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May 09

Volvo 340 mk2 F7r 2.0l 16v Williams Drift Car

You may of noticed a strong Renault/Volvo Vibe going on, on my site recently! It’s mostly coincidental.. but lets be honest, the last two Renault things on my site have been pretty special, especially the little R5 GT Turbo! I miss seeing and hearing that thing already, Theres also been all the rebuild stuff surrounding …

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Mar 27

Volvo 340dl 1.8 16v Engine Swap Resources

Pretty much since I first owned my Volvo 340 1.4, This engine swap has constantly been on my mind, so as I’ve entertained the idea, I researched and read about it extensively. I’m About To Provide you with all the information you need to swap your 1.4 Volvo 340 to a Clio Valver/ Williams engine. Alternatively If you already …

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Mar 25

Volvo 340 Valver Clio 1.8 16v Engine Swap Final Part, Getting it Running

So you’ve finally got the engine in and all the mechanical stuff done, now your pretty much ready. First things first. Oil and water put oil in checking the level constantly and get some water and ant-freeze in there aswell. Once you’ve done that, hand crank the engine with a socket for a while and …

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Mar 21

Volvo 340 Valver F7p Part Five 1.7 Bellhousing and Clutch Assembly

Now we come to the importance of the spigot bearing, It took me two attempts of taking the prop off, taking the bellhousing off, pulling the clutch off ( we had the engine back in the car by this time) to figure out I needed a spigot bearing. This simple little item would of saved …

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Mar 20

Volvo 340dl F7p Renault Clio 1.8 16v Engine Swap/Replacement Part 1

Before you start to read this all, I  just want to state this isn’t an exact “how to” to do an engine swap for these cars, look at it more as a “project/build thread”. It’s more a loose guide and my experience, with a few tips and notes I didn’t find in other guides or build …

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