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Ok so when I’ve got a few spare minutes in the day, I tend to cruise round these websites, (usually when I’m at work :P) or before i go to bed. This is how I usually stay on top of whats the latest in the scene here in the uk or if i have any problems I can usually find the answers and guides on these websites.

These websites are interesting, helpful and the inspiration behind mine, in other words they’re the best ;)

DriftWorks– I remember the “driftworks” brand when Phil Morrison had just started. It was him with a black or dark purple s14a just going to track days and  sliding about.  This Was Early 2000’s and it was when they were first promoting their site and business. I’m pretty sure his car was still a road legal daily driver then aswell.

Personally I’ve found it amazing to watch them go from a small group of people to a big european drift team and business.

Tramp Drift – This website is another big going concern now that was grassroots, it’s all about drifting on a shoestring, with guides on welded diffs and rubbish cars, the focus of the site is about keeping the fun in drifting and motorsports and thats what it does best, you really have to read the guides and stories on there.. It’s very educational and entertaining

Volvo 300 Mania– You will inevitably end up here in your search for volvo 340, 360 information, This and tramp-drift seem to cover just about everything you’d want to and need to know with regards to these cars, from simple lowering stuff right the way through to full on engine conversions.

Rat Look-This is another site similar to tramp drift but the biggest difference is this…On tramp drift, ratty looking and botch job cars are a side effect of drifting and drift damage, on rat look these cars are designed to look ratty and thrashed- it’s weird and I didnt really like it at first, but the more you see some of these cars, the more appealing the look becomes,makes the car look purposeful.

JDM Allstars– Similar to Driftworks, this is another european drift team, they tend to host more of their own events with a strong emphasis on show and style with competition second. They are amazing to watch all their cars are amazing, and they are just full of amazing  amazingness. You MUST check out some of their videos aswell, they are very professionally put together.

Doristars– Another heavy weight in the uk Drift Scene, Doristars have been about since the beginning of the uk drift scene, and they are a fantastic resource for photography and driftng in the UK. It is quite literally a Documentation of drifting in the UK in Pictures.

Stance:Nation – This is all about how your car sits and looks on the road, this is the place to see old skool cars, ridiculous cambers and stuff that doesnt clear speed bumps-at all

7tune– This is a fantastic website absolutely chock full of jdm goodness covering all areas from drifting to road cars, race cars and everything inbetween, the best way to describe it would be a real time magazine, stories seem to be added daily and it’s full of professional photography and video

The Corrola Brotherhood – This is all things sacred to any true ae86 fan, loads of great pictures and videos of the old skool corrolas. Possibly one of the most complete websites surrounding the 86 niche in the uk? it will definitely brighten up your day

StanceWorks – Really great website, similar to stance nation with more of a focus on some american metal. There is some absolutely stunning pictures on here, and also an element of drift ;)

Speed Hero – A very random and entertaining blog about car culture in ontario, it’s all about fun and just enjoying the cars, an inspiring blog to say the least

Shirtstuckedin – Super Clean Web Page With Superclean Photos and some great writeups. This is a good documentation of the current drift culture in Japan.

OMG! Drift – This site is full of drifitng goodness, added to by multiple editors theres no end to interesting content going online, it’s fantastic

Garage D – if you’ve been into the scene for any amount of time you’ve probably run across these guys time and time again, they’ve built some of the best track cars and drift cars in the uk and have gained a fair bit of notiriety on the uk drift scene

Driverwannabe– This is another site for petrolheads, they arent as focused on the drift scene as much as some of these other sites, but as a whole it covers everything you want to know and see about these cars

Drift Bloggers – This website captures the drifting scene on a more european scale, sites like this really show that theres no limit to how popular this sport can get


Pages Of interest

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