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May 09

Volvo 340 mk2 F7r 2.0l 16v Williams Drift Car

You may of noticed a strong Renault/Volvo Vibe going on, on my site recently! It’s mostly coincidental.. but lets be honest, the last two Renault things on my site have been pretty special, especially the little R5 GT Turbo! I miss seeing and hearing that thing already, Theres also been all the rebuild stuff surrounding …

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Mar 20

Volvo 340DL 1.8 16v Valver Engine Swap Part Two

Our next day of Volvo  Valver  work was as good as it was bad, since we’d disconnected and labelled up a lot of the wiring and small things, alot of stuff could just go. We started by pulling off a lot of the radiator hoses and there was just water and anti-freeze..everywhere. Every time we …

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