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Specialist Car Sales

Welcome to my specialist car sales page, Over the few short years I’ve been running this site, I’ve developed quite a following and a lot of connections with people within the modified, tuned, classic and rare car fields, all enthusiasts and enthusiastic about their motors and specialist cars, I’ve also ended up selling the cars I did features on via the website aswell.

It’s been a great portal and medium with which to show people some of the amazing cars I’ve experienced and share the stories and histories of them with my readers aswell. As a result of this I’ve ended up helping the owners sell their cars to the right people looking for them.

It’s also provided me with an opportunity to showcase some unique cars too, as people have come to me for help with moving their pride and joys on, so it’s been as good a time as ever to do a feature on them.

It’s also benefitted future owners of the cars aswell as they’ve used the features I did as reference points to the cars’ history. It’s easier for prospective owners to look at the “then and now” especially if people have made some major modifications thereafter, or done any significant changes.

Below I’ve put together some case studies, statistics and brief write-ups about the cars I’ve sold via my site and how I sold them.

All the cars I’ve done write-ups on and sold, right back to the first car I did still get traffic today, One of the cars I sold expecting it to take forever, actually went within 3 days of being on my site.. I hadn’t even started marketing it at that point! However another car took just under a year to sell, but that was extremely specialist, and was to be expected really.

If you have something a bit special, modified, expensive, classic rare or old, that you need help selling, or want to get featured, get in touch:

If you want a better insight into my traffic levels and general audience, head on over to my sponsorship and advertising page, this will help you decide if this service is really for you, or if your after any specific information, get in touch with the aforementioned email address.


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