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Nov 30

Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin, Formerly JDM Garage’s Hachi Roku

So it turns out, this was not the first time I’ve seen this little ae86! I thought something seemed very familiar about it when it arrived. Since I first saw it, it’s undergone several changes and owners, it’s also been photographed and gone around the internet a few times now aswell!.. a few more times …

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Nov 12

Nissan 200sx Silvia SilEighty Sil-80 JDM

These Sil-eighties something a bit special due to there being a bit of a back story to them, Back in the early nineties when a lot of the early drifters and touge runners were drifting these 180sx’s around the mountain passes and at events, they invariably crashed a lot. At the time the 180sx’s with …

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Nov 12

Nissan 200sx S14a Silvia Drift Car

The s14 and s14a were quite a big step forward from the S13, and the third car in this range from Nissan. A lot of people didn’t realise that before the PS13 (onevia) i.e. the one with the block front lights, see Sil-Eighty Post and the s13 with the Flip lights there was an S12 …

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Oct 30

Nissan 200sx S13 Drift Car

The Nissan 200sx S13 seems to of become a timeless car now! Thanks in huge part to the drift and modified scene, before drift culture became big, it was popular as a modders car anyway.. but then it kind of got forgotten about since most of them had been crashed or rusted away. They may …

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Oct 18

Nissan S bodies.. And a Cheeky AE86 Levin!

As evenings go this turned out to be a pretty good one! It’s not easy to organise getting a few cars together for a photo shoot. Especially the ones I’ve got here, a very rare sil-80, a little Toyota Corolla Levin AE86, a drift ready S13 and a fully caged drift ready s14a, this is …

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