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Oct 16

Factory Manual R154 Toyota Soarer 1JZ GTE Review

After almost 2 years of ownership and just under 10,000 miles I think I’m an ideal candidate to review this car. So this is for you if you’re thinking of buying one. This review is based on the 1JZGTE, R154 manual version, so the sportiest of the bunch, but most of the stuff carries as …

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Oct 15

My Factory Manual Toyota Soarer 1JZ GTE finally arriving in the UK!

This is the really exciting part! I was contacted by Japwest mods the week before my birthday to let me know the car is due any day now. By the time Japwest mods had finaly got their hands on it and unloaded it from the container, it was actually on my 25th Birthday! Talk about …

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Oct 15

The Importation Process of my 1JZ Toyota Soarer

It is possible to buy a car privately in a very similar way to what you would do here by seeing a car and contacting the seller. But the language barrier is a big problem, you also have the problem of time zones and not being able to see the car in person. If you …

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Oct 15

Why Import a Toyota Soarer from Japan Over Buying Domestically

The most immediate reason is choice and availability, There’s also potential to save a lot of money. This also opens the door to Japan only models such as the Soarer we have here. If you type “Toyota Soarer” or “Nissan Skyline” into a Japanese used car website/auction site, The world is your oyster with the …

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Oct 15

The Quest to Get My First Japanese Turbo Charged Car..

So, it was inevitable I’d end up here eventually, Its not hard to tell, I suppose, looking at some of the previous features of friends cars on my website! I’m a sucker for anything Jap, with a turbo. After going out in my friends JZX100 and experiencing the 1JZ GTE engine in that. I wanted …

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Nov 13

Drift Elite Bronze Drift Day Package Tuition and Drift Practice

Despite owning a Volvo 340 with a Clio RSi engine that was built for drifting, it’s hardly been drifted. I have had a play once in a while like everyone with a RWD car but have not entertained it past that. However, it definitely did put me in good stead for a day at drift …

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May 31

JZX100 Toyota Chaser Photo Gallery

This is a collection of all of the pictures from the day that was spent putting the Toyota Chaser Tourer V feature together that you can read here. It’s not everyday you get to have a good play with the car your doing a feature on so this day was a bit unique. It was …

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May 26

JDM JZX100 Toyota Chaser Tourer V Drift, Track and Road Car

So most of you have probably seen this around Swindon, most of you know what it is, but when you’re out driving round town and meeting new people and strangers, it’s amazing how few people know what it really is. The conversation usually starts, “I love it, it looks stunning…” closely followed by “what is …

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Jun 10

Absence and Rust Treatment..How To Fix Rust On Your Car

As you may have noticed, over the past month or so not alot has gone on my site since Japfest at Castlecombe. This is primarily because I’ve been so busy on my car! I’ve finally got it lowered with the up rated springs and adjustable shocks and I’ve started to attack some of the rust …

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May 18

Japfest at Castle Combe Race Circuit 2011, Track Sessions, Drifting and Action

Maybe it’s because we arrived incredibly early or the track sessions were starting really late, I’m not sure but we completely lost track of time as we were wondering round the stands and clubs admiring all the cars, alot of people were still pulling up and giving their cars a last minute polish before the …

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