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Advertising Program

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring my blog Cars And Cool

Why Should You Sponsor

If you target small business owners centred around cars and mechanics, performance car and track day enthusiasts, driving game enthusiasts and simulation based games or your website or business caters towards the Japanese performance car scene in the uk, such as part suppliers, aftermarket parts, garages or import specialists ( especially in the drift car market), a space here could be ideal for you.

This site has been around for at least 3 years under a blogspot platform before hand, but now it has been completely redeveloped and is in the process of establishing an enthusiastic, passionate and intrigued audience that like to spend time browsing round the site and seeing whats on offer

This website ranks well in the search engines for all types of terms in the automotive area and attracts a steady readership in the following areas-

  • Most of the current and popular UK tuner cars
  • Drift cars and track cars
  • Track days and major UK performance car events
  • Racing simulation and driving games reviews
  • Import cars media-such as photos and videos
  • Retro and old school cars

If you target an audience interested in any of the above or related topics, a sponsorship campaign may work well for you.


As of May 2011

The Site currently gets about 110-500+ people a day which equates to about 840+ views Per Week, thats around 1700-5600+ views per month- As of the this point in time the site is constantly being developed and still growing- The audience on the social networks is very responsive and eager too.

So in a nutshell:

110-500+ people a day

800+ views Per Week

1700-5600+ views per month



All prices below are in Great British Pounds. Payment is via You can use your PayPal balance, your credit card or your bank account (in some countries). You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card.

The first 2 order links for packages 1 and 2 create a monthly subscription in Paypal to ensure you lock in your campaign. Package 3 Creates a 6 Monthly Subscription. This means that after you pay today, you won’t pay anything till 6 months from today where you will be automatically billed again.

If you wish to cancel a campaign at any time you may contact me or cancel your subscription manually at

If you cancel it at paypal, just be sure to drop me a quick message saying, so I can remove your ads from the system

(under the package details is a visual representation of what you will get)

I can also provide demographics and statistics collected through google analytics which could help you further in your decision making when it comes to purchasing one of the advertising packages. upon request

for this and more information on the advertising program below contact me on my address and further details are provided again as you read down this page. Thankyou.

Package 1 – The Text Link Package

Cost: £25 per month

What you get: 1 text link at the bottom of the page and one in the rotating links to the right of the page in the sponsors column (package 1 in diagram)

Availability: 10 Positions

Note: All text links placed on the website have the “no follow” tag applied.

This package includes one text based link on every single page of this website (over 100 pages) including the main front page. Your link is placed under the “Featured Sites” area in the footer and added to the Sponsors link rotation to the side of the website. You provide the anchor text and link URL and may change your link at any time.

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Package 2 – 125*125 Prime Box Banner

Cost: £70 Per Month
What you get: Your 125*125 box banner rotated in the top right primary position (Package 2 in diagram)
Availability: 7 Positions Currently Available
Benefits: Your campaign is placed on all pages (over 100 including the homepage, in the right top column prime sponsor area.

You will need to supply your own 125*125 pixel banner. JPEG or GIF are accepted, no animation is permitted and please keep file size low. You may change your banner at any time. Instructions for submitting your banner are below.

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Package 3 – The Complete Package

Note: Prices below are for a SIX-MONTH contract

Cost: £525 for SIX MONTHS

What you get: Both The Packages above at a significant discount
Availability: 7 positions currently available
Benefits: Your campaign is placed on all pages (over 100) in all banner positions and text link positions. Every visitor to will be exposed to your campaign multiple times in different advertisement formats.

You will need to supply your own banners. No animation is permitted and please keep file size low. You may change banners at any time. Instructions for submitting your banners are below.

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Submit Your Media

After making payment please send through links to your banners (host them on your server), text link anchor text and URL(s) to link to –

Advertising on cars and cool stuff



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