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May 11

Japfest at Castlecombe 2011, Europes Biggest Japanese Performance Car Show?

Thats what they’ve been advertising it as now for the past couple of years. I have to say it wouldn’t surprise me! it’s come on leaps and bounds since I first went and I don’t know whether this is going to be it’s downfall or it’s ascension. The past two years it’s got so busy …

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Dec 10

Bee R324 Sold

finally after to many people to count messing me and my friend around with regards to selling this car, it has gone. I say that with a little bit of an upset since this was my idea of a dream car, great engine, great chassis, great car, incredibly unique, rare and good looking bodykit. It’s …

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Sep 04

Nissan skyline R32 Gts-t for sale uk, Bee* R R324 Bodykitted 450Bhp

CarsAndCoolStuff If you enjoyed this, Join me on facebook to stay in contact and up to date with the site here (: –> Cars And Cool Stuff Facebook Group GroupJDM Garage UK Open Day and Bee*R R324 For The Day Nissan Skyline R32 GTS Bee R R324 For Sale UK B324R Video Final Thoughts on …

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Aug 30

Nissan Skyline R32 GTS Bee R R324 For Sale UK

450BHP BEE*R R324 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS For Sale (1 OF 3 GENUINE BEE*R KITTED SKYLINES In UK) Now Own it here This is about as exclusive as skylines come, you can almost guarantee there’s no other one quite like this in the UK, featured on the Redline stand at Japfest 2009 and in their …

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Jul 20

JDM Garage UK Open Day And Bee*R R324 For The Day :P

JDM Garage UK I managed to get a Lift down in quite an exclusive skyline, The Bee R R324. This really is a very unique machine and quite a special way to go about modifying your skyline. It’s tasteful and about the pinnacle of the JDM look that so many people go after. As you …

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Jan 05

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Festive season!

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t updated my blog for a very long time. I got a part-time job recently that more or less consumed my energy and sponged all enthusiasm I had for doing anything else. I’ve also been trying to promote my Abs Workout pages. In the mean time though I hope you have …

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Jun 23

Race Driver GRID Review PC: First Impressions and Presentation

Race Driver GRID PC Review, Presentation and first impressions I guarantee, the first time you run GRID you will be blown away by the presentation of the game and the slick menu interface. The game opens with an incredible intro that will really psyche you up and get you pumped for some serious racing action. …

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Jun 19

Race Driver: GRID Review PC

Race Driver : G R I D You may think it’s incredibly strange that I’m about to give you a review of a very commercial game. As a hardcore sim racer and serious car nut I struggle to enjoy most of the mainstream racing games, especially since my only controller outside the G25 is a …

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May 19

Japfest 2008 at Caslecombe in Wiltshire, One of the Biggest and Best Places and Events to see Japanese Performance Cars

Japfest 2008- The Ultimate Japanese Performance Car Festival        Japfest at Castlecombe was absolutely HUGE this year, It seemed to have attracted the biggest amount of spectators yet, and what was once upon a time a public parking area, was turned into yet more show space for all the Japanese Performance cars and …

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Apr 15

KJW M9 Review, Exploring The Insides of a KJ Works Beretta M9

KJ Works M9 For maintenance and upgrades, the KJW M9 couldn’t be any easier to take apart. It’s very simple. First you have to take the magazine out, and then there’s a small button on the right hand side of the gun, just above the trigger, you push this in and flick down the catch …

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