that later.

There’s a very nice weight to the phone as well. It’s not to heavy, it’s not to light. It’s perfectly balanced. The best way to explain this is by balancing it in the middle on your finger. You will see it’s really easy  and not hard to do- if the phone was a car, it’s the perfect example of a 50/50 weight distribution. It’s very robust and “solid” too. Well engineered.

There’s been alot of talk about the strength of these aluminium uni-bodies on phones and laptops recently and you can see why, its part of why the phone feels so good to hold in your hand. If it drops, it’s highly unlikely to break.

As you flip the phone over, you see the HD camera, LED flash and stereo speaker at the top of the phone. Again they are all inset which keeps the back of the phone feeling as flat as the front, you will forget those are there until you go ahead to use the camera or play some music, you will be able to see the chrome accents again completing the device.

As a piece of hardware and technology this is beautifully crafted, well engineered and very good looking, complimented by a near perfect feeling of solidarity and robustness while using the phone.

Next  I’ll be looking at the actual usage of the device and going into a bit more detail about the android O/S

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HTC Desire S Review- Unboxing And First Impressions

HTC Desire S Review- Using The Android HTC Desire

HTC Desire S Review Android Apps- A few Essential Must Have Apps And Some Other Generally Good Android Applications

HTC Desire S Review..Final Thoughts

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Sep 05

Cool And Interesting House Design Ideas

So I haven’t updated here in a while, but here’s something for the interim, some really cool home design pieces that I just had to share with you all, I bet you wish some of these were in your house, or it might inspire some of you to do your own designs. They are very innovative smart, clever but more than anything are good to look at.

If “wow thats cool!” doesn’t pop into your mind at any point while looking over these I will be very surprised! ;)

I’ve recently purchased an amazing HTC desire S and I’m going to share my thoughts with you on this stunning android device soon! It’s definitely one of those must have gadgets!

enjoy and share :)

Battery Salt And Pepper dispensersSlide on a stair casebroken record clocks"read Book CasePac Man TVsink cupHuman Powerlinesinset sofafish tank roomconcrete roombird nest bed

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Aug 16

Castle Combe General Track Day in Wiltshire, Friday August 12th

So Friday unusually I wasn’t up to much, but I knew there was a general track day at castle combe so I thought I’d pop down, see what’s there. It’s surprising what these days can bring up on occasion. Little did I know it was a race weekend for Lotus and Caterham 7’s. I was really surprised at how busy it was. They seemed to be putting alot of cars out at once on track which was slightly unusual.

Before I got to see all of these though there was a long period of silence…on the track. Having just arrived I wasn’t sure what was going on and then I saw the answer…

Peuget 206 crashed carBeing towed in on the back of a trailer was a Peugeot 206. It looked like it had been in quite a high speed crash; the damage was very reminiscent of a serious under steering accident or too much speed into a corner.

peugeot 206 crashThat aside, I think it was just a practice and setup day for the Lotus Caterhams since people were tinkering with bits and pieces all day in the paddock area. It was nice to be able to get up quite close and personal with the teams and see what was going on.

It was an atmosphere of small talk, pleasantries and people enjoying and sharing a passion for the cars in the pit area. There was no sense of competition or rivalry, people from all the teams were mingling with each other and mixing and sharing ideas and experiences.

Caterham Super 7lotus 7 sports carI got the impression alot of the people there were retired business owners or very high up in companies and this was just them indulging in their sport. On the flipside of that was alot of young people, some my age and lower out in the cars (I’m 20 by the way) (: These are the people that caught my eye since I highly suspect these kids are the young hopefuls and next generation of drivers to take to the countries race tracks.

The caterhams are a car that seems to harness and develop drivers, when they are out on track, you can judge very quickly the people just starting by those that have been doing it for a while. Because the car is a very simple light-weight FR arrangement and you can see what the drivers doing mistakes and inexperience show very easily and this is where things were interesting.

lotus track carLotus super 7It may have been a general track day or practice session but some of these drivers can’t resist a good race between each other. Quite often there were cars coming into quarry three-abreast or in a box of 4 or 5 people swapping positions. There was quite a few lockups and alot of slipstreaming and “who’s going to break first” on the straights. It made for some fascinating spectating and kept things interesting.

Caterham 7 track dayIn-between all the caterhams was a chance for some of the road cars to get out. Again there was a nice variation of cars. There was what appeared to be an original AC Cobra V8 which sounded brilliant, a little MGB GT sports car, an old Alfa 156 or 166, a tidy Vauxhall cavalier SRI and Something similar to a Radical or small motorbike engine track car. There was a couple of Radical SR3’s there,but none of them were out on track.

AC Cobra V8AC Shelby CobraThere was also an amazingly quick white MG midget. This looked like a kit car, but the interesting part was the engine. This was probably the fastest car out on track all day. It sounded amazing. I didn’t get a chance to see it but it sounded very vtec-ish or it was some high performance racing engine. The best way to describe the sound was not quite Vtec but louder than an mk 1 or 2 Ford Escort Rally car. The acceleration was insane.

There was one unfortunate person whose engine blew on the way into esses. I spoke to him after, he had a Subaru Impreza and it was slightly modified and putting out about 280bhp- it was very fast on track. He’d had the car for six years and this was the first time anything went wrong. The Turbo went and it done some damage to the cooling system of the car. It was most unfortunate but he put on a good show up till then. Hopefully we’ll see the car back on the track soon.The nicest thing about the day though was the freedom you had. Since it wasn’t an “event” day as such you could drive round the track and park up anywhere or you could sit down somewhere and just relax. No shoulder barging with crowds of people or kids screaming.

It was just a relaxing nice day and I’d highly recommend visiting a general track day to anyone. It’s free to enter, there’s usually alot going on and nice cars about. It’s just “easy viewing” and a good day.

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Marcos track Car


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Aug 08

capProd’s Awesomefest 2011 Compilation

I was just perusing the driftworks website and came across this brilliant video compilation of awesomefest! sadly i Couldnt make it, but i think this captures the mood of the day nicely.

see the original post on the driftworks site here

AwesomeFest 2011 – by capProd from capProd on Vimeo.

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