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Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32 Bee*R B324r

This was one of the first cars I sold on here, it came about somewhat accidently. This belonged to one of the family friends at the time, and we went to several shows with it, It also had a small feature in one of the Redline magazines in 2009. At the time it was 1 of 3 known r32’s in the UK with the Bee*R B324R bodykit, This exclusivity helped a lot in the process of selling.

The reason being is Bee*R (at the time anyway) didn’t sell the body kit to everyone and anyone. It was exclusively done by them at a considerable cost. From the outset this was an exclusivity thing. As nice as it was, a lot of people didn’t want to pay out for it, even in Japan. So to find one over here is next to impossible. I think Bee*R have discontinued it altogether now.

This was also one of the cars used for marketing the Touge Heroes DVD which is all about the drift culture here in the UK.

Naturally as soon as word got out about it, I had a load of people to the site to look at it and it went viral aswell, especially from the video I uploaded to YouTube which was an excerpt from the original Touge Heroes DVD. Within a week it had over 1000 views.

We actually had a Texan business man buy it initially while he was over here on a business trip but then he had a load of problems with the emissions and modifications which essentially made it completely illegal in the US. It did eventually sell a lot closer to home, and is still on the road today, but I think that perfectly illustrates the reach of my Website, it truly is international.

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