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Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider 2

The Renault 5 GT turbo has to of been the easiest thing I’ve sold in my life period. In particular,  this one. It was possibly one of the cleanest Gt Turbo raider 2’s in the country. The owner did a full restoration with some nice little modifications that didn’t detract from the originality of the car itself, if anything, they complimented it.

Everything on this car was either completely new factory parts or quality uprated parts. This is probably why it sold so quickly, it was a bit of a gem.

Unfortunately a lot of these Renaults have fallen victim to rust, been crashed, or heavily abused. There was a period of time in the mid-90’s where these became so cheap, it was the boy racer’s dream car, as a result of this a lot disappeared very quickly or they weren’t looked after.

A car with cult status, and notoriety will always have a following. It’s a car many people coveted when they were younger, but couldn’t afford, or a car they owned, and they want that experience back in their life.

Now these people are older with families or are better off financially, they can revisit their youth. They are generally happier to spend over the odds to get a nice one aswell, to save them all the work and hassle. One of these thats been abused or hasn’t had a good history can turn out to be a never ending money pit. Nice examples are few and far between aswell. So they fetch a premium.

This is where my site is spot on for selling something like this, it ranks up the top of search engines, especially in the image results very quickly, sometimes within a few hours. I actually sold this car in a week off my website. It hadn’t even started marketing it!

Turns out a chap was just casually browsing the web, saw my website with the pictures of the car and the details of it being for sale. He sent it to his friend who lived way up north. He actually flew down to see the car after reading up about it all on my site, and drove away with it the next day

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