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Subaru Impreza WRX Rare Yellow GC8

Subaru Impreza WRX Rare Yellow GC8

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  1. Gareth Jennings

    lol, just came across your pic of my Scoob.
    Did google search for ‘rare subaru’ and up this popped,
    As your title says – rare – only 200 made in Cashmere yellow Sport Special.
    Car is non turbo but has quite a few additions – not every1s taste but we like the ‘Banana’ as its known in Bath & Bristol Scoobys

    1. christopherhib

      im glad! yea alot of people appreciate seeing there car on my site haha, yea i knew the colour was rare but not to sure what version your impreza was. is it a vers. 5 5? how come its a non turbo then? i’m glad you’ve kept it in a good nick, to many are thrashed and unappreciated now

      1. Gareth Jennings

        Not even sure what the version number is – its a Sport special which were all non turbos. Bought the car locally last October time in exactly the condition it is in now, keep it clean and don’t use it expcept for at weekends as I have an Insignia Sports Tourer VX kitted company car for weekdays.

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