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Jan 11

Logitech G25 review, Steering wheel

Logitech G25 review You may have noticed I’m using Live for Speed a lot, the reason for this is because the game seems to pick up the raw data of what your controller is doing. It doesn’t use profiles or any special assignments, it just responds to the raw feed out of what your steering …

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Jan 10

Logitech G25 review, Full proper lap

Logitech G25 Online Videos by Veoh.com This is a video of using the G25 in a practical situation, you can see I’m pushing the car right to the edge here yet its still all under control-mostly. You can see on some corners the car is about to break out but i can actually feel that …

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Jan 09

Logitech G25 Initial impressions

Logitech G25 Racing Wheel The first thing that will strike you as you get your G25 is how the hell did it all fit in that box?, It’s incredibly big, bulky and heavy for it to fit in the box. As you pull it all out the next thing that will astound you is the …

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Jan 08

Logitech G25 Drift Control LFS, Live For Speed Drifting

here it is at long last you tube was being awkward, veoh seemed like the next best thing Online Videos by Veoh.com this is to demonstrate Drifting in LFS with a Logitech G25, note the steering control and throttle brake and clutch. It’s hard to get such fine control with a normal steering wheel, you …

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Jan 08

Logitech G25

I’m soooo sorry i haven’t updated in the past few days but I’ve had a very vicious virus attack which has required me to reinstall windows TWICE, as you can imagine that is a very painful process, and been partying up with all my friends over the new years I hope you all had a …

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Dec 29

Logitech G25

I was just thinking, i’m talking about alot of driving games and using one of the best tools you can, but i was thinking if i let you know how the Logitech G25 racing wheel is and feels you can interpret my reviews better. Tomorrow I’ll upload a video showing drifting on the skidpad in …

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Dec 28

Subaru Impreza Prodrive P1

I was helping out my parents post some leaflets for their loan business yesterday, James Finance, and came across this gem of a car. The Subaru Impreza P1 Prodrive. Alot of people won’t recognise it or say it’s just another impreza, heres the low-down that makes it slightly unique. The P1 was available in late …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Cars And Cool Stuff ;) It’s Christmas Eve and it’s all gettting very exciting for the big day tomorow! NFS Pro Street Test Drive Unlimited Forza 2 With Games like these around, us car lovers are in for a great Christmas, a bit of illegal/ street legal racing in NFS Pro Street, a bit of …

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Dec 23

Need for speed pro street booster pack car pack

Need For Speed Pro Street Forget the Hex Editing now, EA released the booster pack for PC a short while ago, I believe that for once we got it before the Xbox 360 players. I think that was brilliant and reassuring to know. It shows we havent been forgotten on everything important *cough* Test Drive …

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Dec 22

Test Drive Unlimited PSP review

Test Drive Unlimited PSP Heres a short Review i posted up on Gamespot I think this is a fantastic game, you have a whole island to drive around on, a beautiful one at that, Oahu, Hawaii, awesome cars and exotics, and they all sound and drive pretty nice too. The island is rendered very well, …

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