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Jaguar S-Type 3.0l V6 SE

After successfully selling something as specialist, popular, lary and outlandish as the Greddy RX-7, my dad’s S-type was pretty easy. It was a good example of selling a car in a flooded market place. If you put in S-type 3.0 V6 for sale, you’ll get hundreds of results and probably thousands of nice ones for under 5k. It might not be the most desirable car due to its looks ( I actually thought it was rather handsome personally ) but either way you cut it, it’s an awful lot of car and quality for the money.

Being relatively new, and owned by older people with some spare money, they are all pretty well looked after, so how do you differentiate a car that’s a dime a dozen? This one also had no tax and just a few months left on its MOT. So the odds were stacked against me.

While my Volvo 340 was off the road for a while, My dad insured me on the Jaguar S-type so I was fortunate enough to enjoy driving it for a while, and what a lovely car it was to drive, it always felt like an experience and something a bit special.

So I did an extensive review of it on my site! Doing this gave prospective owners a better insight into this particular one for sale. It’s all very well there being lower mileage cars with full service histories out there at a better price than this one, but looking at an ad doesn’t tell you what it’s like to own, live with and drive. It’s just a piece of information.

Doing the full review allowed me to highlight all the characteristics of the car, good and bad. So even if people didn’t end up buying this one, they were more informed when looking for other ones of a similar age and spec.

Crucially a review of the car 10 years ago when it came fresh off the press is different to one over 10 years later, As things age, it truly shows there build quality and this is where the Jag truly shined. All the electrics, the leather interior, the engine, gearbox everything still felt great on it. There was a fair few enquiries, but no one showed up.

When someone did finally show up and experience it and see for themselves what a car it was, the chap bought it on the spot. He read the review, he knew exactly what he was coming to see, it was sold before he arrived.

That’s how to make your car stand out from a pool of hundreds or thousands. It can also be used as a good time to sort out any little niggles it may of developed while under your ownership.

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