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May 28

Japfest 2012 Show Report, Japanese Performance Car Festival

First things first..where to start! Theres already lots of great cars every direction I was looking but i thought it was better to head straight into the main paddock area since the crowds were already getting thick and fast, and it was also the direction they were all heading to. First thing next to the …

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May 22

Japfest 2012, Japfest Japanese Car Show At Castle Combe Circuit- Intro

As is always the way with major events, anticipation was a big part of it! Especially when everyones talking about it, saying what their looking forward to see, reflecting on some of last years events, and popping pictures up on the old facebook of their cars and preparations the night before! It’s like a  mini …

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May 18

Japfest at Castle Combe Race Circuit 2011, Track Sessions, Drifting and Action

Maybe it’s because we arrived incredibly early or the track sessions were starting really late, I’m not sure but we completely lost track of time as we were wondering round the stands and clubs admiring all the cars, alot of people were still pulling up and giving their cars a last minute polish before the …

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May 11

Japfest at Castlecombe 2011, Europes Biggest Japanese Performance Car Show?

Thats what they’ve been advertising it as now for the past couple of years. I have to say it wouldn’t surprise me! it’s come on leaps and bounds since I first went and I don’t know whether this is going to be it’s downfall or it’s ascension. The past two years it’s got so busy …

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