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Jul 11

Finishing Your Rust Repair And Getting It Right

If you got the fibre glass repair kit like I did, ( I think it’s a starter pack, or something like that) it will say on there leave 15 to 20 mins before applying another layer or putting anything on top, ignore this. In my case it took a whole day before it was properly …

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Jul 11

How to Stop Rust in It’s Tracks, Fibre Glass Repair Solution

By now you should of noticed some of the rust is subsided or gone with the rust solution, now’s the part where we start to make some progress! :). The first part is really simple, what you need to do is grab some of that aluminium mesh you’ve bought and measure that against the hole, …

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Jun 20

How to Stop Rusting and Finally getting Rid Of Rust Using Rust Solution And Some Elbow Grease

First of all a brief apology for how long this has taken to do, I’ve been so busy the past week, I hoped to have this all finished by the weekend just gone :/ so much for that, but by the next couple of posts you will have completely stopped the rust and you will …

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Jun 13

Rust Treatment And How To Fix Rust Problems-Stuff You Will Need

Hopefully now you’ve psyched yourself up and prepared yourself to get the work done, I suggest you start as soon as possible- it’s all too easy to start going, I’ll do that in a minute, I’ll do that later, I’ll do that tomorrow..Etc, etc. Because the minute comes and goes, “later” arrives and you’re “too …

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Jun 10

Absence and Rust Treatment..How To Fix Rust On Your Car

As you may have noticed, over the past month or so not alot has gone on my site since Japfest at Castlecombe. This is primarily because I’ve been so busy on my car! I’ve finally got it lowered with the up rated springs and adjustable shocks and I’ve started to attack some of the rust …

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