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Greddy Re Amemiya Mazda RX7 FD3s D1 Professional Drift Series Replica

This stunning Greddy Re Amemiya RX-7 FD3s was definitely the hard sell, you would think it sells itself which it did in the end. Those of you in the modified car scene have probably seen it a few times, it was featured in Banzai Magazine and Japanese Performance, It was also pictured in Fast Car Magazine quite a lot as well, in comments, editors notes and reader submissions.

It had won countless best car of the show, best car in class, best show and shine, best mazda rx-7, best club car awards, you name it, it won it! You would of thought all this pre-publicity helped as there were people out there watching it.

But it turns out that while thousands of people liked it and followed it, not many people wanted to own it. No matter where you went or who you were with this turned more heads than a super car. That seemed to be the fundamental problem with it.

The owner of this car probably spent just over £50,000 on it during the time he had it to get it to where it was when these pictures were taken. So you can’t blame him for wanting £15,000 for the car.. not a patch on the cost, blood sweat and tears that went into it!

Even with everything done though, it’s still a 20 year old car but it’s one of those cars that is timeless, and the right person will find it at the right time. It’s a car someone would spend ages, maybe even years trying to find, or another enthusiast would of built it themselves eventually.

However we held out, and finally it found the right person. As soon as the new owner saw it, he couldn’t walk away. Thats all it needed, to be seen by the right person that appreciates it, and can look at all the small details that you can’t see in the pictures.

The  car sold itself eventually.

It was a similar situation when I bought my Volvo, the chap who owned it before me had put a lot of money in to it and built it to a top spec. So when he came to sell it, he had it way above the market value. Everyone said it was too expensive and it had been for sale online for a few months, but it was exactly what I was looking for so I paid the price.

The person that bought this RX-7 was in the same mindset as me. The longer it was online, the more exposure it got, it’s been shared countless times through the social networks, and is still a big contributor to my traffic levels today.

Cars like this are timeless, and even if it takes a while to sell it will eventually. For true RX-7 enthusiasts, As with any cult car really, no price is too high for the perfect one, someone is looking for your car at the moment.

An area where this is best illustrated is in the Mini and VW beetle scene. Theres no price limit on peoples idea of their perfect car or dream car. They just have to have it.

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